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Jane Profile

Name: Jane
Country: France
Weight: 55kg
Height: 181cm
Age: 22
Occupation: Model

Classic Cool Blonde

If Helmut Newton were still alive he would have loved our new model Jane. Tall, toned and with icy blonde hair Jane just oozes elegance and style.

Jane may look like a Nordic Viking princess but she actually hails from Paris. Like many French women she is ultra-stylish and devastatingly sexy! An ex Elite model, Jane jumped off the fashion train as she was tired of being rejected because of her large bust. We think you will agree that the fashion world’s loss is our gain!

She loves dancing and understands that as a model she needs to keep in shape. Her toned 6 pack stands as proof of her dedication to her art! She works full time as a model but we are the first to get her totally naked...

Elegance and class personified, Jane is making her nude modeling debut here on Hegre-Art.com!

Jane pantyhose part3 November 26th, 2009
last post??
is a long long wait for us to have a sneak preview of her pussy...sad to say she is leaving us... pls make a come back with more stunning n open view to your fans....
Playfully Erotic...
This is JANE's signature gallery...and it is just so charged with EROTIC ENERGY because of our (long) anticipation of seeing her teeth...not her pussy! She's the epitome of the 'drop-dead' GORGEOUS (but icy) BLONDE, and PETTER gets her to 'LOL' by tickling her feet out those accursed pantyhose! The "TAKE IT OFF...take it all off" uber-blonde has held sway in my head for quite a while- JANE's just kicked her out of my BED!
Just as good as parts 1 and 2. I love Jane. Thanks. Paul Mcg
Seamless and sexy complement to May 10 and August 12. What I love about Jane is that she's so not next door. She exudes unattainability.
definately not a plain jane !!!
Jane pantyhose Pt.3
Pantyhose: A device for putting fires in knickers out. Pt.3 a definite improvement on 1 & 2 as it shows what might cause that fire. She is beautiful, they are not.
Jane French top model October 26th, 2009
Her terms
I have to agree with the assessment that Newton would have loved Jane. Every time one of her sets comes up, my first inclination is to give it a pass, as I don't think the Bettie Page hair works for her, I don't care for the overabundance of eyeshadow either she or the make-up person prefers, and there's a hint of androgyny that I don;t find particularly appealing (something I suspect is a result of my first two dislikes, but perhaps not). But she is compelling, just as I find Newton's photos. And suddenly, I'm downloading another set. In other words, Jane challenges me every time, and, over and over again, I have to accept her on her terms. When I look at these shots, I have to wonder if Petter feels the same. (I suspect he does.)
I'll Take It
The biggest reason I'm a member here is because of something I call curated variety. I enjoy the range of models while at the same time appreciating they nearly all fit a certain aesthetic. Jane is wonderfully no exception. As her profile states, there is that powerful Helmet Newton appearance. It's her beauty, it's the fringe, it's that stoicism.
Laws of Gravity
When a woman lies on her side or back her more fleshy parts are subject to gravitational forces and this changes her shape. On her side she appears to have more pronounced hips, on her back her hip bones protrude as her stomach sinks. Her breasts flatten and spread if they are natural, if surgically enhanced they retain the shape of pomegranates whatever position she adopts. Have another look Ken.
I agree that her tits are real. They are beautiful, and so is she. My frustration is not that the all models don't spread wide, but it would be nice if the ones that don't would at least do a full frontal so we could see their full beauty. Luba is a gorgeous woman and it is very understandable that we would want to enjoy her fully!
Although Jane may have real breasts, may have, there's no denying that she has dyed hair and a homely face. Jane is no Luba.
Whoops Petter
Whilst I do not condone Ken's comments, I do feel he has incurred your wrath because the two previous comments and several posted on Luba's gallery were all posing the same question and I can understand your sensitivity regarding Luba. Obviously you could not contain your frustrations and Ken was the final straw!
to ken
1. I have said it before and I will say it again: her tits are real ! too bad for you that you can not recognize true beauty. 2. please understand that top models like jane, luba and others, that exclusively chose to bare their naked body for hegre-art, are not the average "internet-porn-girl" that just spread their legs. there is enough of that out there already... and there is actually plenty of pink on this site as well... so what you get here is a variety. take it or leave it :-)
I still think Jane has the face that belongs on the cover of Vogue. I think she is very stunning and beautiful. Very nice Petter thanks as always. Paul Mcg
Peter clearly loves this girl despite her fake hair, plastic boobs, absence of a vagina and homely face. How else can you explain why she keeps reappearing on the site.
What is going on in this website? Most of the recent galleries are showing little or nothing of the model. The Luba gallery, this one, the seals gallery, most of the ones from Mexico, all are as someone else said "chaste". We are not paying for soft, soft, soft photos. I can see more at some bikini retailer websites.
Jane French top model
Jane is very sexy with a superb figure. All that's lacking is confirmation that she actually posses a 'pussy'.
Jane French opening September 1st, 2009
Love the lingerie, not enough variety of poses.
I think my penis just totally exploded.....WOW what a gorgeous perfect beauty!!
black and pink; sexy and exciting; great idea and lovely images of framed desire
Jane French opening
The girl is beautiful, the photo's are very sexy. So what's new? This is the Hegre standard, although it gets better and better with each set.
Jane is amazing!
The best girl on the site. We want more of Jane, a beautiful model.
Stunnig model!
The most stunning model on Hegre-Art! wow! we want MORE! MORE! MORE! A natural godess!
agree with Dan
Jane always looks bored.would love to see her smile more
Very sexy girl but all of her sets are a little boring. Lets see her having fun.
Jane is a hit and what a beauty. I have said it before and I will say it again, she has a face that belongs on the cove of Vogue. What a body, can't get any better then that. Thanks to you all. Paul Mcg
Jane pantyhose part 2 August 12th, 2009
opinions may vary
and often do.but, I'm with Harry
Jane looks good anytime anywhere. Thanks. Paul Mcg
I'm very glad to see no positive response at all. Petter, face it: Your subscribers are addicted to the female body. To skin, hair, nails, teeth etc. Even to pimples and scars. If you want to try another fetish, have an extra site for that: www.hegres-ultimate-pantyhose-pictres.whatsoever
Are we ever going to see such intimate poses of Jane "sans" pantyhose?
Jane is always welcome, but for me pantyhose is a complete turn-off, as is the stunt French lingerie used on April 13. Of course, opinions may vary.
Jane Backstage August 11th, 2009
thanks again, for the B.T.S. look!
I think Jane is a perfect 12. She is so good and so nice to look at. She is just the best, this was one of your best. All I can say is Viva LaFrance. Thanks so much. Paul Mcg
There's something about watching these girls just GET READY (put make up on...whatever), that I find extremely HOT!