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Foto von Tina


Foto von Tina
Name: Tina
Land: Ukraine
Gewicht: 53Kg
Größe: 174cm
Alter: 29
Beruf: Modell

Roh und mit Ecken und Kanten

Tina ist wirklich einzigartig. Es gibt kein anderes Modell so wie sie bei und es ist höchstwahrscheinlich zutreffend zu sagen, dass es wohl kaum eine wie Tina auf der ganzen Welt gibt!

Mit ihren Intimpiercings und einem ultradefinierten, festen Körper so hart wie Stein, könnte man Tina als fest und fies bechreiben! Auf keinen Fall wäre mädchenhaft die treffende Vokabel für sie, aber Peter Hegre ist bekannt dafür, niemals den sicheren Weg zu wählen. In seiner Foto-Session mit Tina fordert er den Betrachter heraus, eine andere Interpretation der Weiblichkeit zu akzeptieren.

Als selbstbekennende Sexsüchtige zitiert Tina Sex als ihre Lieblingsbeschäftigung und offenbart uns, daß sie es mindestens einmal am Tag braucht und daß sie gerne experimentiert! Als geborene Exhibitionistin sind Tinas Gallerien definitiv die rohesten und freizügigsten denen Sie auf der Site begegnen wierden.

Tina ist vielleicht nicht gerade das Durchschnittlichsmodell, aber wir wissen ganz sicher, daß die Leute gar nicht anders können, als fasziniert zu sein von dieser unkonventionellen, aufregenden und kantigen jungen Frau.

Tina Galerien KOMMENTARE

Tina schlank und gebräunt | June 22nd, 2004
Tina schlank und gebräunt
Terry Vereinigte Staaten

Tina I'd give anything to meet you

Clint Vereinigtes Königreich

Tina Will you be doing an update on Tina? Or maybe a movie? As she is one of the most stunning models on here

jezz Vereinigtes Königreich

Tina Tina is a true living goddess!

Mike Kanada

Tina Too much hardware.

Tina Spiegelshow | July 18th, 2004
Tina Spiegelshow
sirstefanofb Australien

krude it may be but what springs to mind is... what a cunning stunt

Jack Vereinigte Staaten

Tina Hew new movie is wonderful. She has been trained and stretched to perfection. Her tight bod is a superb example of athletic conditioning and sexual performance.

HighFlier Vereinigtes Königreich

Magnificent Fantastic girl with wonderful talents More from Tina please...

Mal C Kanada

If Caro would pose like this I would be the happiest man alive!

Tina liebt Schmerzen | November 9th, 2004
Tina liebt Schmerzen
Michael Kanada

Tina loves pain Tina is one tantalizing and intriguing woman.I wonder what it would be like to even talk with her.

Mark Niederlande

Tina rules! Tina is the best model in my opinion. I would love to be that rope!

sirstefanofb Australien

just goes to prove the age olde adage... That a Girls pussy will 'stretch a mile.... before it tears an inch'

Jack Vereinigte Staaten

Tina Tina has been wonderfully trained to achieve such incredible feats with her spectacular body. Thorough conditioning has provided a tight toned bod that is incredible. She has stretched herself to superb dimensions.

heinrich Irland

Tina, ravishing lips and roped tits; just too much,but just so pleasure giving

marie Niederlande

rings very good idea!!

Tina Schuhshow | February 4th, 2005
Tina Schuhshow
heinrich Irland

Tina, are you hot? The shoe must surely move the flesh between the lips to arousal. I move too without the shoe

russ Vereinigte Staaten

Its the shoes every girl likes her shoes

Mal C Kanada

Tina looks a bit too much like a man too get me too hot under the me old fashioned:-)

Tina Tabledance | May 25th, 2005
Tina Tabledance
Jeff Vereinigte Staaten

Tina Well Tina is not your average model; but that does not mean that we do not want to see more of her.

Michael Kanada

Tina Well, I want to see more material like this where the model IS challenging the viewer (and perhaps the photographer too!)

sirstefanofb Australien

Petter can we see more 'Dirty' Tina????

Jeremy Vereinigte Staaten

I accidentally voted this a 2 but meant to vote it a 10. I would have to agree with some of what has been said about the work that she has been involved with, it definitely is shocking, raw and different, but who has the right to say that it is "bad" to show such things. I saw the video; music, lighting, photography; and have to say that it is absolutely stunning and is in the highest tradition of Hegre-art with its excellence in nudes.

Mal C Kanada

When Tina puts on a show for us, keep the camera in focus Petter

angelika Niederlande

RE: Photo number 23 great


TinaTemptress | February 19th, 2008
wheeler Vereinigte Staaten

O...M...G!!! were right! it is rather graphic!!!I think your videos have been getting more explicit lately!Case in point, "Evi Creamed".but this one takes the cake!I like it, though! I must confess that I found these art sites by accident, while looking for harder stuff!so, I'm ok with it!

beachboy Japan

Applause to Tina & Your Staff Applause to Tina and Hegre Art staff to release Tina`s footage once again since 2004 !! Proud yourselves that you delete the man-made wall to hide things. The REAL things are what they value. Congratulations !!

JoeDoe Kanada

Ahhhhhh........ ....that's what I've been missing lately. One big hard thank you to Tina, Petter, and all the staff. Got any more gems like this stashed in the Hegre vault?

steve Vereinigte Staaten

more tina

hab de jad Vereinigtes Königreich

a change is as good as a rest delighted to see art + sex + brilliant production values = erotica like no one else does. quite happy for /some/ of the content to go this way, but would be a shame to also loose the innocent smiles that grace these pages

Nikita Vereinigte Staaten

Beyond vanilla Nothing like a lovely, naughty girl with a sense of fetish and humor.

alex Vereinigtes Königreich

tina tina is magnificent,she is unique, unlike any other woman on your website peter,please do not deny us the visual pleasure of this incredible woman for so long again.controversial yes,shocking maybe,spellbinding absolutly.

Sandy Vereinigtes Königreich

Liked it I enjoyed this, and it added to the variety offered by the site. A bit more of this would be nice.

Michael Vereinigte Staaten

Diversity This is just incredible... edgy for the site, and a welcome change of pace. I would encourage more!

Karl Wimmer Vereinigte Staaten

the best i never commet this is the best a special kiss to tina karl

scott Vereinigte Staaten

Wowie! That was awesome. I agree with Sandy's comment. Variety is the spice of life. It is great to have some graphic content on this site for a change. I think all the members should show their support for this type of video! :) Good work.

Michael-{the real one} Kanada

Tina When I first joined I came across Tina's shoots and commented. Later when I started checking out the fims I was disappointed to find no Tina film, so when she popped up on the Coming Attraction box I thought "Oh my!". As usual, my monitor has melted again. Tina just drives me nuts. Damn!!!

myke Vereinigte Staaten

something for everyone I think some of the other models could be inspired by this woman's self-assurance. It is a great performance. The'll have to see for yourself!

Eric Vereinigte Staaten

Tina I respect other people's taste for this kind of thing and I don't mind videos like this being in this web site. However, if I see another Tina video, I won't download it. Personally, I find the so called "body art" distasteful and the things this girl was doing in the video is just a turn-off to me. If she called me and offered to go out on a date, I would pass!

jesse Australien

its all about timing... Fantastic timing for the return of Tina! The site continues to deliver wonderful art and erotica just at the right pace and of course, always of the finest quality. No one comes close to Hegre! Cheers!

simast Australien

Loving Tina's Play Tina represents a fuller spcetrum of women on this site. We all know that some women do and some women don't and is good to see Tina the freedom express herself sexually to the point she wasts to do it. The variety of women (which is the spice of live) is represented on this site and this makes it number 1 for me.

Lee Vereinigte Staaten

Tina is great... This is beautiful example of erotic play and I admire Tina for her uninhibited ability to reveal herself so fully. This is not for everyone as previous comments indicate, but for me I'm glad you are willing to extend your site to revealing this beautiful example of womanhood.

kg Vereinigte Staaten

tina Awesome,incredible,fantastic video I love all the great models on this site but tina's free spirit and sexuality is the best! I would love to see more videos where the girls are free to express their sexuality.

John Vereinigte Staaten

Tina I am glad you brought her back! She is beautiful and this film is a masterpiece!

Allen Vereinigte Staaten

Well done.. Not crazy about all the hardware and using it for a shoe rack, etc, but all the rest of her performance is ideal. Would love to see other models "open up" more like Tina does. Love her total lack of inhibition, and would love to see more. Thanks, Tina.

JP Vereinigte Staaten

New Coach I hear that Tina is going to be Lisa Marie's new posing coach. Yeah, right!

cams Vereinigtes Königreich

The missing photos Where did the pix with the deodorant bottles disappear to I wonder?

luv_yanna Vereinigte Staaten

Sex Eroticism and Sexuality are linked, it is absurd to think there is no place for sexuality on this site. Mr. Hegre and Tina have produced a beautiful little movie that allows Tina to show us her raw, hard sexuality in very erotic manner. I thank them both.

juliust Vereinigte Staaten

tina loves to play Wow , That was erotic without being pornographic, to see the essence of a woman's sexuality without having her lose her self respect is a work of art! who sings the song?

Michael Deutschland

The goddess of sex is back! It was a wise decision to call Tina back! Thanks a lot for it! She´s one of the best girls Hegre-Art ever had. Now I´m waiting impatient for new photo-sessions with Tina and a high-res-film of her stunning body! Please, do it as soon as possible!

artetino2 Schweiz

Strange and provocating but great - because it's a great woman

Tappilee Deutschland

der absolute Wahnsinn. Einfach nur sexy, extrem und geil. Ich würd gern mehr Filme dieser Art hier sehen. Ohne aber pornografisch zu wirken

Nigehug Vereinigtes Königreich

Tina What a woman and those superb piercings. Love the shoes hung from her lips. Any chance of an orgasmic masturbation scene like Monika C's. Nigehug.

Big Red Bear Kanada

Tina Temptress O.M.G.! What a Woman! I think I just died! Every man's fantasy! Robert, Montreal, Quebec, Canada*

mark11 Vereinigte Staaten

Tina Thank you for bringing back tina. I love your website, but much of it is to boring... then I discovered "Tina Loves to Play".

41leeps Vereinigte Staaten

Wow Tina is great would love to see more hot models do the same as her ,

dmusr Vereinigte Staaten

would like to see more of the models try some of these things. very nice.

harpoon Niederlande

super girl. awesome chick. beautiful pussy, I love it. terrific film. like somebody else already said, let other models do the same.

the_nudist Australien

Tina I was in awe of Tina, as I watched this very erotic clip. It is a fine example of edgy art that can be achieved while pleasuring the human body. I am a huge fan of tasteful body piercings. Thank you for re-instating this clip.

DoubleM305 Vereinigte Staaten

Tina Simply put.....Amazing! She sets the bar too high for prudes and leads by example! I love her!!!

erotic Vereinigte Staaten

This will be Hegre-Art Cult Classic video as I assume we wont be seeing her or this type of video again in the near future. Hegre-Art please get Tina to come back and play again

Andy Deutschland

Amazing Tina Tina is my secret starlet. Piercings are seen much more often today and should be shown here as well. Tina represents perfectly this modern style in a very esthetic way.

Dremar Vereinigte Staaten

Tina!! I think Tina was ahead of her time. She is my superhero! If she looks anything close to what she looked like then, you should bring her back! Her attitude and mind set seems to fit right in with some of the models used by this sight these days. Her beauty and fitness level was on point!