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Marina E

Marina E Profile

Marina E
Name: Marina E
Country: Ukraine
Weight: 55kg
Height: 172cm
Age: 19
Occupation: Student

Wholesome young beauty

Shy and sweet, Marina is the youngest of five sisters.

Normally such large families go one of two ways; they either all hate each other, or they remain deeply devoted for generations. Fortunately Marina is of the later of these two categories. Marina finds solace in going to church every Sunday and has been an active member of a religious dance troop for the last six years. As if that wasn’t innocent sounding enough, she also loves fruits with ice cream. She studies art in college and lives on the University campus.

With her big beautiful eyes and classic innocence Marina makes an unlikely nude model, and that is precisely why we love her so.

Marina E. train station December 16th, 2007
Tasteful body curve
Bravo! Best set of 2007 entire year. Sunlight brightens Marina’s beautiful body and then she brightens the train station. So tasteful female curve in peaceful scenery, I think such may be called nude art.
Tasteful body curve
Bravo! Best set of 2007 entire year. Sunlight brightens Marina’s beautiful body and then she brightens the train station. So tasteful female curve in peaceful scenery, I think such may be called nude art.
Marina E train station
WHAT an outstanding beauty. I'm studying Coptic crypt like crazy to try and locate this station and rescue Marina from her solitude.
Good Works
Best set of December 2007. Marina has classical face, ivory skin and beautiful body. Whenever she stands by the windows, the train won't leave the station on time.
not fair those two in the shower without me not fair lol
marina e
wow her eyes explode on ones' senses carrying a message " im gonna put a spell on you" Nicely done Hey I'll wait at the station with her in a heart beat! Petter "The Artist"
In defense of the Artist
Petter is an artist, first and foremost. Anyone can put a girl in a studio and take pictures of her breasts and genitals. That would be boring and unimaginative. The beauty of Petter's work is the way he makes the model relate to the environment to enhance her beauty. He also has an uncanny knack of making it seem like I'm seeing a model for the first time, revealing something knew I didn't notice before. Yanna, for instance, has had 59 photo shoots and I've yet to be disappointed. Petter leaves me wanting more and looking forward to the next set of photos.
classically beautiful.
Photo: Petter Hegre
hi steve turner. I can ensure you every single image on this site is shot by me. working in so many different conditions and with so many different models create different kind of imagery. working in a natural light setting like this old train station is challenging and not too easy... so hence the "odd" look. p
not sure
Sometimes i wonder who really shoots some of this stuff because the framing and composition seems to vary somewhat,with this location and model and result I am not sure, but it sure looks like Petter did not shoot this(i hope )because it is way below standard. and the old come back! you do better! yes i could have!
You need to change the rating system to 2 categories. One for the model and one for the photographer. Model: 9 Photographer: 1
Beautiful location, sexy girl!
Marina E
Great location! I love it. And she's gorgeous. Nice set of pics.
Marina Photos
Incredible. The natural beauty of Marina combined with the perfect exposure of these pictures sets the standards for photography of any kind!! Keep it up. Need an assistant to carry some equipment?
Boring !!!!!!!!
Next stop ....Sexyville
Marina E displays wonderful grace and beauty.
Marina E. portraits April 8th, 2007
Beautiful eyes, hair, face, lips, body and 'pink-bits'... A girl I would love to welcome into 'Roissy'.... SirStefan
a wide eyed beauty from the low lands.. Steely stare engaging smile .. could keeps a man of guard
amazing eyes, wonderful body!
a very sexy set of photos.
This woman is the epitome of the female. You capture it well. Thanks
Marina Portraits
A natural, contemporary beauty, the quintessential "girl next door". Very pleasing to the eye from every angle, right down to her toes.
Elegant, simple, refined and oh so cute...
Marina E bedtime March 23rd, 2007
what'en beautiful Angel, under the Photografie from the Master Petter Hegre. Thanks, for the Photo Serie.
Marina's EYES
What a gorgeous woman! Her face, those eyes, those lips, her flawless, white skin, delicate breasts,perfect body and perfect bum. But it's her eyes ...they rattle me to my toes. Oh to look into those eyes in person.Petter, this set is fantastic ---Marina is fantastic.
marina e
nice very trim and curves in the right places great face
Marina is beautiful... this photoshoot seems a bit modest - warm it up, Marina! Bring it!
Marina E brick factory January 18th, 2007
Marina E
She's one of the dozen prettiest on your site, Petter, but I far prefer the first set with more close-ups. Marina has fantastic eyes and an Angelina Jolie mouth, and a nice, shapely body. All-in-all, a perfect dreamgirl. I'm eagerly awaiting more of Marina E !!
Beautiful photos, but I must say, she looks c-c-cold !!
great pictures in a natural ambient, the model is wonderful and please send me more pictures like this.
Marina nude at home October 28th, 2006
Marina nude at hime
I have a long standing bet with myself that I will eventually find an ugly or even a plain looking girl on your site. LOST AGAIN. I owe me a fortune. She is simply GORGEOUS.
nude - anywhere
Marina's eyes take me away, and her wonderful brings her down to earth. Wonderful body, soft curves and a a lovely tummy. Don't hide such beauty behind the chair - picture her outdoors, amid the blue sky, a forest, or poolside!
Pretty eyes
Marina is a pretty girl with a great body, but her best feature are her eyes, and this photo series had several great photos featuring those beautiful eyes. Very nice work.
Marina is so beautiful my teeth hurt when I look at her.