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Vika Profile

Name: Vika
Country: Russia
Weight: 50kg
Height: 178cm
Age: 21
Occupation: Model

Playgirl Supermodel

Vika came to prominence as a Playboy model in Moscow.

AS CONCERT pianists and soccer stars are born, not trained, Vika was blessed with features created to be admired, but not in the glossy, artificial style of the past. Vika is the essence of the New Nude, natural, joyous, provocative, totally feminine, totally sexual.

From Playboy to Hegre-Art to fashion shows across the world, Vika at 20 has been on a dizzying journey that for many girls would be too much to absorb and comprehend. But Vika remembers at all times who she is. She is centred, at peace with herself and never loses sight of the fact that it is the small pleasures like jogging, swimming and weekends in the country.

Vika has more work than she can handle right now, but plans when her modelling days diminish to train for a job in sports medicine.

Vika Compilation March 11th, 2008
Vika Amazing!
This is one gorgeous sexy beautiful woman! I love to watch Vika as she seems so comfortable with her sexuality and is able to enjoy what she is doing! I hope that you will bring her back some day! Thank you for this treat to see her again!
Vika is flawless
This sexy woman takes my breath away.
A truly fine retrospective of one of the best models to have ever graced a website. Do come back Vika, we would welcome you, nay we'd love to have you back!
The reason I joined Hegre
Vika was the reason I joined Hegre. She reminded me so much of a girl I knew in college and I wasn't sure if it was her I had been seeing on the internet. It wasn't, but I'm so glad that it led me to this wonderful website!
my most favorite ! hadnt seen any new stuff just figured she moved on... classy compilation for a primo model anything new coming I hope
I miss Vika.
i'll never forget the first time I encountered hegre art, it was vika on that bike, all casual and petal-fresh. and my god, that gaze... who would have thought simplicity could be so SULTRY?
Divine Vika
Definitely and without any doubt the most beautiful and most sexy Model from all Hegre Models ! She's just perfect. I think even one of the most beautiful woman living ! Why don't we see new fotos from her ?! This movie is just great, thanks Peter !!
Vika is smokin hot. Thank you for bringing her back.
Yes, this is good!!!!
Hmmmm. Does this mean she's returning? One of my all time faves.
Vika pink March 4th, 2006
Vika pink
Beauty is timeless
Vika pink
I am going to take up my snooker cue again in the hope that one day I'll pot the pink.
nicely done
I truly enjoy looking at a set such as this where it is hard to pick which photo is the most artistic. Vicka is a superb subject and Petter captured her in wonderfully. Nicely done Mr. Hegre!
Vika pink #62
I am not capable of describing in writing the beauty I see in this picture. I know I will be spending many hours looking at Vika's amazing eyes, with her looking right back at me. I have no idea what Vika was thinking at the moment this picture was taken, but it is nice to imagine what her look means. What a perfect, cute, beatiful nose Vika has! It is wonderful. I love it so much! Also, this picture captures the perfection of Vika's lips and mouth... so attractive and elegant and sensuous. Please tell Vika she should never do anything to change her hair. It is my most favorite color ever, and it looks so silky and natural. Finally, Vika has the most beautiful breasts ever! They are the perfect size for her slender, athletic body, and the shape and contours could not possibly be more beautiful or more perfect. And what cute and attractive nipples I see! Vika, you are the best-looking human being who ever lived. I love you!
Vika pink
Vika is the most beautiful woman who ever lived. I have hundreds of your breathtaking pictures of her perfect face, and her exquisite breasts and pussy. The picture from "Vika pink" that captivated me the most was #32, an incredible rear view. The beauty of this photo is that it captures for all time what a genetic masterpiece Vika is. It shows her wonderfully tiny waist, but most importantly the breathtaking, awe-inspiring perfection of the muscle tone of her legs. I am in no way worthy to look at Vika, but seeing her naked is the greatest privilege I have had in my entire lifetime. I am deeply grateful to both Petter and Vika for this privilege. I love Vika!
Outstanding model,lighting and photography!
Nice job!
Really this gallery is very impressive! Thanks!
Vika on deck February 9th, 2006
I love picture no 41. In this picture Vika looks like 'the girl next door' in a holiday photo. I wish Vika was my next door neighbour !!!
Vika, your stretched legs and parted lips;a lovely sight that moves me too.
On Deck
Vika and Petter have done it again! She is so beautiful.
Vika´s Yacht
great great great. more of this. thanks
Vika on deck
Vika is the world's best-looking woman. One day's pictures of her are worth a year's membership. It's no secret that Vika has a stunningly beautiful, luxurious pussy. Her pussy is absolutely adorable, attractive and cute, too. But in the wonderful pictures, #38 - 48, her hand is in the way. What a shame, when her slender thighs are spread apart so nicely, and she looks so incredibly beautiful, with her amazing face, silky hair and picture perfect breasts. Thank you for your wonderful, breathtaking pictures.
Vika on Deck
I have very much enjoyed all the galleries on Vika on board the boat. She seems to have a very great attitude. She looks so good I could view her photos all day. I hope there are more to come.
Vika nude crew January 31st, 2006
Vika nude crew
Vika is the best-looking human being who ever lived. Seeing her pictures is the greatest privilege I have ever had. Vika is perfection and beauty. Thank you, Petter, for introducing her to the world. I hope we can have more pictures of Vika smoking.
Vika Nude Crew
Vika is one of my favorites! She could launch a thousand dreams!
Vika window view January 18th, 2006
Vika window view
This is one of your very best collections of Vika. #36 beautifully captures her perfect features. Vika is the best-looking person ever.
Vika window
Natural, no sex, just beautiful ! Nine (9) poin'ts ! Jan D
Vika's one of the most beautiful human beings on earth! Congratulation to this shooting. You just cannot shoot enough pics from Vika! I would like to see some pics from Vika in clothes! Go on, give us more from Vika !!!