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Olivie Profile

Name: Olivie
Country: Czech Republic
Weight: 59kg
Height: 174cm
Age: 21

Fun Loving Hippie Girl

You name it, and Olivie has probably done it.

A SELF proclaimed hippie, anarchist, and believer of underground cultures, Olivie is very intellectual and extremely involved in international politics. She loves to sing and play the guitar and is looking forward to the next series of Big Brother to take place in the Czech Republic. In her own words she has agreed to appear on the show to, “stir it up with some intellectual humor.”

Since she was very young Olivie has long had a natural attitude toward nudity. In true sixties spirit she believes in ‘free sex’; preferring the loving and intimate touch of petting and stroking. When asked about her body she will readily profess a love for her hair and lips but admits she wishes her nipples were smaller.

Luckily it doesn’t seem anyone else shares that opinion.

Olivie artist soul January 13th, 2008
Beautiful natural girl. In my mind I'm between those breasts and thighs....but Petter...show me the money...
Olivie artist soul
Not the most statuesque figure in the 'classical' sense but a delightfully natural body topped by the MOST GORGEOUS of faces. By the way, good thinking to have 'artist' singular in the title because artists'oul could be construed near the knuckle.
Truly a great model, a body reminding some of Rubens and some of the girl next door, great colors and great pose.
I just love staring at photos of Olivie! She has the most beautiful eyes and lips of any of your wonderful models. Great series of photos, they rock!
Natural Welcome Here
She is so beautiful and natural, and refreshing. There is so much 'shaved' on this site, and it amazes me how some folks want 'everyone' to get 'shaved'. There are loads of us out here who love a nice bush, so don't forget us! Keep Olivie natural!
Natural Beauty
Always nice to see a beautiful girl in her "natural state" ie. unshaven and without extras like oil or grease. Althouth seeing Olivie "greased" would also be nice, then that brown couch might be ruined. It's just like seeing your girlfriend laying around your apartment naked, assuming one had a girlfriend as hot as Olivie.
beautiful girl,terrific curves,olivie is delicious.
Fantastic model, great photos. Any chance Olivie to shave completely ?
Olivie on a stool October 29th, 2007
Olivie tells me girls do not have to be skinny to be sexy:-)
Olivie on a Stool
I believe that Olivie has the most beautiful face and eyes of all your wonderful models.
What a beautiful girl.
Olivie on display October 6th, 2007
Olivie has a beautiful labia...I would LOVE some close-ups...more please Petter
Wow - please - MUCH MORE!!
Excellent!!!! Please more.....
sensuality and graceful togeter, best photos, i want to congratulate you
Olivie on Display
I have just seen the Most beautiful woman that has ever walked on the earth. I were to able to chose just one woman to spend eternity with it would Olivie.
A beautiful young lady. Thanks for sharing her with us.
Olivie time September 20th, 2007
Olivie time
#!" Hey girl,I want,to be with you, Oli vie time, all day and Oli vie night"# (If you're old enough to remember that song, like me,then shame on you for ogling this divine beauty.
Olivie looks like Katie Holmes, without the Tom Thumb hanging on. That's a very good thing!
Olivie time
This doe eyed beauty has captured my heart and my imagination! In the photos where she is smiling I'm in heaven. Bravo Petter and thanks Olivie.
Great to see Olivie back with us. She is a marvelously sexy model. Where has she been gone for such a long time. She needs to visit much more often.
Olivie time
This doe eyed beauty had captured my heart and my imagination! In the photos where she is smiling ... I'm in heaven. Bravo Petter and thanks Olivie.
Olivie sexy statue November 23rd, 2006
Wow Olivie!
If ever a beauty needed tobe in movies ..... it is Olivie! I'm in love!