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名前: ロリカ
国: ウクライナ
体重: 45kg
身長: 168cm
年齢: 18
職業: 学生






ロリカギャラリー コメント

ロリカ ソファで | July 15th, 2005
ロリカ ソファで
Johnny D 日本

Slender Beauty! When I first saw Lolika at the other website posing ballet motion in nude I felt in love with her. What a beautiful and attractive model she is! Glad to know she is in her shaped and slim figure.

JP アメリカ

Lolika Lolika, Lo-li-ka, fire of my loins, my sin, my soul. The tip of the tongue takes a trip of three steps down the palate to a tap at three on the teeth, Lo-li-ka.

Jim アメリカ

Lolika She seems very in touch with her sexuality. Nice facial expressions. Oh yea, and a wicked sexy anus.

luv_yanna アメリカ

Perfect woman There isn't a feature on Lolika that I can find fault in. She is one of Hegre's most beautiful and sexy models. Her ass, pussy and anus certainly got the attention they deserved when Petter photographed her.

ardunbye 英国

Lolika on a sofa Every time I start to relax in the belief I've found the sexiest girl on the site, you come up with another one. I just love the 'shape' of Lolika.

ロリカ おやすみ | April 22nd, 2005
ロリカ おやすみ
ardunbye 英国

Lolika sleeping This is a seriously sexy 'shoot' and the template for Sleeping Beauty.

ロリカ レザーホットパンツ | February 17th, 2005
ロリカ レザーホットパンツ
ben アメリカ

a certain simple beauty

ロリカ 窓の光 | February 1st, 2005
ロリカ 窓の光
Anthony アメリカ

Certain Something Something about Lolika really does it for me. Very nice, very sexy. Oh bring back, bring back, bring back my Lolika to me!!

ロリカ ストリップ | January 17th, 2005
ロリカ ストリップ
fasteddie アメリカ

this model is hot hot hot

ロリカ ラインアップ | March 29th, 2005
ロリカ ラインアップ
Hegrefan07 フィンランド

Oh I like these photos, right positions. Delicious!

htm エジプト

leg worship i worship those legs, i would lick them all day long

ロリカフィルム コメント

レディーロリカ | February 2nd, 2002
~ ScadA ~ サウジアラビア

Wow That's all I was waiting for.

ian カナダ

real hot! Wonderful erotic look at a beautiful young lady. Exactly the way she should be presented, emphasizing that beautiful butt of hers. Great job!