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Gabriella Profile

Name: Gabriella
Country: Brazil
Weight: 53kg
Height: 171cm
Age: 24
Occupation: Model

Fiery and Fun

With breasts that seem to defy gravity Gabriella was surely destined to be a nude model. One hundred percent natural, Gabriella tells us she inherited her incredible assets from her mother. Although mum’s are apparently twice the size!

This Brazilian beauty is as passionate and temperamental as they come and has lots of life experience for her age. She loves to dance, can mix the best cocktails and at the end of a long day likes to relax by sucking on a fine cigar! The only problem for Gabriella appears to be that she is unlucky in love...

Although established as a popular model for car shows around the world this was her first time ever doing full nudes. Gabriella however took it all in her stride - as the results show!

And you won’t want to miss her videos, when the camera started rolling Gabriella turned into a wild cat in the springtime.

Gabriella Galleries

Gabriella The Female Flame January 21st, 2014
She has the perfect body and perfect breast
She has the perfect body and perfect breast, i am glad she stopped covering her pussy with her hand though, like she did in most of the video..
amother brautiful black color I am jalous and envious If only I can change my white color
A very, very hot sensual woman! First time I've seen her and want more!!!
Welcome back Gabriella!
Indeed! Welcome back, Ms Gabriella! you were missed!
Just WOW, welcome back Gabriella!
Sensational Desire
Gabrilla is full of fire that is burning with passion and a message that's say's satisfaction guaranteed .I think in my opinion she is the best of the lot
Hegre at it's best with this smouldering erotic movie. I'd forgotten what Gabriella was like but this explosive submission has ignited my flame!!!!
Gabriella, with her generous curves, soft cinnamon skin, firm & shapely derriere, and seios fartos, epitomizes the pulchritude for which Brazilian women are justly celebrated. Truly, she is a feast for the senses.
Loving Lesbian Massage January 17th, 2012
RE: RE: sensual massage
Hi Micky
RE: sensual massage
if they are lesbian I'm mickey mouse
sensual massage
Two beautiful ladies..I expected better from them.
i love it
RE: Opportunities missed, is there a part deux?
I totally agree! Lots of "missed opportunities" which could have blown the roof off the joint!
It definately was anticlimactic, considering what these two have been through together. but, it workedfor me! (and, you guys finally got to see the masseuse naked!lol)
It's been some time since we last saw Gabriella too. She definitely has the right stuff.
Very nice to se Annie again. She is stunningly sexy!
Opportunities missed, is there a part deux?
The massage was just starting to get me going but then it was spoilt by the camera angles and lack of detail. Imagine how mind blowingly erotic it would have been with better camera angles and more lingering close-up shots of the intimate massages of both Annie & Gabriella. A Part 2 please to address these issues or more models getting it together. Love the variation of these themes enormously but more detail please.
Lesbian Massage?
Perhaps that was enjoyable to a female audience...?
Re: Proper massage
I don’t know how much these two know about massage but they look willing to learn. I think in its own way it makes the whole movie more natural and appealing.
It reminded me a bit of Thai massage where the girl walks up and down your back only this way with them lying full length with each other is a whole lot more fun.
Replaying it
You shoulda put it on a loop that bit where they rub their asses together. I been wearing myself out replaying it.
Proper massage
I was not pleased with this film because I could not believe in these two girls as masseurs. I go for the massage films because that is exactly what they say they are. Proper massage by a proper masseur and what that means is a dominant women fully clothed with strong hands and fingers.
Role play games
Me and my girl just loved this one. Lately we have been getting into role play and games. This one about massaging came along at the right time and now it’s our favourite.
wow nice birthdaypresent :o) thnx hegre. _O_ looks great as always _O_
The dark bakground was a bad idea
Pia Petter Paris August 17th, 2010
The cover for this should be sold in the shop.
That's what it's all about !
Loved it ! And it reminded me why this is the only site where I've subscribed in my whole life. This is more than nudes and porn , this is art. And even if we are all tempted to see more skin and more action , I think staying at the art lever is what sets Hegre apart from the gazzilion other nude site. My advice guys , be carefull about the porn notes that you are introducing latelly . I would be a liar if I said that I didn't whach some of with interest but I also worry about having this place turned into Hustler. As I've said before , the pressure to see/show ever more skin and action must be great.... Keep up the good work!
I'm not a goop and gook fan.
Knew Peter was an artist. Great shoot. Enjoyed it better than the Louvre. I thought your assistant did a great paint job and the model was smokin. Keep experimenting its what grows you guys into the best female form beauty site on the web. Thanks, virtuoso.
Interesting, artistic. I did watch the whole thing. Not real sexy though.
Great film. Kudos to Gabriella for being such a good sport
You sure like to keep us thinking Petter!!
More Gabriella please, that girl is smokin!!!
…but I don’t really like these art type films
Nice to see Gabriella again although I kind of prefer her unpainted. Will she be coming back for more photo sessions?
Cool film
Nice work
Great shooting
This was awesome! Can't wait for the pictures! Definitely gonna print the 8000px on my wall!
well, that was different! very cool!
Annie massaging Gabriella July 11th, 2010
Erotic. There are several massaging galleries. Where are the HD videos?
Annie massaging Gabriella
Wonderful to see Gabriella enjoying herself so much.
Annie is just too hot. She moves like a cat, like a serpent, like a dream.
annie massaging Gabriella
please please can we see a video of this
Old favourite
Whilst there are alor of new models around at the moment Annie is one of the old favouites who never fails to disappoint
Annie Massaging Gabriella
Herrlicher Mösensaft.
I wish...
...there were many more shots from the end of the table, as is the case with most, if not all, the other massage sets. This side angle does not provide the viewer with as much...information...as one would like.
One word
Movie! Let's hope this is only the first part!
The massage sets are always very enjoyable! It is so sensual to see the beautiful naked female form so prone and relaxed. Having a beautiful masseur like Annie is the icing on the cake! It would be fantastic to see a behind the scenes video! Thank you!
'Nuff sed!!!
Wonderful work Petter (and girls!). Superbly erotic. Gabriella looks like she's enjoying it too, judging by her physiological reaction... ;-)
Gabriella Statue April 27th, 2010
I wish I could ejaculate on her belly...
I really like the film -- great idea!
Gabriella and bronze statue
Dear Mr. Hegre, I absolutely love this movie. You would have a member for life if you made an even longer movie with Gabriella playing with the statue. If she even had an orgasm rubbing against it that would be even greater. Thank you for making an awesome movie. Andrew
Only a statue would not respond to the advances of Gabriella. If she put her tongue on my lips I would be sucking her tongue down to its roots.
Gabriella and Silvie
Please show these two beautiful women making love. thankyou
anyone ever see the movie "mannequin"
She seems more interested in that statue than the girls have been in eachother, lately!
Brilliant Black
Exquisite cinematography ~ I love it.