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Photo de Jenny


Photo de Jenny
Nom: Jenny
Pays: Finlande
Poids: 49kg
Taille: 167cm
Age: 18
Profession: Étudiante

Fabuleuse finlandaise

Jenny est une sacré découverte – première mannequin originaire du pays du sauna, la Finlande, sur Hegre-Art !

Sex appeal à souhait, elle ressemble un peu à une jeune Pamela Anderson, mais à sa façon bien sûr. Telle une poupée aux lèvres généreuses et aux grands yeux expressifs, Jenny bouge comme un chat paresseux... lentement et sensuellement.

Mais elle est si jeune qu’elle ne réalise pas encore à quel point elle est une bombe sexuelle. Il est dur de comprendre comment un tel phénomène caniculaire puisse sortir d’un pays où il fait si froid !

Une ingénue jeune et blonde - Jenny est faite pour faire monter la température de plusieurs degrés !


Jenny violet et rose | June 10th, 2009
Jenny violet et rose
Laurie Royame Uni

Saucy Snugglepuss Super gallery of this gorgeous little sex kitten. Snowdrop has me purring with pleasure at the thought of getting into her panties.

Shumba Espagne

sexy stuff, love when girls play with their panties, did she get en orgasm playing with her pussy?

Paul Mcg Etats Uni

I never realized how beautiful Jenny is. I think this is her best gallery. Thanks again to you all. Paul Mcg

Voyeur Etats Uni

I agree with Paul - Jenny's beauty caught me by surprise. This shoot was, as would be said in the school yard "way hot".

wheeler Etats Uni

DUDE!!! "way hot" INDEED!!!

ardunbye Royame Uni

Jenny purple and pink Purple & pink, not the most masculine colours but if any paint supplier is reading this, I'll buy 100 gallons of each PROVIDING Jenny comes free.

Joe Etats Uni

Perfect Pussy Panties Puffies

Jenny nudité et blancheur | May 20th, 2009
Jenny nudité et blancheur
Laurie Royame Uni

Sassy Snowdrop This little piggy eager to snuffle your cute truffle.

Jan Erik Norvège

Jenny What an arousing set of pictures. Jenny is so sexy in this photoshoot. She's almost painful to watch, since I am a 34 year old virgin. I am too old now to start a sex life - especially with sexy young girls. But anyways, sexy photoshoot.

wheeler Etats Uni

simple and gorgeous!...simply gorgeous!

Paul Mcg Etats Uni

Jenny is quite the cutie pie. Hope to see more of her. Thanks to you all. Paul Mcg

luv_yanna Etats Uni

Jenny is so sweet, I like her more each time I see her. Nice stuff.

ardunbye Royame Uni

Jenny white nudes Jenny is as lovely and sexy as any girl on the site. Simply mouth-watering.

Jenny jouvence | March 23rd, 2009
Jenny jouvence
Laurie Royame Uni

Snowdrop - Fresh as a beautiful Spring Day Delightful gallery - delightful girl. I detect subtle signs of her blossoming femininity. Delicious, especially the reverse shots.

jessica Etats Uni

a piece of work i keep coming back to this one- i'm using jenny for character reference... youth is right, and it's great to see it not wasted! or maybe she is wasted? so absent, resentful those eyes... it's my favorite part, besides the pout, but it makes me wonder... why?

Dave France

Wow! This gallery really has it. A pretty face. Goose pimples! Jenny you are magnificent!

Jenny violet | March 10th, 2009
Jenny violet
Laurie Royame Uni

Snowdrop so Delicate Flaxen beauty so ravishingly cute.....Quite the most seductive pout.....White as driven snow thus luminous.....Forbidden fruit so fucking sensuous.

Kav Royame Uni

Good to see Jenny back. More please.

Dan Etats Uni

Cute girl. She could smile some and maybe shave her legs.

JP Etats Uni

Don't shave!! I love how Jenny is so natural with sexy peach fuzz on her thighs and calves.

Laurie Royame Uni

So do I - JP And I always imagine her lightly tanned, pale gold down, and silky smooth.

laveau Etats Uni

blonde, beautiful, and fuzzy this lady is single handedly making me take notice of blondes again. i thought i swore them off for good, but damn she is gorgeous. her video still leaves me speechless. the peach fuzz on her legs was a surprise. i don't think she had it in her previous sets. must be a cold winter in Finland. either that, or she decided to be a tree-hugging hippie chick (please lord, don't let her grow out the armpit hair!). she is so naturally blonde that it is barely noticeable unless you blow the pics up to 6000 "microscope" pixels anyway. wouldn't mind seeing her grow some peach fuzz in "other" areas, that would be interesting.

ardunbye Royame Uni

Jenny purple Purple. That's the colour I was 'round the gills' after looking at this phenomenal beauty.

Jenny premiers nus | January 24th, 2009
Jenny premiers nus
luv_yanna Etats Uni

She smiled! Beautiful.

magoo4 Etats Uni

I like Jenny, and I think she should smile more often. Very nice. magoo4

Jenny 18 ans | January 12th, 2009
Jenny 18 ans
Jeff Daniels Etats Uni

Overdressed Nice girl, great potential, interesting poses, but way overdressed for the occasion. I'd take half the pics, with 90% less material.

Dave Etats Uni

Pout She is very cute but does she have any other expressions? The pout gets boring after a while.

Magoo4 Etats Uni

I like Jenny very much.magoo4

luv_yanna Etats Uni

Very sweet girl, hope there's more. Image #95 is excellent.

Laurie Royame Uni

Snowdrop The girl with two sensuous pouts. I like the top, it contrasts well with her hair and skin and should have stayed on whilst discarding the lingerie sooner. Whatever, she is very very cute.

ardunbye Royame Uni

Jenny 18 years 18 years? Yes, that's what I would get if I ever put into practice the lecherous thoughts inspired by this outstanding beauty.

easy e Etats Uni

wow, Jenny I think you are extremely beautiful. I would love to see you do a photo shoot where you give me the money shot ..

Jenny léopard | December 31st, 2008
Jenny léopard
wheeler Etats Uni

MROWRRRR!!! LOVE that leopard print!!!

Laurie Royame Uni

Hotlips Purrrrfect 10

Jeff Daniels Etats Uni

Overdressed for the occasion Tooooo many shots of leopard print pants, and not nearly enough u-no-what! The very last pic is pretty nice though!

Magoo4 Etats Uni

Nice Spots I like Jenny in spots. Like to see more of her. magoo4

Jer Etats Uni

Very nice! JD- like there aren't any other sets of 'you-know-what'.. This is a very nice, elegant shoot - Nice variety. Jenny gets better with each one!

ardunbye Royame Uni

Jenny leopard A leopard is a cat and I have a 'feline' I will be paying a great deal of attention to this 'PUSSY-CAT'.

Jenny draps blanc | December 23rd, 2008
Jenny draps blanc
gallopavo Etats Uni

she is cute but could smile a bit more.

Magoo4 Etats Uni

Sweet Jenny I hope we see alot of Jenny in the future. She sure is a cuttie pie.magoo4

Ortis Royame Uni

She is adorable what a sweetie!!!

DANIEL Etats Uni


Voyeur Etats Uni

Jenny is a beautiful woman with a nearly perfect body. As she becomes more comfortable in front of the camera and smiles more she will become great.

ardunbye Royame Uni

Jenny white sheets We've only just met but if I have to marry her to satisfy her honour, it's a sacrifice I would willingly make. (What a martyr eh?).

Jenny lumière du nord | December 14th, 2008
Jenny lumière du nord
Laurie Royame Uni

Fresh as an early snowdrop in an emerald oasis Quite simply the reason why I chose this site was the opportunity to view gorgeously pretty girls being delightfully naughty. Ravishingly exquisite.

Voyeur Etats Uni

Where did the paint sample go? Would love to see the 16th pose without panties on.

Magoo4 Etats Uni

Cute She is a cuttie pie, I hope she is a keeper. magoo4

Conti Pierangelo Italie

Jenny nordic ligth Beauty the model, but not the slips. I want see the model totally knot, whit thw pussy in close up

Jenny de Filande | December 1st, 2008
Jenny de Filande
mstar Turquie

jenny thanks hegre, she likes a candy!she has a superb pussy...

alex Royame Uni

jenny very sexy new model.

Voyeur Mexique

Nice find Petter. A beautiful and sexy new model.

blake Royame Uni

nymph Loving the natural curves, and delicate features. Tasty.

Ortis Royame Uni

What a way to start December! She is GORGEOUS!!!!!

sandy Royame Uni

Oh my G-- Incredibly beautiful model. Yanna, Please show her your posing techniques!!! What a fantasy to see what she's hiding, hopfully it won't be too long to find out!!! My trousers are getting uncomfortable just thinking about her, what a pussy.

Roger Royame Uni

Wow, what a great find I hope she is not shy! I look forward to seeing more of her.

Luke Royame Uni

Perfect start to December. I think she shows promise.

Mr Spanky Royame Uni

She looks like a very naughty girl to me!

Moro Royame Uni

i really like blondes i too hope she is less shy in her future photo sessions

Che Royame Uni

Doll What a doll Jenny is and what a cute pussy she has.

Kav Royame Uni

Oh wow! I LOVE Scandinavian girls.

Ed Royame Uni

Jenny From Finland What a little hottie.

Magoo4 Etats Uni

Petter, You have done it again.Hope to see more of this beautiful woman. Thank you sooo much. magoo4

Laurie Royame Uni

Snowdrop What an exquisite little Beauty.

Laurie Royame Uni

Snowdrop Midst a wintry landscape-Under a clear blueblack sky-I glimpse a snow sylph...Streaming flaxen tress-Icegems sparkle around her sensuous mouth-Ephemeral vision of divineness.

john Etats Uni

Jenny from Finland You really do need more Scandinavian women represented. Now how about some Swedish and Danish babes?

luv_yanna Etats Uni

Shy? I'll wait to rate this beautiful new model, give her a chance to adjust to the new situation. I hope she gets comfortable and shares with us a bit more or her considerable beauty.

ardunbye Royame Uni

Jenny from Finland As is customary for me now in my renewed membership, I start at the beginning and follow a girl's improvement as she progresses. But how can Jenny improve? She is DELICIOUS.A couple of points have arisen(well,3 if you count the obvious) to do with the Intro. 'First from that region' Well it had to happen 'sauna or later' and 'Fabulous Finn' Fabulous is obvious but 'Finn!'Petter, you're going blind. (God forbid), if you can't tell the difference between 'Finn' and CURVACEOUS.

Cat Etats Uni

God........what a GORGOUS perfect girl!!!!


Jenny Bas noirs | August 4th, 2009
Jenny Bas noirs
wheeler Etats Uni

WOWSERS!!! LOOOOVE that sloooow strip!! sooooo sexy! Thank you Jenny...and Petter

al Royame Uni

jenny cute,sexy,beautiful,jenny is fantastic.

Paul Mcg Etats Uni

Hello Petter, I must say that I really do like Jenny very much. I'm glad she is part of the family. I hope you will be able to find more girls from Finland. Thanks so much. Paul Mcg

kamaloka Japon

peter, i hope you release jenny anymore... i miss her soooooo much.. i like her sexy shy face...!

Jenny Léopard | June 9th, 2009
Jenny Léopard
Paul Mcg Etats Uni

Petter, I think this is one of your better films. Jenny is perfect in this one and oh so beautiful. I never realized how beautiful she is. Thanks and hope to see more of Jenny. Paul Mcg

Laurie Royame Uni

Sexy Snugglepuss Snowdrop tantalizingly sensuous.

luv_yanna Etats Uni

Jenny seems to be more comfortable with the camera in this film than in her earlier work. Great little movie.

Chris Portugal

Jenny, one of my preferred models. that face she makes, it makes me crazy... nice movie love it

doc Etats Uni

nice model..a bit shy on crotch shots

Jenny Blanc | December 30th, 2008
Jenny Blanc
Laurie Royame Uni

Hot Hot Honeypot Stone the flipping crows she is magic.

alex Royame Uni

jenny very cute,very sexy,look forward to seeing alot more of this beautiful young woman

Laurie Royame Uni

Sexy Sweet Lips Under blueblack chill; Ice crystal bright; Snowscape quietly still....Flaxen beauty pure; Snowdrop fragrant fresh; Ravishing pout allure.

Légionnaire France

Ange ou démon . . . ou peut être la réincarnation du Brigitte Bardot

Légionnaire France

Ange ou démon . . . ou peut être la réincarnation du Brigitte Bardot

Ortis Royame Uni

WOW!!!! She is unbelievably hot!!!!!

Robt Etats Uni

HOT! To DIE for...enough said.

laveau Etats Uni

i'm floored by Jenny... and an awesome Crib. thought i commented on this one already, oh well. catching up my comments today. woo-hoo! um yeah, i didn't breathe throughout that entire film... except to say, "oh my god, she is amazing!", about 983 times in 9 minutes. with the exception of Mrs. Hegre and her twin sister, i've never been so floored by a woman on this site before. i said, "oh my god, they are amazing!", about 1042 times during the film where the twins do their version of MTV Cribs (my very first intro to Luba, and the whole Hegre phenomenon, btw). so yeah, they still hold the record, but Jenny is tops too. i gotta mention, that was a sweet house they took us on a tour of. i'd sell my spleen to science to get my hands on a place like that! oh yeah, more Jenny! pleeease. forget Jenny week, we need Jenny month!

ardunbye Royame Uni

Jenny white (video) So very sensuous, so very lovely, so very sexy AND I've developed a fanatical hatred of white cotton panties.

kamaloka Japon

Please let Jenny be a star for another video about shaving her sweet pussy, I will wait for that!