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Galina | Russie Galeries : 5
Photo de Galina


Photo de Galina
Nom: Galina
Pays: Russie
Poids: 55kg
Taille: 172cm
Age: 22
Profession: Tourisme

Pudique et touchante

Dans une société globale, la menace envers l’identité individuelle n’a jamais été aussi grande.

LE CLONAGE et le génie génétique nous pousse à nous poser cette question : qui suis-je ? Pourtant une chose reste inchangée : le bonheur de contempler une belle femme, un cadeau en soi. Dans ses courbes et sa peau se trouvent l’essence de l’humanité.

C’est Galina, une moscovite de 19 ans, qui nous inspire de telles pensées : pudique et touchante, extrêmement naturelle. Par définition, la photographie érotique exige d’entrevoir la nudité, et Galina a pris son temps pour se mettre dans l’ambiance puis se défaire de ses vêtements. Un par un, ils ont glissé sur le sol jusqu’au moment où elle s’est desquamée de sa culotte qui, effleurant ses jambes élancées, a enfin touché terre. Elle a eu un soupir de soulagement en découvrant un aspect de sa personnalité inconnue à ses yeux, puis elle s’est lancée à coeur joie dans la séance.

Une grande carrière l’attend dans le tourisme, pourtant si elle la poursuit le monde de la photographie érotique essuiera une grosse perte .

Galina Galeries COMMENTAIRES

tombée de peignoirs | June 2nd, 2003
tombée de peignoirs
Les France

How strange that this gallery has received no comments to date. For me it is one of the most significant and typical of Petter's work. In any case it was instrumental in drawing me to this site. The simple beauty of the models is breathtaking. The frank and uncomplicated way in which they are portrayed (without the usual tedious trappings of nude "art" photography: veils, shadows, etc... ) is really refreshing.

btrhea Etats Uni

TANA! Tana, the model on the far right, has perhaps the most perfect body I have ever seen! What amazing curves. Her breasts are physically perfect, as is her tiny waist. I only wish there was more of her to see on this site. Bring back Tana!!

Donald Mann Etats Uni

Petter, this is one of the best photo sessions I have ever seen. Three beautiful women - all very different-looking but all equally deilghtful in different ways. An classic!

Mark Etats Uni

Dropping bathrobes No better sight than when those robes hit the floor! That is when you get a true appreciation of these lovely ladies' beauty. I love the three lady set as you can really get a great perspective on what unique qualities that each beautiful lady brings to the shot. Each is beautiful in their own way and it is wonderful to be able to bring that beauty together to create such lovely nudes. Terrific photo set.

Galina, Sveba et Tana au lit | March 17th, 2004
Galina, Sveba et Tana au lit
JACK Canada

GALINA-SVEBA-TANIA Have I died and gone to heaven? This set is one of your best Petter. The girls are doing nothing, but theres magic in these photos.The girls are beautiful, especially GALINA! So much for blondes. (Could I possibly get this girls address-you know, maybe we could become pen pals!

mike Irelande

great faces such touchable nipples treat

Galina au lit | March 5th, 2004
Galina au lit
JACK Canada

GALINA GALINA IS BEAUTIFUL! Easily one of the most beautiful brunettes I have every seen, or should I say the world!

Tom Etats Uni

Galina There are many beautiful women, but the moment I saw Galina, she became my favorite. Although there are many other exciting galleries, there is something overwhelmingly sexy and enticing about her innocence. Please display more galleries of Galina!

Puissant Etats Uni

More effort needed to accent such beautiful face and breast. By far my fav model!

Rocketman Etats Uni

Galina Model My Favorite; This is what life is all about. Very Pretty, Very Nice. Very Soft. I can only dream.

Ravissante Galina partie 2 | July 14th, 2003
Ravissante Galina partie 2
Puissant Etats Uni

Again, what a shame to waste such beauty!! Galina has a face of such classic beauty and her breast are perfect and this entire set consist of virtually two poses. At that, her face is so expressive she creates different looks in most. Galina is so beautiful.