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Photo of Coxy


Photo of Coxy
Name: Coxy
Country: Czech Republic
Weight: 50kg
Height: 167cm
Age: 24
Occupation: Model

Flawless form

Coxy is a woman who is going from strength to strength. Her destiny was to become a stunningly sculpted beauty. Then her nude modelling experience perfected her natural gifts of sex-laden proportions.

Now she crowns her achievements. Hegre-Art is the only place to find this ravishing girl posing nude with a male model

She is attracted to strength. It is where she finds her pleasure. She is a dedicated fan of the “Spartacus” TV series. What she likes best is the sight of gladiators battling with each other. Powerful muscular bodies are her turn-on. Every chance she gets, she will watch them locked in struggle or embrace. She has only one regret.

She was born too late to revel in the barbaric scenes that once filled Rome’s Colosseum.

Coxy Galleries

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Coxy Galleries COMMENTS

Coxy stripes by Alya | September 23rd, 2013
Coxy stripes by Alya
Dexter United States

boring This girl Coxy is not only boring, but she also isn't even that pretty. I don't understand how you go from Valerie to this. Whatever happened to. The sets with Mike and Valerie? Perhaps even a video of them ducking.

wheeler United States

coxy is lovely as always! although, I still think the socks are a little corny

CB13 United States

Gorgeous I'm not a fan of the socks covering her great legs, but Coxy is gorgeous. I'd love to see her work again with Mike or another black man.

fotoman United States

To each his own... I think Coxy is one of the sexiest models on the site!!!

Jeff Germany

RE: boring She has a gorgeous body and a classy, elegant face, but nevertheless I think she has gone through some facial surgery.

Steven Australia

Re:boring I cant see what Dexter is getting at. I find Coxy most attractive and sophisticated socks or no socks. But I suppose that is what makes the world go round, each to their own. Cheers Dexter.

gator United States

Coxy Stripes When is Coxy going to put her herself out there like Valerie and Flora ? Those two are uninhibited goddesses. Their attitude is : Here's what I got ...let me show what I got ......take a good close look at what I got take an even closer look at what I got. We never get that from Coxy. A little peek here ...a little glimpse there. She strikes me as an aloof, cold ice maiden that's afraid she might melt if she opens her legs, bends over and really shows us what she got. She's a beautiful woman with what appears to be an incredible body but she just wouldn't put herself out there like so many other models on this site. Too bad.

Ricky United States

I think Coxy is great. She is a classic beauty, elegant and very sexy without always being explicit. I thought the leggings were cute. I would love to see a photo set where she started out fully clothed, and slowly removed clothing, ending nude.

wheeler-1 United States

RE: Coxy Stripes You say: "She strikes me as an aloof, cold ice maiden that's afraid she might melt if she opens her legs, bends over and really shows us what she got." I'll tell you what Coxy's got! She's got a beautiful body! not just a pussy! Thank you for sharing your beautiful body with us Ms Coxy! Much love and respect to you!

Coxy mermaid | August 26th, 2013
Coxy mermaid
wheeler United States

the beautiful siren lures the hapless sailor to his death with her hypnotizing song! it was a good death!

KOMET United States

COXY - SIREN OF THE SEA Diaphanous tail fin metamorphosed at dawn into 2 sexy, strong & shapely legs, COXY emerges fully nude from the ocean depths to play her idle hours with the fishermen, whose boats are anchored offshore in their quest to harvest a bounty of prawns, crawfish, and clams.

Spacehog Hong Kong

Beautiful collection. Coxy's shoots are always special, but this is one of the best. Just too short!

Ricky United States

Just everything about this set is perfect: Coxy is so lovely here, those last few shots especially were really so beautiful. Impressive work!

PacoEco Mexico

Congratulations This collection is really pure art, far away from pornography like some other lately Congratulations, Coxy is beautifull

Coxy and Flora body balance by Alya | August 7th, 2013
Coxy and Flora body balance by Alya
wheeler United States

two naked wet lovlies! what could be better? know my answer to that!

KOMET United States

FLORA y COXY - DIOSAS DE LA NATURALEZA Two Sirens, beguiling to the eye, emerge from the depths of the seas to take delight in the summer sun and surrounding landscape (if only for a few hours).

Letti Germany

Coxy and Flora body balance Sometimes I can see which gallery was made by Alya. She has her own way to see the girls. Lightning is very good, I like it very much

geroki Germany

Dear Alya... Dear Alya, I really like your shootings, even if I can yet see the differences between your work and Petter's, sometimes ;) Even if the "master" is 99% perfect in focussing and frame setting... you are very close. And sometimes you have amazing ideas for your sessions (i.e. Coxy mirrored, sessions with Coxy+Flora+Thea, Zaika with fishnets)... great! Go on that way, you are a real talent... and try to use a tripod more often :P Anyway... my compliments for your work, Petter got the right "apprentice" :)

JerseyJoe4 United States

Bathing beauties A beautiful set of images with two of the loveliest models on this site. Not as erotic as some but nicely done by Alya. Splish-splash, you're getting me wet!

Pacoq Mexico

I had some time out of the page and I notice that Flora has lost more weight than she should, from my perspective, she need to gain some pounds

gustavo Chile

Flora amazing, love her face, estas tremenda Flo ;)

Coxy public nude beach | July 26th, 2013
Coxy public nude beach
Tom Germany

Coxy shaved Coxy, please surprise us next time with a full shaven pussy.

wheeler United States

gorgeous! and, you even managed to avoid creepy old flabby guys in the background!lol

meonhere United Kingdom

No change then.. Coxy, the girl whose open spread legs will never be seen by Hegre members..

KOMET United States

COXY - A NATURAL FIT FOR THE BEACH (avec pubic thatch) Keep COXY unshaven! For once, celebrate the beauty of a Woman with a public thatch. So sexy!!!

wheeler United States

RE: No change then.. give it a rest! you've seen one pussy, you've seem em all! these ladies have so much more than that to look at!!!

Zeppelin Germany

Keep her unshaven? She is not unshaven now. I agree with Tom: I think, Coxys flawless physique demands an alltogether smooth nether Region.

Coxy sunbeams by Alya | July 12th, 2013
Coxy sunbeams by Alya
Nanuk Switzerland

Coxy Sunbeams Really a perfect Gallery (with a perfect model) !!

KOMET United States

COXY ON A FRIDAY Where once was a sapling, whose leafy branches stretched out towards the morning sky, there now stood COXY, happy to be a Woman again.

MojoMa_55 Switzerland

Coxy -Sunbeams Artistic, but too many inconvenient shadows.

wheeler United States

perfect setting for a goddess! outside in natural light! very nice!

Rico Portugal

scenery scenery very exotic , love the outside photo sessions , mixed with Coxy ... perfect combination . What a body Coxy .... wanna see more from this outside shoots !

wheeler United States

RE: Coxy -Sunbeams must say, I think the shadows add to to the artistic aspect!

HJ United Kingdom

oh dear Make and hair not very flattering

Coxy mirrored by Alya | August 1st, 2013
Coxy mirrored by Alya
Herr Lich Germany

I just had a daydream It featured two women shaving each other's pubes. Their bodies were of stellar beauty, their skin of soft perfection, the light of the tropical sunset was kissing their sensitive spots. Come on, you two, be my dream! It feels like Alya is owing us fully shaved pictures anyway - she was shaved in her bodypainting-self-portraits but didn't bother to show us her beautiful pussy without the patch of colour. What a shame!

mark12 United States

posts coxy is beautiful, just to shy, as are many of the other ladies. Alya is sexy, when she takes off her shorts. Give us the close up's, regardless of the the pro's & con's. I've been a member for 4 years... keep up the good stuff

Coxy Flora Thea Zaika beach fitness | June 6th, 2013
Coxy Flora Thea Zaika beach fitness
heliumflash Canada

Let's keep it in focus Quality subject matter, but maybe stop down the aperture a bit; there's no reason why one person should be out of focus when they're three feet from the other person. It CAN be artistic, but in this case it's just annoying.

Erekhart Germany

Spice it up I like the idea and the setting very much. However, I would have appreciated if you had added also some much more voyeuristic pictures to the series. E.g., when the girls are on all fours and lift their legs sideways, shoot from behind, from a low perspective.

Eddie United States

Awesome setting, awesome setup, how can I get this guy's job. Looks better than mine.

ailefroide Belgium

beach fitness Discrimination ? Why is our friend not nude ? Nevertheless, Thea, Flora, Coxy, and Zaika, that's paradise on earth.

Coxy sand and sea | June 11th, 2013
Coxy sand and sea
variable-43 United States

I really think it's time for you to share your bottom hole.

Snowpig United States

The sand and the water is really sexy! I agree with the guy that sais it is time to show your bottom hole. Coxy has very nice breasts. I would have liked to have been at this shoot!

wheeler United States

keep lookin around! IMHO, you've seen one orifice, you've seen em all! these ladies have so much more to offer that is UNIQUE to them!

windmill Netherlands

RE: The whole of their completely naked bodies is much more attractive then just the sum of all the little bits and pieces how beautiful they may be, I agree.

Rowdy Thailand

u go to the beach your gonna get some sand in your butt crack !!.. LOL.... another knockout job by Coxy.......she wears sand really well !!! HOT

Coxy wet wonder by Alya | May 29th, 2013
Coxy wet wonder by Alya
wheeler United States

I need a shower too, after that!

KOMET United States

COXY - WOMAN OF THE WATERS Here is a woman, livrada da roupa, of serpentine sensuality.

brandon United States

such a beautiful women hope theres alot more to come

Rowdy Thailand

all wet great work coxy !!!!... wow

Alya painting Coxy and Thea | May 3rd, 2013
Alya painting Coxy and Thea
KOMET United States

COXY & THEA: PAINT US ENTIRE This would have been a much better, more inspired canvas had both COXY and THEA been painted thoroughly from head to toe. (Remember the photo series "ERIKA & KAROLINA BODY PAINTING"???) What we have have here is little more than a tease --- and a poor one at that.

wheeler United States

looks like alya was having a bit TOO MUCH fun there! lol

Philippe Belgium

Alya painting Bravo Alya: again we see beauty, colors, joy and humor Congratulations

alececco Brazil

running out of ideas Petter....

Herr Lich United States

I like the photoset Even though I think color on skin looks much better than color on hair. But I don't want to nag on...

Ricky United States

WILLSON!!! Sorry, but somehow this reminded me of Castaway! The shots of Coxy sans paint job were spectacular, though. Wish I was stranded on a desert island with her...

renato Italy

love thea e coxy pussy Iwould like see more of thea e coxy pussy, two marvelous ladies

Coxy water world | April 30th, 2013
Coxy water world
KOMET United States

COXY - FRESH FROM THE SEA The fisherman who had spent the wee hours before dawn tracking what had been reported for weeks as a "large fish", was surprised (and delighted) to find in his boat under the morning sun a beautiful, nude blonde Woman.

John United Kingdom

Wow Coxy is one hell of a woman.

Tom Germany

Waterworld's best One of the best sets of Coxy. She definetly would have revalued the movie Waterworld.

wheeler United States

if gilligan had been shipwrecked with coxy, he would have hidden from his rescuers!

gator United States

Coxy Water World Coxy has a delicious looking pussy to go along with her perfect breasts. She is rapidly becoming one of my favorites models on this site. A few woof woof photos and your pictorial would have been perfect. Thanks !

Peter Germany

FINALLY ...some more explicit poses from beautiful COXY!! I'm still missing some good shots of her wonderful butt. That would have made it the perfect set! Can' wait for the next pritorial.

phl_Studio France

first time beautiful Coxy pussy first time showed... bravo

Marsel United States

Complaint Guys, it is too bad that I don't see much Anal shows, like anal massage,,, even with sexual penetration for these beautiful ladies will be prefect. I don't see much new shows or massages.

Coxy Flora Thea wet paint by Alya | April 22nd, 2013
Coxy Flora Thea wet paint by Alya
wheeler United States

you ladies need help cleaning that paint off??? :P

Tom Germany

Coxy Thank you for the close-ups of Coxies pussy.

John United Kingdom


Voyeur United States

Vrry creative and very interesting.

arps New Zealand

FAB Every now and again, there is a set that is pure genius, and this in my opinion is one of them. Beautiful.

Nav United States

Klimt never looked so hot.

Coxy samui Thailand | April 18th, 2013
Coxy samui Thailand
Thegnurr Sweden

Coxy is gorgeous. Can't we get a set where she's showing of in a hotel bed or something?

Herr Lich Netherlands

Coxy, are you reading this? You are completely flawless. Your skin, your face, your body, your eyes - there's nothing that could be better than you are. Yet I miss a certain patch of skin that I can't see. I don't know why but to me your body looks like it hast to bee fully shaved. I love women with triangles, too, but in your case it feels like I am missing perfection of perfection, so to say, as long as there is the landing strip. How about that?

wheeler-1 United States

RE: Thegnurr I'm sure we will, eventually. personally, I think outside, in natural light is the best way to show off all of Ms Coxy's perfections!

Coxy and Flora pool party by Alya | April 12th, 2013
Coxy and Flora pool party by Alya
wheeler United States

almost sorry they took off the suits! gotta love that see through stuff!

Tom Germany

brand of suits? Great suits. Does anyone know the brand? American Apparel?

michrisna United States

RE: brand of suits? I was wondering where they got the swimsuits as well! Would love to buy one for my wife!

Tom Germany

RE: RE: brand of suits? I have found it on american apparel. Stretch Lace Diamond Grid Bodysuit. productId=rsals302s

Coxy fab figure | April 2nd, 2013
Coxy fab figure
wheeler United States

fab, indeed!

KOMET United States

CONTEMPLATIVE COXY COXY, fully nude and free, is like a sleek tigress, serene and alert. Shame on any man who deceives her, for he will become her prey. For in the hours between midnight and dawn, she, a furry beast once more, will strike him down and speedily disappear like smoke before the fire.

Johnfs United Kingdom

Beautiful What a beautiful lady...I love females completely nude and Coxy does not disappoint in any way shape or form....absolutely gorgeous!

johnegordon United States

SMILE!!! Coxy is BEAUTIFUL!!! Doesn't she ever smile or laugh? Why do you think Domonika C is so popular? Never mind.

byron1820 Australia

The ladies A very beautiful lady, certainly, though for me her breasts are a couple of sizes too large. Now that's not a criticism - in fact one of the best things about this site is that the ladies are of all sorts and sizes, the only common thing being that they're all beautiful!

Coxy Flora Thea Zaika 4 divas | March 23rd, 2013
Coxy Flora Thea Zaika 4 divas
Mr T. New Zealand

Thea Flora Coxy &Zaika Individually these ladies are beutifull in their own right,together though, the photographer in my opinion has failed to bring them together as a group,no apparent sensual feelings for each other,no bonding,just another beach scene with the girls!!!

wheeler United States

some lovely ladies, not doing much!

KOMET United States

A FABULOUS 4SOME THEA. LA FLORA BELLA. COXY. ZAIKA. Four Sirens frolicking at water's edge, fully nude and free.

Coxy spectacular | March 16th, 2013
Coxy spectacular
RAMI Israel

coxy I love you the perfect woman The beautiful and you have a beautiful body

wheeler United States

spectacular yes she is!!!

windmill Netherlands

Coxy Coxy indeed s a spectacular stylish girl with a great radiance and body to show. I like the strong poses in this shoot very much. It will be much better appreciated without the shoes. I like it best in plain nudity, that is in my view what enhances the artistic content.

Mark United States

Coxy Spectacular Gorgeous set of Coxy. I love her buck naked in those pumps. They are a beautiful compliment to her when she is nude.

Doc United States

Coxy massage film I'd love to see Coxy in a film where she spreads and is massaged to climax or tantrically, by Fabi or Mike.

ailefroide Belgium

Coxy spectacular Yes !

Coxy and Mike be seated | March 12th, 2013
Coxy and Mike be seated
KOMET United States

COXY & MIKE: TOO FEW PHOTOS Interesting photo study of a fully nude couple (interracial). Methinks an extended photo series featuring both NOODY and Mike together, fully nude and oiled-down, would be ideal. WHO WILL SECOND THIS IDEA?

meon here United Kingdom

Too tame Far too tame. Many tricks and opps missed here. Lest of all the sight of Coxy's pussy.

MarcusA Netherlands

boring I agree with @meon here. Beautiful model, boring shoot.

Timo E United States

Too tame? Put a bridle and bit on Mike and give Coxy a riding crop... that would make this adventure more exciting. Seriously, they're both gorgeous and look awesome together but the photos could be less tame with more interaction.

Smeegle United States

Coxy I think Coxy is one of my favorite models on this site. She has a perfect face and body. I would LOVE to see her do a massage video more like the last few that have been posted. As always, I understand that she does what she is comfortable with, but I just wanted to put a bug in your (her) ear!

erector Singapore

I hope we can see more of these two again and maybe a mutual massage

windmill Netherlands

coxy& Mike Like in the other shoots of this magnificent couple the beautiful bodies show great attraction an pleasure. There is living sculpture in these images. I do like these explorations in touching naked bodies well.


Can't really see why Mike has not erection here.

Jeremies Spain

I don't know how Mike does it. He has one with Flora, but not with this magnificent woman. Suppose each man is different.

Coxy shores | March 4th, 2013
Coxy shores
wheeler United States

venus returns!

Cosmic757 United States

gorgeous Finally a landing strip! I would lick your asshole!

wheeler United States

since cosmic mentioned it, I must say, I'm a big fan of the landing strip myself!lol

John United Kingdom

I'm with wheeler on this one. In fact, a little more hair all round would be welcome.

Coxy studio shots | February 21st, 2013
Coxy studio shots
wheeler United States

stunning as always!

RAMI Israel

coxy I love you The beautiful and you have a perfect body

Coxy Flora Thea Zaika wet bodies | February 14th, 2013
Coxy Flora Thea Zaika wet bodies
wheeler United States

the family of sexy sirens, ready to pounce on the poor unsuspecting sailor!(nice way to go!)

KOMET United States

FOUR WOMEN FULLY NUDE & FREE Day aborning upon a sandy beach with gentle surf finds 4 Women fully nude and free, caressed by the sea abutting the shore. They have the freedom to explore and take delight in the land's bounty, til dusk, when once more, they revert to 4 sleek, majestic sea lions welcomed back into the ocean depths to frolic and feast upon fish, seaweed, and shrimp.

gooz United States

Actually Komet... ...they would be sea lionesses...and they aint' goin' back to the ocean depths at dusk. They're headed straight to their ocean-side cabanas for a bit 'o wine, a pillow fight, and some pedicures!

Roger United States

RE: FOUR WOMEN FULLY NUDE & FREE Well put again Komet! I agree. There is simple joy in the naturalness of totally naked and free girls out in nature's light.

Roger United States

RE: I'll be sure my boat has a leak!

Timo E United States

fully nude and free Apparently the only way I'm going to avoid "fully nude and free" will be to stop reading the comments. Or to find a different photo site. No offense to the women in this, or in any other Hegre set; you're all gorgeous.

wheeler United States

RE: fully nude and free what'd I miss? you don't like nudity? then,'re on the wrong site!lol

John United Kingdom

@Timo E I'm so glad there's someone else who's tired of the 'fully nude and free' schtick.

Cambridge UK United Kingdom

@Timo E & John I've been torn between the hilarity of it, the extent to which is annoys, but then also the creeping desire to analyse. How can one seriously write that about every photoshoot? And what is it with this "free" thing? Don't you find it misogynistic? That women are described as "free" because they are liberated of their clothes and showing themselves to men? Don't get me wrong: I enjoy these photosets as much as the next guy. Maybe it's me and I should relax a bit. Maybe it's just a bit of fun. But really. I ask you. "Fully nude and free"? EVERY TIME?

Coxy woman from the sea | February 10th, 2013
Coxy woman from the sea
wheeler United States

venus rises once again!

KOMET United States

COXY - FROM THE WATERS With the coming of dawn on the tropical waters, the wide-eyed selkie forsook her sleek, black, leathery hide and emerged as a woman, tall, statuesque, blonde, fully nude and free. Thus arose COXY from the shallows, walking boldly ashore.

windmill Netherlands

Coxy Coxy is truly wonderful natural beauty at her best in this shoot.

Timo E United States

spontaneous It's really wonderful to see some shots of Coxy in which she looks like she's having fun and isn't posing. And the two photos of her backside are most welcome, too; Coxy is as lovely from the rear as she is from the front.

Coxy and Zaika turbans by Alya | January 29th, 2013
Coxy and Zaika turbans by Alya
Rodolfo Switzerland

Who's looking through the lens ... Supernice girls as always! However, I think, you can see, if a man or a woman is looking through the lens, directing the model(s) and taking the shot. I personally prefer the "man's style" as it's simply sexier.

Saldo United States

Anything Coxy = rock hard

Popeye United States

Zaika looks like she has the disposition of a rattlesnake

Roger United States

Photo 11 Pure Artistry! Glorious butt shot of Zaika! Such tight bare buns and tight little ass-crack. Love the straight-on butt look with the cunt lips peeking out from beneath! Also love the turn of her head and the hint of tit from behind! Thank you Zaika and Alya!

Alya Thailand

Reply from Alya Personally, I dont like this set. The mood of that morning was not so good. Its very simple photo set. Sorry for it...

Roger United States

RE: Reply from Alya It is said that an artist sometimes doesn't recognize the beauty of his or her work. I must respectfully disagree Alya, this is a fantastic set, and you should give yourself credit for an outstanding artistic work. Also simplicity is often a good thing. Do not try to do too much in art. The audience is simpler than the artist and simplicity helps the audience to follow and understand what the artist is doing. P.S. Sorry the mood was not good. May I ask, were the models unhappy?

Paolo Australia

Zaika She is so sexy. Would like to have seen a complete set on Zaika on her own at this location

Coxy Flora Thea Zaika big splash | January 24th, 2013
Coxy Flora Thea Zaika big splash
Roger United States

Beauty of Zaika's Soft Cunt Lips I could stare at Zaika's soft cunt lips all day. Some excellent standing nude shots in this series with fine cunt looks such as photo 11. Interesting also how Zaika's sandy cunt lips in photo 19 are not nearly as pleasing as the newly washed and clean lips of photo 26. Thank you models and Hegre!

bobbob United States

I hope I hope this means that Thea is back. Her "Double O " ( really triple O ) massage video was the greatest. Thea's rosebud is truly hotwired and when it is oiled up and massaged her whole body was on fire; here screams were music to our ears. Please oil up her rosebud again and let the music begin, long and loud!

Coxy and Mike skin to skin | January 21st, 2013
Coxy and Mike skin to skin
Petra Switzerland

Big Gun? Hey Coxy, what did you do? Where's Mike's "big gun"?

Erector Singapore

Beautiful pairing Hopefully this is not the last time we see this pairing. I enjoyed these sets a lot.

hklamp Hong Kong

Could we see Coxy playing Mike's big gun in the future "-)

KOMET United States

COXY & MIKE TOGETHER AGAIN Much as I love this theme, why not future pairings of Mike with --- KIKI, ZAIKA, MURIEL, YARA, ENGELIE, TEREZA, and FABI TANTRA (all fully nude and free)? Expanding the field here will further enrich what is already a rich theme.

jose-2-2 Spain

Why is not Mike hard after touching her?

windmill Netherlands

skin to skin Coxy and Mike are a lovely couple to watch in contrasting wonderful colours. In this serie of pictures there is well balanced beauty. There are so many motions to capture in skin contact between 2 beautiful persons. I am looking forward to more explorations to come.

Me Germany

Coxy / Flora Mike and Flora is more erotic than Mike and Coxy, i think there is too much distance between coxy and Mike. Coxy is a very beautifull woman who shows emotional distance although she is so close to Mike. Hopy you understand my ugly english ;-)

Smoky United States

Can we please get some more solo sets of Coxy? She's amazing but her galleries seem to be getting progressively boring.

fanboi United States

more interracial Please more interracial with Mike and your bevy of beautiful white models. More interracial, deeper and more explicit.

Jacky Germany

RE: Big Gun? I think, he's more into Flora, as you can clearly see in the Flora galleries.....;)))

Saldo United States

I'm with Mike on this set, totally limp.

Alya Coxy Flora Thea Zaika tropical studio | January 15th, 2013
Alya Coxy Flora Thea Zaika tropical studio
Benno Belgium

Sorry Thea, Coxy, Flora and Zaika... ... but I would like to ask Alya to make new solo sets again. She is as beautiful as in her early days and I'm so glad to see her in the background. Although I really would like to see her in the foreground again ;) Please Hegre, please Alya :)

wheeler United States

thank you for giving us a glimpse at your lovely self, Ms Alya!

Coxy hot and glossy | January 7th, 2013
Coxy hot and glossy
wheeler United States

love a glossy girl! :P

KOMET United States

COXY RESPLENDENT COXY doth bestride the world like a Colossus. Fully nude oiled-down body and free.

jeffrey United States

the complete package Hi Peter, yet another gem. Coxy is the complete package. Close up or far away she is pure heaven. So, I'm requesting more, more of this beauty and especially some sexy self gratifying videos like what you did with Oleana. This would be a treat worth its weight in gold!

DrakeA United States

Is it just me or does Coxy not like to show off her butt?

Coxy Flora Thea Zaika bikini battle | January 4th, 2013
Coxy Flora Thea Zaika bikini battle
Erector Singapore

The bikini set Finally there is the bikini set of these four

doogie Canada

I HOPE there will be a video of this to follow!!! ;)


attitude du groupe J'adore voir ces filles séparément ,mais lorsqu'elles sont toutes les quatres vous devez les gronder ou culpabiliser car elles oublient que lorsqu'on est manequins de surplus de charmes ,elles se doivent de sourire et non pas de faire la gueule. Bisous

simon Switzerland

Wow What a sexual tension in this set. Step by step. Artistically the best set sine a long while. And i did not expect that when looking st the cover, which was great.

ailefroide Belgium

Bikini "battle" What a peacefull battle ! Vive les batailles aussi pacifiques ! 19/20 !

Coxy and Mike sculptures | December 25th, 2012
Coxy and Mike sculptures
KOMET United States

COXY & Mike - TEASERS How much longer til COXY grasps, with her oily and scented hands, Mike's HARD CHOCOLATE (now dormant)?

windmill Netherlands

sculptures Coxy & Mike are in a slow dance. The details in touch and motions indeed are caught well in your images. Indeed again great sculptures of the beautiful naked human body.

windmill Netherlands

sculptures Coxy & Mike are in a slow dance. The details in touch and motions indeed are caught well in your images. Indeed again great sculptures of the beautiful naked human body.

boyboy United States

coxy and mike These two are the reason I purchased the website. They need to turn up the heat a little. At least mike needs to have an erection and her face near his penis! Hurry up!

simon Switzerland

Pic #43 Is Mike finally gazing at Coxy :-) ?

DSkeezy United States

chemistry I'm not feeling a connection between Mike and Coxy. Some of the pics are beautiful but in aesthetic, but I don't feel their passion for one another. Coxy looks tense. She appears inhibited. The energy between Mike and Flora is much better! I'd like to see Mike with other models too!

45oldie United States

Mike and Cozy Somewhat reminiscent of Richard Avedon's girl with the snake, but other than that, not much passion and fire.

erector Singapore

Another Great set with Mike and Coxy. Hopefully we more of them in the future.

ailefroide Belgium

Coxy and Mike 1 + 1 = much more than 2

Coxy Flora Thea Zaika reflections by Alya | December 23rd, 2012
Coxy Flora Thea Zaika reflections by Alya
kram12 United States

x give us dominika. pamela...some of the older gals.. how are proud to show it.

wheeler United States

you just get better and better, my dear!

Coxy blond dream | December 17th, 2012
Coxy blond dream
Erector United States

Nice picture set as usual

wheeler United States

Coxy is lovely, as always!

Wildman United Kingdom

Beautiful The best photo set of Coxy yet. She is so beautiful

Shyguy^^ Germany

The most beautiful woman. In the world!

Rez United States

Coxy are a graceful beauty. Wonderful session

Nando Colombia

Foxy Coxy Real natural beauty with lots of sexiness makes Coxy the best PH has. Keep them coming.

Basia Poland

She is so beautiful. I wish... yes, I wish to see her in much less make-up, more like Dominika C - with dark eyelashes, with very clean porcelain face and... with natural dark hair. I just think it would be such outstanding look! Picture 62... I just cannot imagine what beauty is hidden there, even more than now! She so devine, breathtaking, she does not need that much make up.

bbfont1 Brazil

Coxy Gorgeous, perfect tits, beautiful smile, great ass and a forcefull, my way pussy humbled by so much beauty

windmill Netherlands

Coxy oh yes Coxy is ever so beautiful. Her pictures and poses free of stockings would increase my pleasure significantly.

sweety United States

coxy, what else? this is a truly perfect woman, what an insult to her beauty to shoot her in those stockings!, I would have chewed them to shreds within the first three shots. true, her feet are not perfect but I'd like to lick both sides clean. love your stuff ):,

Alya Coxy Flora Thea Zaika outdoor studio | December 7th, 2012
Alya Coxy Flora Thea Zaika outdoor studio
Shaun Canada

This set was a real disappointment. There seemed to be no vision or theme. And what was the point of the completely out of place native headdress? It was like someone declared it "silly hat day", and someone else decided to take pictures.

MojoMa_55 Switzerland

Aesthetic Anomaly Once again, the model wearing shorts is aesthetically anomalous. There seems no logical nor artistic reason why she should not be as naked as all the other models in the shoot.

KOMET United States

5SOME et Homme Alya, GET FULLY NUDE!!!

gooz United States

Dum-de-dum-dum dumb!!!!! Good to see things get back to pleasant reality with Pamela tomorrow.

western United States

I don't get it.

grayhair United States

Outdoor studio Very weird. Not sure I like it. Can we forget this motif?

herveda France

Bizarre...Beautiful people though

Zeppelin Germany

Two Phase Ones? Since the pictures featuring the Phase One are 80 megapixels in resolution I suspect you've actually got two of them. Are these two IQ180s? I'm really impressed!

jake Netherlands

ALYA please show us your naked body

wheeler United States

RE: 5SOME et Homme she has many times! check the archives! click her pic at left

petley United Kingdom

RE: Photo number 1 I agree that there seems to be no particular point of the format -or indded the headdress As a new member I have been very impressed by the stadard up to now but this wa dissapointing. Am I mising something?

don United States

can we take few steps back i can't see the trees

Coxy magic light | December 4th, 2012
Coxy magic light
KOMET United States

COXY THE SELKIE Having shed herself of her sealskin with which she could probe the ocean's depths, COXY emerges on shore as a Woman, sleek, with generous curves, blonde hair, breasts, 2 strong legs for walking (and running) upright, and a fine pubic thatch. Fully nude and free.

wheeler United States

yet another short but sweet!

Coxy and Mike synergy | November 28th, 2012
Coxy and Mike synergy
dieseldom United Kingdom

Go back to Mike and Flora for the real deal of chemistry! None here

KOMET United States

COXY & Mike - TOGETHER AGAIN ABSOLUTELY LOVE THE INTERRACIAL THEME. Yet the theme here would have been a bit spicier if (like FLORA) COXY had given herself the pleasure of teasing Mike's "rhythm stick" avec les mains.

Lakeshore22 United States

weak & boring

J United States

It's almost like she's afraid to touch his junk. Also, she's like the hottest girl on the planet; why is he limp and disinterested?

erector United States

I like this pairing alot. It would be nice to see more of Mike and Coxy photos and video together. I would also want a mutual massage of them.

erector United States

more of these two

Coxy Flora Thea Zaika sandy | November 16th, 2012
Coxy Flora Thea Zaika sandy
wheeler United States

dirty girls! mmmmm...SEXY!!! :P

KOMET United States

COXY, FLORA, THEA & ZAIKA - SAND & SEA What an enchanting motif! Four muses, fully nude and free, delighting in the interplay of sand and wind on their bodies.

thytte Denmark

How tall is Zaika??

Coxy and Zaika red and blue by Alya | November 11th, 2012
Coxy and Zaika red and blue by Alya
Nick United States

WOW!! I have been a member here for a while and have not commented on a set til now. This is perhaps the best set I've seen thus far artistically. This has the look of a classic shoot and I think this kind of creative quality should be maintained. Art and eroticism can coexist.

wheeler United States

by alya? so, that's where she's been! very nice!

Zeppelin Germany

This is what I am here for ... pure godliness. With the turban on you get the chance to finally discover the full extent of Coxy's beauty. And Zaika matches her. If I may ask for the final little piece to perfection: Please bring Coxy back with her natural hair color and either with a triangle or no pubes at all. I just don't like the landing-strip-style. What do you guys think?

Basia Poland

photos... What a beautiful set. !!!

Jean-Pierre Luxembourg

wow very nice ! I want to see the making of video of this photo session. I especially liked the towel around their head, and here the two beauties ( who rather belong to shy models) seems to be more relax to show us their pussy. Maybe because the photographer is Alya, a lady herself.

Philippe Belgium

Excellent. Finally we get to see some beautiful really 'artistic' photos again. After all, this is why we watch this site, don't we?

Roger United States

Beautiful Series Absolutely Gorgeous Series! I am a big Zaika fan. What delightful photos throughout. Love the colors.

delavignette Belgium

Coxy and Zaica red and blue As Nick wrote in 2012, art and erotism can coexist.

Alya Coxy Flora Thea Zaika sculptures | November 8th, 2012
Alya Coxy Flora Thea Zaika sculptures
wheeler United States

lovely greek godddesses!

green Hong Kong

talkingabout sculptures Good. But talking about sculptures, you seem to miss Valerie in this set

sill Germany

nonsense to me.

KOMET United States

THE FIERY 5SOME FLORA, ALYA, COXY, THEA & ZAIKA --- 5 MUSES ALL --- DANCE AND STRUT FULLY NUDE AND PROUD. What were once 5 tall and sturdy trees swaying in the breeze on the forest's edge are now 5 sleek and sexy Women, who love to dance and play.

MojoMa_55 Switzerland

Sculptures I've been trying to work out if the girls are supposed to be spelling out some verbal message through their poses; but I can't find anything readable.

Nando Colombia

Coxy Coxy is in a league of her own. Her body is smoking hot and she has a beautiful face to match. My girlfriend and I want to see more of her in massage vids, maybe with Mike in a mutual massage would be nice.

thytte Denmark

Fantastic series if you want to compare bodyparts. Sexy?? - nope. And terrible tattoos Thea spent money on. An expensive way to ruin a beautiful body.Floras too.

dmire United States

Alya Alya, your new hair cut is supper sexy. Hope you do a photo shoot alone soon.

Egrise United States

Alya Coxy Flora Thea Zaika Stunningly beautiful, but rather too static for my taste.

Timo E United States

art? This must be the "art" part.

barrabooka Australia

sculptures Maybe I am being picky but personally I do not like women whose bum cheeks hang down a great deal lower than their pussies when shot from the front. Looks unnatural to me but then I am being pedantic.

KOMET United States

MAIS ALGUMAS PALAVRAS Alya would have been much better shown in this photo series wearing a loincloth. Cast off the pants, Alya!!! Be fully nude and proud.

Smee United States

Coxy and Flora I've always thought Coxy and Flora were delightful, but putting them next to other very pretty models makes me realize just how amazingly attractive they are. That's not to insult Thea, Alya, and Zaika (they are all still beautiful models), but put them next to Coxy in particular, and Flora, and meh..

The Chef Sweden

Erotic Bodyart I like this set. It's fun to see something different than the standard sets. Also it seems the girls are having a fun time too! It's the variety here at Hegre so many of us like. We had a fun moment in my restaurant watching this set. Alya, Coxy and Flora: you rules!

Mark United States

Sculptures What an absolutely fabulous way to show four great female nudes. Beautiful!

jake Netherlands

alya please more series of this fantastic girl

Alya Ukraine

Alya's reply Thank you everybody for fantastic comments.) I think its my destiny to be here again with Petter. He saw me growing from a child. I was always trying to put my nose in to his photo shootings with me as stylist. Couple of years ago I have decided that my passion is photography. But not only this I am artist inside and I always try to torn useful things into my way. You can look my autoportraits later and you will see what I mean) With Love from Alya!

Coxy Spa | November 4th, 2012
Coxy Spa
wheeler United States

another massage for coxy in the near future?

MooMan United Kingdom

Very Sexy Very sexy lady indeed. Hoping one day she might get a little more daring and show us a little more of her flower.

Indianwolf India

Coxy in some sexy lingerie please. She is just SO sexy.

Zeppelin Germany

Flawless. But.. I would love to see her fully shaved. It would make her look perfect. Just like Kiki.

KOMET United States

COXY AS FELINE Like a lionness reposing in her lair, COXY purrs hungrily as she surveys the landscape from the masseuse's perch. (Forget the lingerie! COXY is peerless whilst fully nude.)

AB United States

Very beautiful and sexy. Perhaps a photo shoot with Mike messaging her with warm oils...

Alya Coxy Flora Thea Zaika photo session | November 1st, 2012
Alya Coxy Flora Thea Zaika photo session
jake Netherlands

I wassurprised Alya is back please more of her

KOMET United States

FLORA-ZAIKA-COXY-THEA & ALYA ON THE RISE Fully nude and free, the 5 Women reign supreme while the man-beast seeks to curry favor with them all.

Zeppelin Germany

Nice with mistakes - where I come from, the chiefess NEVER wears pants - Coxy's fur destroys symmetry (I don't like it anyway, I admit) - that guy looks too ordinary. I'd rather have Mike

Jash United Kingdom

That was boring as hell! Bring back Flora and Mike!

The Chef Sweden

Humorous Erotica! I think this photosession have a humorous touch. I like it! The girls are sweet and I am convinced that they had fun during the shoot. Erotica can be many things: beautiful, exotic, sexy, sweet and also funny. Everybody have their taste. Its the variety here at Hegre-Art that I like. And all the sweet models. Thank you!

Timo E United States

silly That's just silly. And as a person with some Native American ancestry I'm a bit put off by the "Indian headdress".

Jean-Pierre Luxembourg

RE: Nice with mistakes me too, without being a racist , I prefer Mike who has a dark skin, which will create a srtonger contrast with the girls. And why is alya wearing pants ? Otherwise nice photoshoot and happy to see Alya and Thea back.

wheeler United States

would have been better with the natural background, IMHO. more realstic. Hey Jake! lovely alya is an aquaintance of mine. I'll tell her you miss her! :)

Benno Belgium

Great to see Alya again Wonderful to see Alya again. She is my all-time favorite here. Hope she is back for more ;)

Rick United States

One word, why?

Jacky Germany

Could.... you please tell me the type of weed you guys all smoked when shooting this scene?

Zeppelin Germany

RE: RE: Nice with mistakes I don't care for Mike's ethnical background. He's special, this guy isn't.

Max Australia

Alya yummm Alya still has the finest breasts, its good to see her back but hope to see more of her in front of the camera too. Did anyone notice how aroused these ladies are doing the shoot with a guy? IMHO seeing their erect nipples and red, swollen sex more than makes up for his presence.

simon Switzerland

RE: Could.... I'm gland I'm not the only one that does not understand this setup.

Andreas Norway

Cool I like it. It remindes me a little of Helmut Newtons work. Experimenting is important. Go outside the comfort zone.

Thor United States

Moving off track Who is this guy? Please no more. Nobody on here likes this guy. Stick with Mike. Also, we need more with Mike and Valerie. Those sets are rated highest for a reason. Also, more lesbian scenes included with Valerie would be great and where is our video???

Fract Netherlands

Just awesome! Thea's back. That alone makes my day, nay, whole rest of the year! Add to that that I adore concept-shoots that feel like a jam-session, and I am a happy Fract. Very happy

rixco France

the guy is hot ! ! Hot photos ! => best is the guy, he fits perfectly to the girls ! would like to see more and hotter sessions with him , e.g. with a brown hot ladie ! But why do they do the shot in front of a white wall ? there is so much of pardise behind ! i dream of seeing this hot perfect guy on beach with the girls ! !

Smoky United States

Not a gay site Enough already with putting men in these photoshoots. I subscribe because I love beautiful women. That is what I expect to see in every single gallery on this site. It seems like this site is catering more and more to the few guys who beg to see penises but pretend that they're not gay, they just want "reality". Whatever, bud.

jadar France

great pictures I love the pictures ! The setting is exotic and creative. Also I disagree with Thor's and Zeppelin's comments : I find the guy serves well the 5 women. Mike would attract too much attention on him, whereas this guy fits perfectly well !

jadar756 France

great pictures I love those pictures : the setting is exotic and very creative ! Also I disagree with Thor's and Zeppelin's comments : the guy serves very well the 5 women. Mike would have attracted too much attention on him. We don't need that... Whereas this guy fits perfectly well !

gregou666 France

amazing photo shoot, the light and the setting is outstanding, great cast, beautifull girls, i love the new direction of putting a male model in the setting, this new guy match perfectely in the story. look foward to see more editorials with all of them.

Philippe Greece

Nice Job Nice job, certainly different from other ones. The beautiful bodies of the girls are perfectly highlighted in this "more artistic" shooting. The concept needed a man to serve the girls and this guy was the perfect match.

Philippe Greece

Nice Job Nice job, certainly different from other ones. The beautiful bodies of the girls are perfectly highlighted in this "more artistic" shooting. The concept needed a man to serve the girls and this guy was the perfect match. Great choice.

Alya Ukraine

Alya's reply Thank you everybody for your comments. I am very happy to get back.) I hope you like what I do. Of course it will be different because its totally another experience for me to be on other side of the camera. Is not easy) But I will be happy to hear your comments and get better and better every SHOTS. A lots of Love from Alya.)

ailefroide Belgium

Alya come back. Don't leave !

Coxy blond beauty | October 26th, 2012
Coxy blond beauty
wheeler United States

yet another goddess!

windmill Netherlands

Coxy Absolute brilliance. This is the bare essence op pure nude beauty.

KOMET United States

COXY - CONTENTED LIONESS COXY strikes a pose, assumes stances that shows her at her majesterial best. Fully nude and free.

Brent United States

Coxy Coxy is becoming one of my favorites - great body, great breasts, and I love that she keeps some hair around the pubic area!

CogentOne United States

no inhibitions Members of this site joined to see beautiful uninhibited women fully exposing their exquisite bodies. While Coxy is quite lovely to be sure, we have not seen either pussy or ass, although one hopes that will come soon. Models who are uncomfortable sharing these, the most essential, erotic areas really should not be candidates for this site if it is to maintain its deservedly elevated rankings among nude sites. This is not Playboy, this is Hegre-Art!

hklamp Hong Kong

Angel Coxy What a gorgeous figure Coxy! She looks very hot to me from every albums she is displayed. Coxy, I love you "-)

Mark United States

Coxy A work of art! I could study Coxy's beautiful nudes all day long!

Coxy dirty girl | October 20th, 2012
Coxy dirty girl
wheeler United States

coxy is super hot! gotta love that wet and messy stuff!!!:)

KOMET United States

COXY - AUS DEM MEER She arises from the watery depths, hesitant, head on a swivel, wary of anything or anyone threatening hostility. All the while, florescent scaly skin, webbed hands, gills, and ventral fins recede. Two strong legs emerge where once a resplendent tail fin propelled her undersea. Now COXY is a beautiful blonde, with shoulder-length hair and a slender pubic thatch. Fully nude, she reclines along the shore to catch her breath.

Mikestromike United States

Coxy Down & Dirty This is a very interesting photo shoot... how about taking this "Dirty" theme one step further with a follow up shoot "Hegre Model Mud Wrestling" featuring Coxy VS Pamela in a Nude Model Mud Wrestling Match! My prediction is that the subscribers would win! I'll be looking for the next installment.

The Chef Sweden

Sweet Coxy needs a fashionshoot. We have seen her magnificent figure naked in studio, at the beach, on a massage table. But what I want is a fashionshoot where she slips her curved figure out of a slim dress. We saw a little of her doing that in "pink pink" and she proved she can be fashionable in "bright lights". (All chefs at my restaurant agree.)

KOMET United States

COXY - SEREIA DO MAR She arises from the watery depths, hesitant, head on a swivel, wary of anything or anyone threatening hostility. All the while, florescent-scaly skin, webbed hands, gills, and dorsal fins recede. Two strong legs emerge where once a resplendent tail fin propelled her undersea. Now COXY is a beautiful blonde, with shoulder-length hair and a slender pubic thatch. Fully nude, she reclines along the shore to catch her breath.

Coxy Cliffs | October 11th, 2012
Coxy Cliffs
wheeler United States

stunning!!! girl and set!!!

Coxy and Mike beautiful bodies | October 2nd, 2012
Coxy and Mike beautiful bodies
KOMET United States

COXY & MIKE - REUNITED Love the interracial theme. A winning combination (especially when FLORA and Mike are together).

Rick United States

Would have love to see his hard cock between her lips

windmill Netherlands

beautiful bodies Indeed in their simple poses these 2 beautiful bodies show honest and true viewing attraction. Many variations to this them can be made.

Sledge Luxembourg

Petter, i am really ready to see a well-photographed penetration ...

Jacky Germany

Mike I think he's more into Flora.

Fishman United States

I want to be like Mike

gator United States

Coxy & Mike Two beautiful bodies ....boring as hell to look at. You can do better than this.

stever United Kingdom

RE: Mike yeah, well Flora grabbed his dick didn't she?

RAMI Israel

coxy I love you You are very beautiful

United States

She's gorgeous; why isn't he hard? Would love to see more

jake United States

Coxy and Mike She's gorgeous; Why isn't he hard? Would love to see more.

Joe Netherlands

Perfect interracial Those sets is the number one reason that I joined. These sets are better than most interracial hardcore sex you see out there just because the white girl just is so beautiful, pure white blondie with a pure very dark african man. Thats perfect. Very sad tho that they did not kiss eachother, look on eachother and that Mike didnt get hard. Would like a little more sexual poses with those two. A cumshot would have been great. More black man/white female please!

erector United States

this is surely a beautiful set

Coxy self massage | September 27th, 2012
Coxy self massage
KOMET United States

COXY EN CELO All in all, a delightful photo series. I trust that a video equivalent is forthcoming in which COXY unreservedly pleasures herself?

Stretch United States

She might just be perfect.

Coxy and Mike Adam and Eve | September 21st, 2012
Coxy and Mike Adam and Eve
Laurie United Kingdom

Sack the Plank And bring back Mayuko and Reina, I want to be teased and aroused...

stever United Kingdom

Embarrassed I love that vaguely embarrassed look she wears that betrays her excitement at seeing and coming into close contact with Mike, feeling his manhood around her inner thighs. Kinda slightly flushed and excited, secretly wanting more perhaps. Oh well, next time maybe..

rvd United States

I love seeing your girls with mike...what contrast! Hopefully Coxy and Mike meet again

Basia Poland

RE: Photo number 64 I love this last photo - it is like shadow and light, someone soft and someone strong, someone being beautiful and someone being brave.... it is just perfect!

Heywood United States

Torture Stop torturing poor Mike, and let him put his dick into these girls!

VoyeurFan United States

Flora preferred I much preferred the series with Flora/Mike for obvious reasons. Coxy is attractive but something about Flora grasping Mike's manhood is much more exciting than the indifferent look on Coxy's face and Mike's obvious lack of excitement.

Joe Netherlands

Posing I liked when Mike is pulling her up wearing her around. He should have held her in many different sexy positions. Mike is a great black man. He just need to be more free and relaxed. Coxy should stroke his black cock.

Coxy oily | September 13th, 2012
Coxy oily

another short but sweet!llove coxy!

KOMET United States

COXY - SLEEK & SEXY GRROWL!!! Here (aside from her photo/video shoot with Mike) is COXY at her finest. Fully nude and relaxing by the sea.

peterswift United States

The long dry spell! About a week or so ago you hit it big with juicy cream in the photos. Much praise was submitted, including mine. Since then we seem to have had a long, long dry spell, don't you think? Can we get back to the models who enjoy what they do and get all lubed up over it? Please?

Zeppelin Germany

Vaginal Fluids Guys, don't get too excited over the white goo. This stuff is acetous and meant to keep you and bacteria out and has nothing to do with hornyness. The joyful stuff is clear and tastes much better. Ask your ladies - they know.

abby United States

fluids Zepplin, that's not necessarily true. Our fluids change with our cycles and sometimes are whitish and sometimes clear. Female ejaculation may even be clear or milky tinted. But I agree with the general sentiment that it would be arousing to us viewers to see the beautiful models showing signs of arousal rather than bone dry pussy.

Zeppelin Germany

Cream Abby, I'd love to believe the models are aroused just because they spread their legs for me. But we both know that the presence of white goo is not proof of erotic excitement.

Western United States

Finally, the flower is revealed. Well, sort of... love the mons

Basia Poland

RE: Vaginal Fluids yes, that is true ;o). Good point Zeppelin ;o)

Coxy classic beauty | September 4th, 2012
Coxy classic beauty

we have a winner!!!

KOMET United States


Dext United States

More Valerie please! This is okay


RE: More Valerie please! I'm sure valerie will return! and ifyouhate shoes THAT MUCH, maybe you should try a nice nudist site!lol

Mark United States

Coxy: Nude in Heels Damn right! Coxy buck naked in pumps! She looks so beautiful nude in her sexy open-toed pumps. More of Coxy buck naked in pumps!

dimples United States

4-7 pics 4-7 are amazing, I need to see this hottie doing yoga or working out, what an awesome figure, but please get her oiled up or sweaty and take a movie

Variable-43 Tanzania, United Republic of

When Coxy decides to share her vagina and anus, I'll be excited. Until then, not so much.

slickwilly United States

Off to Bohemia Next vacation I'm hitting the Czech Republic. It has to have the world's highest number of foxes per capita.4omething in the water? The Moldau?

Joe Netherlands

More interracial with Coxy You have to get Coxy into more interracial sets! She is one of the best looking models ive been that does sexual poses with black men. She did very will with Mike. Bring more black men to her!

CB13 United States

RE: More interracial with Coxy I agree with Joe, Netherlands. I'd love to see Coxy do a very edgy set with a black man. This blond beauty was made for interracial action.

Coxy foxy | August 31st, 2012
Coxy foxy

lovely! just needs a butt shot!

KOMET Canada

COXY - THE MYSTERIOUS SIREN From out of the ooze, mud, and swirling dust, A WOMAN, FULLY NUDE, SHAPELY & BLONDE was formed. Shakily, COXY stands, taking stock of everything around her, and then wades into a nearby lake for a bath. (Moments later, COXY awakes fully nude during a break in a photo shoot in a photographer's studio. Was it all a dream, she running naked on all-fours in the outdoors?)

Variable-43 South Africa

Her name should be Coxy Tease!

delavignette Belgium

Coxy Happy to see you. Thank you so much. Merci pour ce moment de plaisir.

Coxy and Mike animal attraction | August 19th, 2012
Coxy and Mike animal attraction

I see mike is branching out!lol


It can be seen that foto posing is stress or simply hard work. Something different than to Mike would happen to me being so close to Coxy and n o t being in the flash lights...

ludwig Canada

Unbelievable! This is such a sexy, erotic pairing... Very good work!

T Man United States

Is Mike gay? Lovely photo set. The only thing I can't understand is why isn't Mike's dick hard? He has a beautiful woman crawling all over him but is dick is as limp as a ramin noodle. Coxy's nipples are hard so I know she's turned on. This is the same thing that happens in Mike's shoots with Valerie. Valerie's nipples are rock hard while Mike's dick is limp and soft. Doesn't Mike get turned on by beautiful women? If it were me I would be rock hard and squirting milk all over the model.

AM United States

Great title for this set This is a beautiful set and I absolutely endorse this set. It is really encouraging to see different nationalities in the same set. I really admire this set.

Timo E United States

Coxy and Mike I can only conclude that Mike either has powers of self-control that I can't even imagine or he's gay. Coxy is the hottest woman on the site, in my opinion.

Alex Wilhelm United States

Questions How does that dick not get hard? How does Coxy not get fucked?

M United Kingdom

Now that Mike has decided to branch out, any chance we can see him with Caprice?

RAMI Israel

coxy I'm amazed these . lovely pictures! I also want to work with you

embas United Kingdom

amazing world class this shoot, i doff my hat to u sir!

KOMET United States

COXY & MIKE - A HOT COUPLE SOMEONE AT HEGRE-ART IS FINALLY LISTENING TO ME! Interracial pairings are a spicy delight to the eyes. Let this be but a beginning for more. Suggestions for future models: TARA, KIKI, ENGELIE, SILVIE, CANDICE, MARJANA, YOKO, CAPRICE, YANKA, and NIKOLA.

maxin55 Thailand

Great set of shots, Coxy and Mike together are awesome. I was hoping for some more risque shots towards the end as clearly they were enjoying the shoot. I would like to see more M/F sessions as they seem to work better than girl on girl.

Jonathan Switzerland

nice change Lady Coxy is a nice change from the girls, hopefully their is a second set?

Heywood United States

How can he not? C'mon, Mike. Let your cock get hard, and fuck her!

MojoMa Switzerland

Mike with Valerie and Coxy We don't know whether pictures, shewing a more virile response by Mike in these situations, were intentionally omitted by the editor. Except in massage videos, I don't recall seeing any ithyphallic images on the Hegre site. Perhaps, therefore, questions about Mike's sexuality are irrelevant until proof is available.


RE: Mike with Valerie and Coxy @Heywood and MojoMa You are watching too many porn movies to think all black man have giant anti gravity cock... Some guys have their cock hard but vertically downwards ... C'mon back to real world then

Heywood United States

RE: RE: Mike with Valerie and Coxy C'mon... he's clearly not erect in these pics, and I would be in that situation.

Joe Netherlands

More blackmen/white woman Those sets are so good. I love that you put one of this sites best looking blondes together with a very dark black man. The poses and chemistry should be more intense with kissing, Coxy stroking his cock and have Mike spread her legs and play with her pussy a little. Very dark men are so powerful, let them meet alot more of your models. You are way better than all hardcore interracial sites because of you have so good looking white model girls..! More black men with white woman please. I joined this site when i saw this first interracial scene. Thanks!

Coxy bright lights | August 25th, 2012
Coxy bright lights

a shining star, indeed!

KOMET United States

COXY COMO SEREIA COXY stands resplendent, bold, beguiling, FULLY NUDE, and deliciously sexy. (More, please.)

longtimefan United States

Coxy fan Strong and lends itself to a beauty shoot for V, or W, which I think is great. Coxy obviously has the fashion background and is a classic beauty. I would love to work with her sometime. Kudos to Coxy, Hegre and team. Well done. Hope you guys keep collaborating.

Mark United States

Coxy: A Star Visually and aesthetically outstanding. What a great way to capture and appreciate Coxy's incredible body with this beautiful illumination. Don't ever have her in clothes! She looks too damn good naked! She is a star!

Rick United States

Mmmmmmmmmmm Another beautiful woman......she needs a massage

Fract Netherlands

Just ... awesome photography. The way the light plays over her perfect form and musculature: this is what photography is meant for. More of this and beyond. Please?

Fishman United States

Fuck yeah!

Joe Netherlands

Shave Coxy is super nice. But maybee she should shave her pussy bald. More posing with black men for Coxy. She is great for that!

Coxy pink pink | August 13th, 2012
Coxy pink pink

super sexy!!!although, that patch down below is a bit of a nuisance!llol

RAMI Israel

O.M.G I'm shocked the all so beautiful I'm in love

miguel Canada

Her bush Her bush is beautiful. Natural pheromones!!

Mike United States

Coxy what an angelic beauty, Coxy is! Lovely!

Voyeur United States

Cant wait to see her pussy

Dante_Hicks Australia

Great eyes.

Dave Finland

Body Suit Loved this gallery sexy girl in a body suit, with shots of her from behind in it, her arse looks great in it, and the later squat shots from behind where you can just catch a glimpse of her anus....more please!

Coxy introduction | August 4th, 2012
Coxy introduction
finderweb Italy

Classic Nice babe with beautifoul body, poses ... much classic/standard. Maybe she can give us more & more. We waith for next shooting. Ciao!


yet another stunning addition!cant wait to see more!

RAMI Israel

WOW.WOW.WOW Very nice to meet you So beautiful So perfect I want more pictures of pussy Please

PrimeNerdity United States

A very attractive young lady I hope for bigger sets and with more varied poses.

In awe United States

On another level. She and Luba in a fashion centric shoot would be killer. Petter still has the best job on the planet. I would love to shoot with her. Whoever is doing your casting, give them a raise.

Wolvie United States

Coxy Pretty girl, but aren't the poses just a trifle repetitious?

simon Switzerland

mmmmm. Welcome.


lol It's called an introduction, folks! I'm sure we'll see more variety soon!

Mark United States

Coxy Cozy is a treasure! This is the perfect way to introduce a new model. Just standing there completely nude from head to toe in order for you to get a true and unadorned appreciation of her beauty. This is Coxy at her most raw, honest and beautiful. The poses are not varied but sometimes that is when they are most beautiful. To me this is just a pure and simple tribute to the amazing beauty of a naked woman. Cozy is introducing herself saying here I am, this is the true me in my most honest state. She could not look more beautiful.

Fishman United States

All I can say is score, what an amazing babe!

Mark United States

Coxy: A Perfect Introduction Bravo! This is exactly how Coxy should be introduced: completely nude. She is at her most honest, natural and beautiful. The poses are lovely as it is purely focused on appreciating Coxy's beauty. Sometimes simple is the most beautiful as you can just purely concentrate on the beauty of her nudes. As I have mentioned before, in order to truly appreciate the honest beauty of a woman, you have to do that when she is completely and totally nude. No pretenses, no props and absolutely no clothes. Perfect.

Mark United States

RE: Photo number 5 Coxy is the perfect subject to study nude!

AM United States

Love these new women I am so thankful for having her in this collection, along with Yara. If the two did a set together, that will light up my mind to heights unimaginable.


Coxy Mermaid | October 14th, 2014
Coxy Mermaid
Hardhead United States

Nice to see some old videos that have not gotten released yet

Jered Germany

Coxy has always been - and still is - one of my favourite models on this site. She's very beautiful and feminine - a real woman (I wouldn't call her a girl). So it's a nice surprise to have her back after her long absence. I hope there's more to come. (From mermaid to more maid, so to say.)

Canchahel France

Hidden treasure This film is a real treasure (even better than the excellent “Beach Swing”) and it’s lucky all treasures do not remain hidden for ever. Either in the Mediterranean Sea or in the Gulf of Thailand, or even in a pool, Coxy embodies Aphrodite from the waters (as Flora embodies Artemis from the skies). Coxy is actually one of the three or four most beautiful “venusian” women we have ever seen in Hegre-Art, maybe the most beautiful, in fact. And, two years after the “Mermaid” series of photos, this film allows us again to see that Coxy is at least as videogenic as photogenic. Thank you for this new delight!

francois25 United Kingdom

I like the first piece of music in the initial few minutes. Anybody know what it is?

CoxyFloraTheaZaikaNakedWorkout | January 8th, 2013
Daly United States

Pleasure This whole movie is a real pleasure to watch. Every time at the gym I am thinking what the babes there would like doing their thing nude. This movie takes me there.

Mitch Australia

Relax Like the pace. It is slow and easy and I have played it in the background to relax to.

Donna Norfolk Island

Speaks for itself It’s good to see a movie which lets the girls’ beauty speak for itself without trying over-hard with the setting or the action.

Anders South Africa

More close ups OK but I think there must have been plenty of chances to get more of the close up shots that are there at the end, though imho there are not enough of them.

Tim United Kingdom

RE: More close ups Remember the saying “Variety is the spice of life”? Just watch it for what it is. Beautiful women.

MojoMa_55 Switzerland

Film of the Week, 8th January 2013 Shouldn't the male model be 'dressed' like the females?. We see male genitals in other films and massages at Hegre, so why not this time?. It looks like sexual discrimination. I am not 'gay'. I just believe in sexual equality.

Roger United States

Public Service Annoucement for Zaika Butt Fans Attention all Zaika Butt Fans: best viewing of Zaika's butt in this film is from 3:12 to 3:50, doing squatts, and from 620 to 818, standing, bending and then kneeling. Most revealing views from 6:53-7:05 and 7:42-7:48. Brought to you as a Public Service from the Zaika Butt Fan Association (ZBFA)

wheeler United States

I think all of these ladies deserve a nice massage after that workout! (and, thanks to Mr Instructor for keeping your britches on!)

nice one United States

funny to imagine thanks for the workout scene! these girls probably have the urge to work out daily. why not add a new tab: Workout Videos ( and give us another video every few days to enjoy. besides, the ladies look like they need more strength and flexibility training and if you watch videos of yourself it improves body awareness. it seems only flora has body awareness among the 4 females.

Zeke United States

RE: Public Service Annoucement for Zaika Butt Fans Thanks Roger!

Coxy Beach Swing | November 27th, 2012
Coxy Beach Swing
Chester United States

Vacation I’m gonna use this movie to get me through the winter. This is everything I dream of when I plan a vacation.

Yvette Canada

Be like you I love your movies Coxy. I want you to know that I am trying to be like you and that’s why I watch all you do.

Raoul United Kingdom

More sexy bits You are a beautiful girl Coxy and I lke to look at you so much. But please can I see more of your sexy bits?

Kevin United Kingdom

RE: More sexy bits I agree with Raoul on this. I wanted the same thing especially when she was swinging high up.

Cutler United States

RE: RE: More sexy bits But guys that is what erotica is all about. Sometimes the “sexy bits” you keep on about do stay hidden and that can be arousing too. What’s wrong with a bit of teasing once in a while?

wheeler United States

Lovely!!! gorgeous!!! amazing!!! just...WOW!!! It's nice to see some real ART back on Hegre-Art!

Rez United States

Perfect face and body As it is 7 degrees F. here this morning, this shot is very appealing for it's beauty. Looks like a beach on Northern Bali I was on a few years ago. What a beautiful woman and a sensual natural session. I could look at Coxy's face all day and her body is perfectly proportioned for my taste. I love all her sessions.

Basia Poland

RE: Yessssss.... I love this kind of shots from Peter. It is the most beautiful dream - just to wake up in the morning and do something like this... wow!!!!!!!!!! superb! :o))))

Rodolfo Lavandino Italy

Coxy beach swing fantastic girl! But her is too much alone i will prefere her stay near at black man in love meeting.

Mark United States

Coxy's body is amazing, what a beautiful work of art! She is fabulous! What a great ass she has, I love the camera following that wonderful ass!

wheeler United States

RE: RE: RE: More sexy bits every "bit" of coxy is sexy!!! not just her pussy!!!

pseudomime Canada

coxy Vraiment magnifique et ravissant

bob United States

wow You are a stunning woman!!

silentwings New Zealand

Yvette from Canada Re Yvette from Canada........ You already are like Coxy self belief will bring out your glorious natural beauty and gifts.

Una catalana Spain

Coxy, quina meravella Coxy té el cos més diví que he vist a la meva vida. I de la cara ja no dic res. Preciosa

Doc United States

Coxy I'd love to see a film of Coxy where she spreads, or is massaged to climax or tantrically, by Fabi or Mike.

Coxy And Mike Behind The Scenes | September 4th, 2012
Coxy And Mike Behind The Scenes
James United Kingdom

Great partnership If this is anything to go by Coxy and Mike have a great partnership ahead of them. Let’s see more of them soon.

Christy Ireland

Gymnasts I reckon they would have been a big hit in the gymnast events at the Olympics.

Claire United Kingdom

Hoping for more Mike looks like he is not as excited as you might expect. I am hoping for more from him.

Wilbur United States

More explicit There are lots more poses and positions that they could have done that would have been sexier than these. How about something from them that is more explicit?

Ricky United States

Re: More explicit Be patient. They only just met. They’ll get it on later with any luck.

MojoMa Switzerland

Coxy and Mike -- Behind the Scenes This M/F interaction film is a promising start that could well merit further development, perhaps with the photographer less prominent. It is obvious that such scenes have to be carefully directed and choreographed, but the ideal -- as in a movie -- would be for the models to appear to act as naturally and spontaneously as in real life.

twobe1 United States

The Art The art is in telling the story, not necessarily making it.

Basia Poland

RE: Coxy and Mike -- Behind the Scenes I agree - I think the more they stay together on the site, while making this photos, they would be much more easy with each other and the shoots would be warmer, closer and more intimate in my opinion.

lover Belgium

How about a video with Flora and Mike, she seems to like Mike's body :)


cool stuffs! thanks for the BTS look!

Johnny United States

Sumply Perfect Really enjoyed this. How about more of the same, including some outdoor pics, films and galleries ?

Petter Spain

Flora & Mike... - it's already in post production.... and it is very hot and "hands on" ;)

TyMacc United States

Looks great I think it looks great.

Vashti Australia

Fun Really good fun!

Jennifer_Scandinavia Netherlands

Great, more explicit interracial! Its sooo nice to see that Herge-Art finaly put this beautiful white females together with some real black men. The scenes are some of the best interracials out there with alot higher quality than most sites that only has interracial. Herge-Art has the better woman and Coxy is supersexy climing around on Mike or even better when he lifts up or when she is sitting on his lap. I like when Mikes is holding his legs around her ass. I agree with other commentators that you could do a little more explicit poses. If there are other black men you can involve that would be great as well. I like the real very dark african looking ones. Coxy should hold or stroke his cock so he gets rock hard. Something other sexy stuff you could do is to let black men put the woman around in different poses. Lifting them, spreading their legs and stretching them. These young females seems flexible so you should take advantage of that. I will renew this membership for sure if you produce more black men / white woman material for sure! Keep up the good work. Thanks for letting us see behind the scenes as well!

erector United States

Now if we can see a mutual massage with these two

fanboi United States

beautiful interracial I think Hegre-Art is one of the few "erotic" art sights in the world exploring interracial, and particularly black male/white female themed interracial. All I can say is please continue to explore this beautiful and incredibly exciting direction. Rhis is why I come to your site. You have many beautiful, young women to team with black men. Mike is perfect. And of course increasingly explicit photo sets and video are in order. Keep up the good work - but give us more and more explicit interracial.

Rob United States

Mike - orgasm Please have Mikes massaged to a "happy ending" with a post orgasm massage - then have Mike return the favor with multiple orgasms

Coxy Massage COMMENTS

Tropical Touch Massage | December 4th, 2012
Tropical Touch Massage
Corinne United Kingdom

Different Me and my room mate are both studying Sports Science so we decided to we use this movie to massage each other. It turned out different from what we expected. Need I say more?

Maurits Belgium

Good memories I have had many holidays in Thailand. This brought back many good memories.

Wilhelm Germany

Still waiting I am still waiting for the walking up and down the back. I thought that is the main feature of Thai style massage.

Greg United Kingdom

RE: Still waiting Why are you so bothered about this detail? Thai massage is also often done wearing loose clothing as well. Surely you do not want that?

Madigan United States

Delicious Did anyone else see all that rippling in her thigh muscles just after minute 11? It is delicious.

M Canada

Sounds This one is pretty good, certainly better than the last few(I'm not counting the last one as I didn't watch it, only interested in F/F massage). The thing that brought it down though for me was the fact that all we had was the sound of waves. I really like hearing the sound of the massage itself, the rubbing of the skin, etc. The set also seemed overly white and was straining my eyes a bit. There are a few videos of yours which only have music without sound and I just can't get into them, shame...Still, a good one, just not Great for me.

MojoMa_55 Switzerland

Sensual Massage The masseuse seemed a bit semi-detached, as if she was looking for instructions from somebody out of camera-shot. But perjaps she was just bored.

MojoMa_55 Switzerland

RE: Still waiting She used her knees from a sitting position instead.

tore Norway

thaimassage Thanks! I like this massage and I want moore of this!

Jax United States

You should really consider increasing the update frequency of massage videos. I join specially to watch these hot videos :)

balmain United States

RE: Different Yes ;)

MojoMa_55 Switzerland

RE: Massage Frequency I agree with Jax. Once a week would be ideal for me.

marshelangelo United States

Tropical Touch Massage Who is the Young lady who got the massage?

Loving India

This is very good massage.MASSAGE IS ENJOYABLE

krullmaster United States

Massage videos I agree...more frequent massage videos would be appreciated. Indeed it is the reason why I have maintained a membership here. These videos are genuine in their capture of sensuality...there is nothing else like them anywhere on the internet.

BangkokDog United States

Visit Koh (island) Samui for the best Thai Massage on the beach under coconut trees. When you are on your stomach the massage lady sometimes will "test" you with "accidental" strokes to see if you might like more than a simple massage. She will get the answer after she whispers into your ear "please turn over sir". But remember, every massage is different. It is like a box of chocolates.

mohan India

RE: visit to koh samui for massage hi Bangkok dog,i plan to visit koh samui for a weeks time in march.please suggest me places for similar massages.

marshelangelo United States

RE: Tropical Touch Massage COXY

khessher39 United States

RE: Sounds I completely agree, I LOVE the sound of hands sliding over skin. I really wish they'd do that more, it makes the video much better!

Nigel United Kingdom

this brings back some very nice memories for me, only problem is, Thai massages are very addictive...... like the women !

Blissful Body Massage | August 28th, 2012
Blissful Body Massage
Chris United Kingdom

Come back Come back soon Coxy and don’t be such a tease next time. I can’t wait to see all the rest of you.

Cheng Hong Kong

Blonde hair You have very lovely long blonde hair. I hope that you will give us many chances to see you doing things with it. That is what I like.

Brady United States

Cut to the chase Coxy is one beautiful girl that’s for sure. Let’s cut to the chase and see more like we get half way through at about 16:50. That is what it is all about.

Theo United States

Superb ass What a superb ass. I hope this is just the start.

Thierry Canada

Genuine massage I like the way she gets a thorough work-out massage for example on her neck and face. I like to watch genuine massage. It is much more exciting than pretend massage.

MojoMa Switzerland

Coxy - Therapeutic Massage I really appreciated this presentation because it is the kind of therapeutic deep massage -- except for the total nudity -- that I have every couple of weeks to alleviate the severe muscular aches and pains resulting from polyarthritis. The results are always very beneficial for my health and general mobility.

Frank United States

For me, the whole point of these videos is erotic. To watch the model progress through increasing states of arousal to orgasm, with it's accompanying sights and sounds is the enticement. Many of these videos deliver, this does not.

Flesharrower Australia

RE: Genuine massage I agree completely. I'd actually prefer and even split between a "proper" massage like this one and the full on vadge-blasters most of the massages have been. This was how I first came to the site, I saw the old style massages, Anna S etc in Thailand, in Spain getting a proper massage and really enjoyed them.

Masseusse ADD United States

All Over the Place If that masseuse isn't diagnosed with ADD, I would be surprised. Thoroughly enjoyed the video, reminded me of what would happen if coxy went into a regular massage parlor and a pervert snuck in to give the massage. haha.

Gayant France

Everyone should see that movie Totally fascinated from the beginning to the end by this high quality movie ! What such sensual lips (and many other parts of body, of course) ! Since movies with Anna S, I got bored a little bit. I hope this model will comme back soon ! Don't stop, Peter ! Peter Hegre, what else ?

Wink Switzerland

Too Soft Fantastic Girl. But the massage was too softcore.

willmore52 Canada

re massage This was a fantastic massage video. I would like to see more of the Masseuse she is amazing. I also do massage and I just learned so much off of her. I do most of her technics but she is way above the rest. The model is gorgeous and by the looks of it so is the Masseuse. We need to see more of this girl massage technics. Fantastic where did you find her she is amazing.

willmore52 Canada

re massage This is my second response to this massage video. I forgot to mention that there is no mention of the masseuse name. She needs to be mentioned and acknowledged of her skills In massage she is an unsung hero

MojoMa Switzerland

RE: Identifications I agree that the masseuses -- and the models -- should be identified. The masseuses' skills are amazing and the models' willingness -- both male and female -- to be scrutinised, whilst being touched intimately, also deserves more recognition.

Whiplash United States

Unbelievable I must tell you, I am a huge fan of your massage videos; this is without a doubt the best massage video I have seen. I study all of your videos regularly and have learned a lot. I learned more from this video, than any other. The masseuse is fantastic, and your model is stunningly gorgeous. This is a very sensual and genuine massage..........please offer more videos with this model and this masseuse. Great job, Peter.

sweety United States

coxy This woman is perfect. I love it that she has a blemish on the inside of her left leg, like a maker's mark from God. I would love to lick her all over.

ejdincubus United States

Coxy For me, it's a tough call between Dominika and Coxy. Dom has that exotic and mysterious thing going on, but Coxy is just straight up perfection. I think she's the most beautiful woman I've ever seen. I'm glad we have her here, but she could be in Hollywood on the big screen, or on magazine covers in NY with that face and body. Amazing women.