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Oksana M | Ukraine Galerien: 13
Foto von Oksana M


Foto von Oksana M
Name: Oksana M
Land: Ukraine
Gewicht: 56Kg
Größe: 178cm
Alter: 19
Beruf: Studentin

Jung und Erfahren

Oksana weiss, dass eine gutaussehende Frau es im Leben weit bringen kann, wenn sie ihre Karten richtig ausspielt.

Mit ihren zarten 19 Jahren hat Oksana bereits Modelling-Jobs in Japan und Korea hinter sich und wird demnächst auch in China, wo sie ein 3-monatiger Auftrag erwartet, beeindrucken zu wissen. Das sie ihren Model-Traum auslebt, ist sicherlich keine falsche Behauptung. Es wird schnell offensichtlich, warum dieses ungezwungene und ungezähmte Mädchen so beliebt ist. Ihr Körper ist hochgewachsen und schlank, ihr Haar gold glänzend, und in ihrer Persönlichkeit ist sie verspielt und ungezogen - aber auf genau der richtigen Art und Weise.

Sie ist ein selbsternanntes Partygirl und hat vor, Internationalen Tourismus zu studieren. Sie träumt davon, sich irgendwann in der Zukunft in Italien niederzulassen. Bis jetzt ist sie auf dem richtigen Weg!

Oksana M Galerien KOMMENTARE

Oksana M. Schönheit in blau | February 12th, 2008
Oksana M. Schönheit in blau

Oksana M. Stunning Beauty, but happened to the skin on her thighs. Maybe she should workout a bit to get rid of that reddish skin. Then she'll be (more) PERFECT!!! But THANKS anyway for this visual pleasure!!

Luclaf Kanada

Oksana Not bad, but far away from Yanna set. Just my opinion.

JP Vereinigte Staaten

Hot poser Glad to see Oksana adopt the "clutching breast" pose I love so much.

Mark Vereinigte Staaten

Oksana This is my favorite photo set of Oksana. It is my favorite as it is a true nude study with her standing in a studio fully nude in every shot and giving you a variety of perspectives of her body. It really gives you an opportunity to study her nudes and enjoy her lovely features. Very beautiful Oksana!

Oksana M. Metallstuhl | August 13th, 2007
Oksana M. Metallstuhl
Igor Vereinigtes Königreich

lovely girl but shots a little tame compared to her other galleries

Blake Krosse Vereinigtes Königreich

poetic glare Oksana has some magic in her eyes. and the rest aint bad either.

Dave Vereinigte Staaten

Wow! Very possibly the most beautiful face in the world.

fasteddie Vereinigte Staaten

the word for oksana: her skin is like the finest of pearl colored rose pedals.. she looks through the ages and pierces the jaded reality with a with an untouchable innocense she is an innoculation against the trite and unseemly... she is here captured, by petre, as "forever young" So nice so beautiful!!!

Mark Vereinigte Staaten

Oksana Oksana is lovely in this set. She is so beautiful and elegant nude. This set reminds me of a classic nude study. Gorgeous!

Oksana M. Bettlaken | September 14th, 2007
Oksana M. Bettlaken
alex Vereinigtes Königreich

oksana oksana is such a fresh/beautiful young woman.

Dan from Texas Vereinigte Staaten

Oksana M. Oksana is such a sultry sexy Siren! But alas, she has a Siren's feet too. Otherwise, a perfect beauty.

FastEddie Vereinigte Staaten

bed spreads oksana unabridged beauty after viewing this photo gallery my though was oh no is it over? oaksana has a beautiful face and lips and she bekons one to look deep into her eyes where you will find the source of femine beauty. Her body so beautiful could satisfy the wants of a 1000 men. she graces the bed as if she and the bed were one. Her skin looks soft and the color of the finest of roses. It says caress me and let my beauty electrify your senses. okay so i am waxing on let me put it uh more bubba terms nice face, nice tits, great body, smooth skin, and boy she looks nude,naked,and exposed love it!!! Theres leerjets, mercedes , Rolls, yatchs and to this we can add oksana... nice model work

goober Vereinigte Staaten

Oksana M I love Oksana's stubble in just the right places. Even her pit stubble is sexy. She is one exceptionally pretty woman.

Jim Vereinigte Staaten

Long and Luscious Wow. I didn't think it would ever end.....not that I wanted it to. Beautiful girl. One thing; she should smile more. In the middle of page 8 she broke through with a huge smile in one picture, and it was like a ray of light. Gorgeous smile.....and then that was it, back to the pouting......which is also gorgeous!

Luclaf Kanada

Oksana Gee ! Nice face and body but please ask her to shave before the pics session.

joe Vereinigte Staaten

texture and oksana m your models are more interesting to me when they exhibit texture. by that i mean skin that is not alabaster smooth but slight imperfections are evident. body hair, whether under arm or pelvic also make for more interesting pics. oksana m has these features. thank you

ardunbye Vereinigtes Königreich

Oksama M bed spreads Oksama is:- Very pretty, very shapely, very sexy and very good value for this massive set.

Oksana M. Spiegelbild | April 23rd, 2007
Oksana M. Spiegelbild
Sean Vereinigte Staaten

OKsana These set of pictures in this gallery with the mirror image is one of the best because the amount of pics showing her butt.

art El Salvador

Very sexy, pouty look. She looks like the American actress, Mena Suvari.

pete petkauskos Vereinigte Staaten

Oksana M. Mirrors are awesome!! One beautiful woman.Very satisfying!!

Oksana M. Reizwäsche | March 24th, 2007
Oksana M. Reizwäsche
Andrew Kaimaninseln

saucy and fit -love it

Oksana M. | April 12th, 2007
Oksana M.
geroki Deutschland

talent ...even if there are (too) many girls with a talent for riding the broom, Oksana does it the nice way ;-) Great shooting!

Oksana M. auf einer Kiste | February 25th, 2007
Oksana M. auf einer Kiste
Dave Vereinigte Staaten

That face! Oksana is absolutely gorgeous. She's the only Hegre girl I collect just for her face. Great gallery.

alex Vereinigtes Königreich

oksana m a very photogenic beauty.

Rolf-Dieter Lettenmayer Deutschland

Oksana_M Oksana is a very beautiful girl and this gallery is excellent, thanks for it.

monkey Vereinigte Staaten

duo Oksana M is simply magnificent. You should really consider a shoot with Oksana M and Anna S. A thought: a set mirrored to itself with the "looking glass" splitting the two sides. They both pose so beautiful & naturally, so you'd have them together but yet uniquely apart.

Andrew Kaimaninseln

Oksana possesses supermodel-calibre poise

clyde Vereinigte Staaten

Oksana I have been looking at porn on the Internet for many years, and have seen dozens of stunning beauties, but Oksana is one of a kind. Her body is perfect, but her face is indescribable!

Oksana M. auf dem Bett stehend | November 12th, 2006
Oksana M. auf dem Bett stehend
Raglanlad Australien

It's always a pleasure to see more of Oksana.

Pete Vereinigtes Königreich

Lacking in imagination Oksana is a pretty girl with a gorgeous skin tone almost like china porcelain, but I think this set is very routine, no variation in positions, litle imagination and most of all no fun!

A.Napolitano Vereinigte Staaten

the beauty of woman I want to thank Peter for giving us the pleasure of enjoying the beautiful bodies that he captures so well on film

Gareth Vereinigte Staaten

VERY pretty girl - wonderful big eyes and happy smile! Lovely physique, too!

ardunbye Vereinigtes Königreich

Oksama M. standing in bed Oksana is a joy to look at. Pete, use your own imagination and there are two 'T's' in LITTLE.

Oksana M. marmor | October 16th, 2006
Oksana M. marmor
Larry Japan

Weird angles Well, Oksana M is still a very nice model, but I have problems with this series. The angles here are weird when you shoot upwards and I cannot get used to it. This is not the only time you did it recently and I never liked it... but maybe that's just about me ;-)

Pete Vereinigtes Königreich

Oksana Petter, your site makes us the most demanding viewers as you find some absolutely stunning girls. Undoubedly Oksana has a stunning body but for me something is lacking and I dont know what it is! Sorry Oksana, but lets see another set perhaps in a more relaxed setting

ben Vereinigte Staaten

well there are cars built for speed and some for comfort and too there are those models that are built for speed and comfort... Nice pouty lower lip.. be nice to nibble on

pezón Peru

la mas bella de las modelos!!! bueno quiero decirte Oksana q eres una de las mas bellas de las modelos de peter,tienes estilo para posar y un cuerpo facinante habra q esperar para ver algun dia un video tuyo (peter deberias hacer un close up de esta chica como lo hiciste con isabella).felicidades tu pagina esta estupendamente buena.

Oksana M. wahnsinnig im Bett | September 9th, 2006
Oksana M. wahnsinnig im Bett
Golith Vereinigte Staaten

Oksana A very pretty model that obviously isn't shy about her body. I like that. A very nice series of photographs Petter.

ben Vereinigte Staaten


ardunbye Vereinigtes Königreich

OKsana M crazy in bed ExOrcise her? No. ExErcise her? A definite YES.

Oksana M. Top Model | July 27th, 2006
Oksana M. Top Model
ben Vereinigte Staaten

Oksana so wouldnt mind wakin up and bedding down with Oaks.. just to watch her put on and take off her jeans.. oh yeah and follow her around and watch how she walks in them you know sorta like a personal valet yep nudes nice too but... id tell her its okay to smile just a bit too stoic but again hey she is truly the feast part of feast or famine and to cute lil breasts

Jason Vereinigte Staaten

Want more pictures Even when my subscription is up, I'll continue to join your site. But try to have closeup pictures like Picture 19 to 22, 41, etc.

timatits Vereinigte Staaten

Provacative Strip This is the second time we have seen Oksana and Petter is 2 for 2. A great set of photos. First, her proactive stripping vertically and then the casual redressing horizontally. I like that Petter returned to close-ups in the essay. This was part of earlier series but was gone away from too often. The shots are provocative while still being tasteful. The same treatment given to lips, nipples, eyes, etc., when not overdone lets us focus in tight as viewers, and then step back to see the series continue to unfold. If more models like Oksana are in the wings this site will do well to offer life memberships and open a second site so we can have two sets a day.

sirstefanofb Australien

Nicely done.

FastEddie Vereinigte Staaten

wow an a photoset of oksana m seems to be an intimate glimpse of innocense and unfettered beauty . Such a magnetic face

Oksana M. das Spiegelzimmer | August 18th, 2006
Oksana M. das Spiegelzimmer
ben Vereinigte Staaten

what is there to say about this 24 karat beauty and what a setting..... imagery thet quckens the breath, stirs the heart, and stimulates the imagination.... very nice btw i love gold leaf thast is my hobby and alter passion

sirstefanofb Australien

There is much to admire of this beauty... and in this shoot she provided more of what she has to admire... keep it up Oksana.

Okssana M. kleine grüne Panties | July 12th, 2006
Okssana M. kleine grüne Panties
timatits Vereinigte Staaten

A Nice Tease I really like this simple tease. If you look at the snapshots of potential models that are in the site’s Travel Reports. then you often see shots like the ones that lead off this series. In those shots in the travel reports, the panties almost always stay on in topless knee-to-toe photographs against a simple background. Here we see what I wished for in looking at many of those models: The panties at the knees. And we see it in the 6K format with a smile on her face now and then! Simple and erotic.

av Vereinigtes Königreich

i wish more girls would smile, rather than constantly pout. more smiles please. jacqui, naomi, marketa, gislane... etc all smile and it makes the pictures so much nicer.

Dan from Texas Vereinigte Staaten

Oksana M. little green panties I have to agree with "av." The occassional smile, an indicator that the model is having fun, is important. As for Oksana .... what a beauty! She is long, lean, and completely flawless! What a wonderful set of photos.

Dolem Ungarn

it would be better with some closer picture with her face, eyes and smiley too.

ben Vereinigte Staaten

little green panties This model is hot... I like the color og her skin... and her face be nice in a kiss

ben Vereinigte Staaten


sirstefanofb Australien

Oh this young Lady has lots of appealing features, slim and curvaceous, prety face and eyes, lovely hair, 'pert' nipples and smooth where it matters most... Wow a really package of pleasure, I look forward to admiring more of her 'features'