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Christiana | Czech Republic Galleries: 8 Films: 2
Photo of Christiana


Photo of Christiana
Name: Christiana
Country: Czech Republic
Weight: 51kg
Height: 170cm
Age: 25
Occupation: Dancer

Lean And Lithe

Christiana is a friend of one of Hegre-Art's most popular models, Yanna. In fact it was Yanna who referred her to us.

They are both dancers and have performed at theaters in Prague as part of the same group. Like Yanna, Christiana is also very flexible. Posing for Petter Hegre, was her first time ever doing nudes - but one can only say she is a natural talent.

She has an incredible tight and perky ass, and discovered her sexuality at a very early age, something she tells us all about in a very revealing interview. A sexy 'girl next door' type, she says: "I'm no model." We here at Hegre-Art are of a different opinion.

Lean, lithe and with very appealing eyes -we think Christiana definitely has a future ahead of her as a nude model.

Christiana Galleries COMMENTS

Christiana and Yanna girlfriends part2 | October 17th, 2009
Christiana and Yanna girlfriends part2
ardunbye United Kingdom

Christiana and Yanna NO LAURIE YET? (Check out my message in MIA's last shoot) The attractiveness of these two speaks for itself.

DANIEL United States


Paul Mcg United States

Two beautiful earth goddesses together. Would love to be in the middle of them. Have a good one. Paul Mcg

Pete United Kingdom

Rear View I love the excellent rear view shots in this set of probably your top two models (Olena and Marlene run them close, and I'm forgeting Thea)wiht Yanna's exellent pussy and slender legs just edging best arse. Yanna and Christiana together is truly something special, unfortunalely to be interrupted in future months by Yanna's developing pregnancy

Carne Asana United States

I'm nuts about Yanna but still on a high from this Dynamic Duo's last appearance September 27 once again I am compelled to worship Christiana and No. 19 sums up why perfectly.

le bourhis France

chistiana et yanna pas de films sur ses deux copines pas bien!!!faite vite un film

JB United States

Christianna I loved all of Christianna's shoots and videos. Especially the interview. Pleas let us see her in other videos with Yana or some other beautiful lady. PLease Please

Christiana and Yanna acrobats | September 27th, 2009
Christiana and Yanna acrobats
Jeff Daniels United States

Christiana - Smile I've never been a Yanna fan but I love those pooha close ups of hers. Christiana however has a really great ass! I think Yanna could teach her to smile, and a few of her poses where she puts the goods on display.

DANIEL United States


DANIEL United States


DANIEL United States


ardunbye United Kingdom

Christiana and Yanna acrobats QUESTION:- How do you choose between them? ANSWER:- You don't, you GET between them.

Carne Asana United States

Red Blonde Love The contrasting colors define this set for me. However I'll say the last 2 pics of just Christiana are mindblowing. Look how powerfully confident she looks, like a Captain of the Guard. No armor needed.

Paul Mcg United States

Two very beautiful and talented women for all of us. Petter, you do spoil us but I love it. Thanks to all of you. Paul Mcg

Pete United Kingdom

Body Perfect Two perfect bodies, a stunning demonstration of the femaale form and further confirmation why Yanna has been this sites favourite for such a long time. Intoxicating eyes and fabulously shaped tits. Christiana has the body and felxibility to be the next Yanna but she still needs to show that she loves what she does.

mstar Turkey

wonderful special christiana week please.....:)

DANIEL United States

Yanna is creative in her flexible poses! YANNA FLEXIBLE OVER HER IS SEXY AND WONDERFUL!

HD United States

I'm keeping an eye out for a Christiana week and a Yanna week!

weserbutscher Germany

Christiana Christiana ist eigentlich eine der Modelle, die mir am besten gefallen. Von ihr würde ich gerne noch mehr sehen. Allerdings fand ich die Shootings bisher eher schwach und einfallslos. Kreiste immer alles mehr oder weniger um das gleiche Thema und manche Ansichten glichen sich mehr oder weniger, an den Stellen hätte man lieber was anderes von ihr zeigen sollen. Sie hat sicher noch mehr Schokoladenseiten.

Rainer Germany

Zwei wirklich schöne Nackedeis, was für schöne Beine, mein Spatz steht steif hoch...

Christiana erotica | September 11th, 2009
Christiana erotica
Jay Australia

I'm in love I love this girl. These kinds of photo sets never get boring :-

Mike Canada

Christina I would rate this model a 10 if the choice of poses had been different. She is absolutely stunning but I would have preferred more conventional poses than those contortions. She is physically perfect and it would have been nice to see her in more normal positions.

Jim United States

Christiana Lovely. Very hot.

ax United Kingdom

christiana outstanding

geRRy United Kingdom

I personaly like these gymnastic poses but erotic they are not.

Paul Mcg United States

Christiana is the best. I really do like her alot, very nice gallery. Thanks. Paul Mcg

ghlb United States

Tired of endless crotch shots Dear Petter, You are undoubtedly one of the most skilled photographers in the world today. Your images have incredible detail. But I am really getting tired of crotch shots. They are my least favorite positions. I encourage you to make photos of your models in positions that do not center on the crotch. I prefer the more natural positions that you used to feature.

Pete United Kingdom

Fantastic Christiana doing a Yanna and doing it very well. Im happy to see her in any pose, shape or contortion as she is gorgeous.

gareth United States

stunning. pure. simple. beautiful.

wheeler United States

this is what they call "fine art" Beautiful for what it is.but, not because the model is beautiful. the positions make it hard to tell.

Carne Asana United States

Gareth's Four Words Echoing them completely. Christiana is as wonderful as her name is symbolic. Curled up, ostensibly vulnerable but in charge, it's magic.

Christiana close ups | August 20th, 2009
Christiana close ups
KT United Kingdom

Bravo Christiana and Petter! But I think some people may not be too thrilled with this set. Christiana is stunning a beautiful natural woman......... what i would give to meet her!

al United Kingdom

christiana delicious,christiana is beautiful.

Kevin United Kingdom

I will wait for a lot more viewers to leave a comment before I do so. This is because I don't know if it belongs on Hegre or not. My question to Petter would be ''Hey Petter, can you please tell us why you thought this would be good for the Hegre site and why you haven't ever done it before and (this is the tricky bit) why isn't the tampon heavily soiled if you now think folks want to see that sort of thing. Petter, if you read this then thanks for your time. Other viewers, let's have your comments. Surely there will be an avalange of comments. Kevin.

geRRy United Kingdom

The tampon is a step too far. will you photograph a model taking a dump next.

orez United States

A bit twisted and unexpected. I liked it.

Stuart United Kingdom

Brave and beautiful Petter - this is superb. Really wonderful. Intimate and close. Tender and feminine. very sexy indeed. Bravo!

petter hegre Spain

no big deal hey there. this is no big deal. it's only a tampon, and it is not heavily soiled because it was the last day of her period, and I simply asked her to pull it out so the string would not hang out during the session, so she did it, and I "documented" it and there you go...

Jeff Germany

Apart from the fact that showing the tampon is pretty disgusting, it's also an embarrassment to her. You don't show a model wiping her ass, do you?

petter hegre Spain

embarrassment... how can you say it is an embarrassment to her ? you don't even know this girl. she did it with pleasure. obviously you find this to be an embarrassment, but it only tells more about you then her.

Dan from Texas United States

Christiana Close ups Interesting comments so I thought I would weigh in on the subject too. Christiana is beautiful. The photos of her are clear and bright, and very sensual both before and especially after. The tampon? It is something we don't usually see but I like the fact Petter (and Chrisiana) are out there pushing the boundaries again. After all if you are going to photograph naked young women tampons are a reality at least some of the time. While Petter usualy relies and markets the Sexual Mystique of beautiful women; much of it is BS anyway. So it is nice to step back from the game sometimes and face reality. It is what it is. After all, this isn't the first time Petter has given us something different. I guess, that's why I subscribe to the site instead of others that haven't changed since the early 1950's. Change or become stale.

crookedmouth United Kingdom

Please tell mee you filmed it Petter!

HEH313 Germany

Yes, quite uninhibited and perfectly normal! But neither erotic nor sensual. And: Dear Petter Hegre, do not deceive yourself: You are not documenting femininity; you are documenting and displaying female sensuality. That´s why we adhere to your site! You are peddling with (male) dreams, not with reality.

Kevin United Kingdom

Petter thank you for joining our comments. I think that for most of us this was a total surprize (good or bad). Perhaps it would have been more sexy to have seen the string first. Regarding the 'soiling' I really haven't thought about that aspect before. We've seen Yanna and Patricia with natural juices in their vaginas. In fact we love it. We tend to put these girls on a pedestal. Here's a radical thought. How's about we have a (once only) short photo shoot of each girl removing a heavily soiled tampon so that all of us guys suddenly realise that these girls are actually just like our girlfriends and wives. They are not actually some superhuman godesses. Actually once every month they are not totally super duper 'Petter' models, but real women. There are probably already some web sites offering this service (and more). I know that a previous model (can't recall her name) showed a string in her video but no actual tampon). Comments you guys???? Kevin.

Paul Mcg United States

I like to get close up with a girl like Christiana. Nice gallery, thanks so much. Paul Mcg

Paul Mcg United States

Petter, You are the the best of all the rest, enough said. Thanks. Paul Mcg

tdonna3 United States

Get over the tampon -- it is not a big deal at all!

Paul Mcg United States

Gentelmen, chill out and enjoy the beauty of woman. Thanks you Petter. Paul Mcg

gordie United States

done with CLASS just like to comment all of the models here are BEAUTIFUL and is photographed with CLASS and GOOD TASTE. Petter you do great work has a great eye for beauty thanks

Carne Asana United States

Up Close and Personal This literally celebrates the goddess. Bravo, Petter.

Jeff United States

Beautiful Girl but Like many things in life, a few of the photos were not my cup of tea. But I can certainly understand the realism that the photographer went for. It's that daring element that sets this site apart and above the rest. So, rather than bitch about it, I merely skipped pass those shots and thoroughly enjoyed the rest of them. Bottom line, Nice Pussy. Thank you.

Wookie United States

Peter, this set is what its all about. Keep up the great work. Id like to see more sets with fingers in the vagina!

DANIEL United States


Daniel United States

Lack of imagination I've said it before, and I'll say it again. I am on this site because somehow this guy gets the most beautiful women alive. He has virtually no imagination, and is defensive when questioned. Petter, please seek some help in setting things up . . . this is truly a waste of an amazing body and face . . .

james United States

not my thing I hope that this site doesn't loose its class. This is a refreshing site because it focuses on the beauty of a woman. A tampon does not show beauty to me. I think the only reason anyone liked this was because it came out of her vagina. Please keep it classy.

Pete United Kingdom

What Drama I think there ae 3 important points to make here 1)Christiana is an amazingly beautiful person who I am sure will go on to dominate this site for many years, these shots depict an important part of her great body. 2)Petter is very creative in what he does and I think pushes boundaries more than any other site I have seen, think of some of the Thea sets.this is just one aspect of that creativity. 3)She is a woman, why are we so shocked about these images. My bottom line is as long as there is mutiual agreement between model and photographer then I'm happy to view whatever images their combined efforts create as long as it is legal and decent.

Laurie United Kingdom

Sad It would appear that the majority opinion supports these cheap insensitive shots because it takes courage to speak out. And of course Mr Hegre is very selective in what comments he allows to appear as I have often experienced. He clearly demands the freedom to express freely yet denies that priviledge to others. Menstruation is natural as is urinating and defecating so those of you with extreme tastes can anticipate further delightful "erotica". I am not shocked, I have witnessed far worse in real life. I am just sorry that hegre-art is sinking lower and has to resort to cheap thrills and now appeals more and more to the lowest common denominator. This is not decent, it lacks imagination and is definately not creative. Best descibed as school boy smut. My biggest regret now was in defending the film, featuring Marlene and Olena, against certain crude suggestions. That was so naive of me and I have now decided to cancel my membership.

Jay Australia

Stop complaining Any member on this site who has actually ever been with a real woman will know that tampons and menstruation are perfectly normal and not taboo. Christiana is obviously comfortable with her body and rightly so. The vagina has a greater purpose than something guys look at while they masturbate. Its primal function is part of the human reproductive system. Do you all not realise this is where babies come from! If the photos showed Christiana removing some kind of sex toy from her pussy, would this many members be complainig? BRAVO PETTER AND CHRISTIANA

largeformat Germany

Thanks I like these close ups. The tampon is not my cup of tea but apart of it you shot some amazing images of her nice pussy.

DANIEL United States


Ted United States

Don't want to see fluids coming out of the body that even women throw in the trash and wash their sheets from.

Tyrone United Kingdom

Grow up! Stop fussing about a tampon for God's sake! It#s an interesting variation, that's all. If you don't like it, you son't have to donwload it. Three cheers for Petter, once again mixing things up and keeping them fresh!

Jeff Germany

embarrassment... Petter please tell us one thing: do you discuss the pics you wanna put online with the models?

Volker Germany

WOW! This set makes me hard! More, please!

petter hegre Spain

to jeff usually I do not discuss with the models what pics we put online. normally we sign a contract before the shoot saying I can publish and use any of the material produced during the session. only for top models or under special circumstances do I consult with the model in these matters.

Michael Canada

Sheesh-its no big deal,lighten up! I enjoy what I like and skim the rest and I do not expect everyone else to like what I like. If any artist only put out what everyone liked and was comfortable with, that artist would put out nothing.

JP United States

Wow everyone is so sensitive... it's just a tampon. Like someone else said, I'll bet those that are offended probably have little experience living with a woman. It's nothing to cancel your subscription over. My god!

Carne Asana United States

Perfectly Said! "The vagina has a greater purpose than something guys look at while they masturbate." - Jay I've never been one to shy away from seeing how the sausage is made. There's no way to appreciate The Jesus & Mary Chain song "Just Like Honey" without acknowledging what's behind the curtain. If there was ever a reason why this site needed the name change from "archives" to "art," this is it.

TasteTester/TasteSavor United States

Menu...TASTES This is EXACTLY the reason why I've re-subscribed to this site! Petter has the HEART ('balls'?) to open his ARCHIVES and 'subject' his art to the comments, criticism, and CRITIQUE of GALLERY MEMBERS. ART is subjective...and our 'TASTE'(s) for EROTIC ART uniquely distinct "as our FINGERPRINTS". I RISE...again, to applaud PETTER and CHRISTIANA's AUTHENTICITY as ARTIST's who choose to be 'OPENLY OLDER'- Distinctly MATURE enough to create (and exhibit) 'ART'...meant for MATURE gallery members. BRAVO!

don Canada

I give the tampon a big thumbs down!

Laurie United Kingdom

JP I had decided to cancell before this gallery because I had serious concerns that I was becoming an obsessive internet nerd. Allow me to describe and colour some background so you can form a proper judgment. I dabble in life drawing and sculpture using female models who pose in the nude. As a young man I led a very bohemian lifestyle, had scores of beautiful girlfriends over a 10 year period before being rescued from a wayward existence by the girl I married. Before we started a family my wife completed some fashion modelling consignments and appeared in vogue. I was reluctant to reveal these private details, but I was compelled to correct misconceptions and ill-formed conclusions.

Dave United States

Simply Beautiful Congrats again to Petter - Christiana is one of the most beautiful new girls on the site, and I hope she will be around for a long time, especially after seeing this magnificent set. For those of you who weren't crazy about this one, just relax a little; there's a new set every day, and no one is going to be pleased by every single model or subject. Personally, I like the ones that push the envelope a bit more to the explicit side, and this one made my day! Thanks, Petter!!

DANIEL United States


TasteSavor United States

Re-VISIONist...Intimacy My initial response to "Christiana close ups" was subdued by the unexpected "avalanche" of comments generated by what amounts to be a 'slightly' soiled tampon. Therefore, I've returned to the gallery again to offer my ORIGINAL, UNSULLIED, "BOYISH" reaction to witnessing a BEAUTIFUL WOMAN's gracious surrender to the request ('demander') of her portraitist- SANS controversy: "Merci Beaucoup"

damasta Germany

hmmm...petter, photographically you did an excellent job again. the only issue i have is that a tampon will _absorb_ and therefore _eliminate_ any potential wetness/moisture christiana may have - as any woman can attest to. this also implies tht the moistness seen on the last pictures is most likely lube. i prefer natural wetness or none at i guess i feel just i tiny bit cheated. ;-)

Jay Australia

The Tampon Petter, now that everyone has stopped complaining about this brilliant photoset, did you happen to make a video? With more than 40 comments so far, imagine how controversial it would be if you released a video (I think most of your members are mature enough for it). That is something I would pay yourself or Christiana good money for. Also was this photoset more discussed than that of Tina's stuff when first published?

wheeler United States

tampon lovers rejoice! well, I must say that took me totally by surprise!!! is it "art"? well, I guess art is in the eye of the beholder!but, it was interesting, to say the least! I wouldnt mind more

Sandy United Kingdom

WoW.. It is a pity all your models are as comfortable with their bodies as Christiana is. Although the tampon show ain't my cup of tea I will never get sick of watching very wet, very open, very erotic and edible pussies, especially in close-up. Bravo Christiana show the rest how it turns you on!!!!

Jeff D. United States

The Perfect Compromise Beatifull girl, scrumptious pussy. We all seem to agree on that. So for those that are opposed to the tampon (like myself), follow these simple instructions: 1. Download the photo set. 2. Delete the tampon shots 3. Shut the hell up and enjoy the rest of the shots!

ardunbye United Kingdom

Christiana close ups I enjoyed the set and ignored the tampon. No big deal if you've ever lived with a woman. BUT is it tasteful? NO emphatically NOT.

Billy Netherlands

Explicit Christiana, ignore the comments about the tampon, it's a natural thing, it's female, it gives us beautiful pictures. Give us more of these.

dutch United States

Tampon I once yanked a tampon from the wifes honey jar with my teeth, and flung it across the room, the n continued dining. This is the same woman that had her epesiotomy stitches removed with some diligent tongue/tooth action. she loved it!

David United States

What a privilege! Christiana is such a sweetie! I have seen her movies, and she is so charming and adorable. And now I have the privilege of seeing Christiana's sweet, incredibly beautiful pussy, with such pretty, sexy blonde hair. I will always treasure these intimate pictures of this wonderful young woman.

Joe United States

I love the ripeness of the period when women are in this stage.

steve United States

I hope tampons are not a new trend on this site. Just because it's "natural" doesn't mean we need to see it. Taking a dump is "natural" too. Is that next?

sunbook France

Sexy blonde hair Very sweet pussy with his cute natural blonde hair ! Please don't shave it

Masrcel Canada

photo set love this set - it's so honest - good for both of you - As a photographer myself, loved this set

rami Israel


Not_so_smart United States

Where was i... Have been a member for years and now i see this incredible photo set...i always wanted to find out how tampon works but no one would show me live :)

Christiana and Yanna girlfriends | August 8th, 2009
Christiana and Yanna girlfriends
Eminence United States

Christiana and Yanna Lovely photos, but rather contrived. Just two gorgeous models posing, but not really into one another. Two very dry holes and too much looking at the camera!

wheeler United States

Eminence agreed. it looked kinda fake. But, not because they didn't look at the camera. that, IMHO would make it MORE SO! If I were flailing about in the throws of sexual ecstasy, I would want to concentrate on my lady! not the cam!maybe a video will look better?

Eat a hearty breakfast now! United States

There is thin and then there is thin. One of the models is very thin. The ribs shouldn't show to that extent. Thin is good but that is why it is tricky... too thin is getting scary.

martin Germany

christiana and yanna simply beautiful

Paul Mcg United States

I like these two together. Can't wait for the video. Thanks to you all. Paul Mcg

DANIEL United States


Pete United Kingdom

Heaven Wow, Yanna's joint set has been a long time coming but it was definately worth the wait and Christiana is the perfect partner as they are both completely relaxd with each other. I love 31, 34, 40 and 50 with Yanna's beatifully tight and athlectic body stretched over Christiana's their tits nestling together,or Yanna's fullsome tit draped accross Christiana's falt tummy. Yanna's leg angled over Christiana's body with a hint of pussy protruding. Petter you have excelled here and with Olena tomorow I think its going to be a good week. Dare I ask Yanna and Olena together? (Apologies to Laurie in advance!)

petter hegre Spain

not pornstars... guys, do I have to say this again and again: I do not work with porn this is their first girl + girl session ever, and it will probably be the last one as yanna is now several months pregnant. and they are not lesbians. they are simply trained dancers with lean innocent bodies and we should appreciate that they even agreed to do this intimate and personal shoot. cool everyone ?

Greg United States

Agreed Well said Petter. Thanks to both lovely ladies for doing the set. I have to be honest that for me Yanna posing alone has always be just extraordinary. She communicates a kind of sexuality that if off scale. I really appreciate that she came back for these last sets.

Pete United Kingdom

Pornstars Petter I hope the critical comments below have not detered you, Yanna or Christiana from similar sets because I thought the set was fantastic. For me its not about simulating a sexual expereince its more about seeing two amazing bodies being shared by each other, seeing the appreciation they have for each other and the chemistry between them that you simlpy cannot get in a lone set. I appeciate that Yanna's appearances are now limited but lets hope Christiana still wants to pursue this theme with other models as she did a fantastic job here

Jeff Germany

Yanna pregnant? Hi Petter, are we going to see Yanna pregnant? Maybe a nice developing series throughout the pregnancy. That would be so beautiful.

HEH313 Germany

Yanna Folks, let Yanna decide whether she shares her pregnancy. And if she does not, what I presume, thank her for her past appearances and leave her alone to experience this unique phase of her live all to herself and her partner.

Laurie United Kingdom

Dignity I had a suspicion when Yanna's pregnancy was announced that some members would be insensitive, please retire now Yanna, with dignity and pride.

Michael Canada

Fabulous set! Yanna is still a favorite.

Kevin United Kingdom

Petter art or Petter porn Hi Petter. I have read your reply below. I did NOT join your site thinking it was anyway a porn site. I know that there are plenty of 'girl on girl' sites. These girls are not lesbians. They are simply pandering to bloke's obcession about two girls together. Petter, Mirta is on one. I think that the problem is that as soon as you have paired up two of your models then the blokes are instantly thinking 'hot girl on girl action'. I've flicked back but can't find what I was thinking of, but surely in the last 2 months Petter you have had a photo shoot showing one models tongue touching (not licking) another models p***y. So Petter have you perhaps (not intentionally) uped the blokes expectations. I think your best bet is to NOT do two model shots. Leave that to to the million other sites. We love you for what you do best. Sorry this is so long. I love the idea that I can actually talk to you. Keep up the good work. Kevin.

Haroun South Africa

Christiana & Yanana not the most poigant looking couple, i think a little more intimate gesture & some real sexual feeling should have been expressed

Christiana sexy acrobatics | August 1st, 2009
Christiana sexy acrobatics
GeRRy United Kingdom

Christiana Christiana is a superb young woman. I love her fluff nice change to see a peach rather than a nectarine.What a great sexy gymnastic set. I would love to see a duet with Yanna.

wheeler United States

all I can say is... that looks PAINFUL!!! sexy, but painful!lol

al United Kingdom

christiana very flexible,very sexy

mstar Turkey

perfect many thanks petter hegre;waiting for special christiana week...:)

Awestruck United States

Perfect. You sir are a genius.

Laurie United Kingdom

Hegre-arse Sticking a camera almost up this lovely girls anus cannot be considered genius. Before you all jump to the wrong conclusion I love this exquisite area of the female anatomy, in fact its my favourite. But I love some finesse some subtle artfulness some teasing, I am afraid its all becoming one dimensional.

Daniel United States

Genius, it's not . . . Must agree with Laurie's comment . . . this could have been, should have been, genius, but was not due to lack imagination . . . this woman is heaven on earth, but this set keeps her from soaring . . .

JP United States

Beautiful hair I love this girls peach fuzz on her legs and her slightly hairy pussy. I hope she doesn't go the typical pornstar route of going completely shaven. Her unshaven appearance makes her seem more real and down to earth, like she could be someone who lives in your neighborhood and has a tremendous body underneath her everyday clothing.

Kevin United Kingdom

Laurie, surely Petter hasn't got any more close ups of Christiana's anus than he has done of any other Petter models?? Surely what us blokes want on every Petter gallery is tits, perfectly waxed c**t and an ass showing the 'starfish' (that might be an english expression).

JP United States

Signature pose I think Yanna's protege has just discovered a signature pose. Just like Yanna has the "M" where she lifts her bottom off the floor forming an M-shape with her legs and pussy, Christiana has the "Y" when she takes Yanna's "M" and lifts her legs off the ground while keeping her torso upside down and vertical like the shots on the last page.

Daniel United States

Peach fuzz Agree completely with JP on C's lovely fuzz . . . I love both shaved and unshaved, but with this woman, the blondeness makes shaving completely unnecessary . . . in fact, if I might be so bold, I would love to see her unshaved in all parts . . . there's something so gorgeous about that with some women, though definitely not all.

Mark United States

Exquisite Christiana I will not compare Christiana to Yanna (whom I love, like everyone else) - like all of Petter's girls Christiana is unique; she's beautiful, incredibly sexy, with lovely, piercing, and intelligent blue eyes, and with one of the most exquisite pussies I've ever seen. I can't wait to see more of her.

HEH313 Germany

Christiana Yes folks, very pretty girl. And very sexy poses. And yet, the angelic beauty of Anna S. is missing. Sorry!

Paul Mcg United States

Nice, very nice. Keep it up. Thanks. Paul Mcg

Awestruck United States

Maybe this site doesn't have to cater to the politically correct feminist crowd? The human body looks very good with the severely rounded forms. Who notices " the anus"? Why did you? It's not a fashion site.

DANIEL United States


Pete United Kingdom

Christiana & Yanna There is no doubting that Christiana is going to be one of your top models and there are some wonderful images here, but it does become a bit repettitve and I think it should have explored Chritiana's body a bit more as the unfortunately titled Yanna sex machine did? Good to see in comments that there is some support here for a joint set with Yanna. Petter?

petter hegre Spain

christiana & yanna set with christiana & yanna together is coming up very soon. it is being edited and processed as we speak.

Laurie United Kingdom

His Masters Voice You must be well chuffed Pete because you have been wittering on about various partnerships, seems like for ever. Not my cuppa though ~ Dominika and either Suzie or Suzie Carina ~ girls with real sex appeal. And not forgetting Olena of course.

Bowen Swersey United States

Christiana Dear Petter, Congratulations! You have outdone yourself in artistry and in casting. You have found in Christiana a more beautiful model than any other (since Luba). She is not only beautiful in face and form, her inner light and spirit is evident in your remarkable photography. Thank you for this intimate look at one of the world's loveliest people! Keep up the great work!

TasteTester United States

PASSPORT Photos... Please permit this GORGEOUS WOMAN to "PASS...without delay or hindrance" beyond the parameters already set forth by YANNA,ANNA,MURIEL,LUBA...etc.,etc.,etc., CHRISTIANA,..."I LOVE YOU just the way you are!" May you continue to astound us all with your innately SUBLIME ARTISTRY!

Pete United Kingdom

Partnership Petter, a joint set between Yanna and Christina is great news, I cant wait. To my knowledge this will be the first joint set that Yanna has done. Im sure Im not the only member that will enjoy the fruits of my "wittering"

ardunbye United Kingdom

Christiana sexy acrobatics The sheer physical shape of this beautiful girl is outstandingly sexy, she is a joy to behold.

Catull Germany

Christiana Eine Klassefrau und wunderbare Fotos.

Rainer Germany

Was für ein schöner, schamloser Nackedei, mein Spatz steht steif hoch...

Christiana white bikini | July 23rd, 2009
Christiana white bikini
al United Kingdom

christiana very sexy new model

Daniel United States

Absolutely . . . one of the most beautiful women alive, and in this set, captured brilliantly . . . the white theme fits her skin tones and hair color perfectly . . . I will keep my eyes open for more of Christiana . . .

Daniel United States

Another thought on Christiana . . . If you could persuade her to refrain from shaving, any part of her perfect and natural body, for one month, and then shoot this same sequence, or something equivalent, then I think men around the globe would better appreciate perfect, natural feminine beauty . . . she is perfection . . . in human form . . . thank you for this set . . .

Jeff United States

Too little, too late Nice piece, but I'm into pussy. So for me it's too little, and too late. I'd love to see more of Christiana though!

Pete United Kingdom

Rising star What a fabulous body Christina has, the white bikini looks great against her soft skin tones and despite the fact that she is only naked in one of 105 images I think this is still a hot set because she is so sexy. Great arse, fantastic figure and Im loving the pussy fluff. Lots more of Christina please and I look forward to her her emulating her mate Yanna as she has the body, features and Im sure in time attitude to reign supreme on Hegre Favourites 21,29,54, 88 and of course 105

blake United Kingdom

connect the dots Some bizarre and beautiful pictures.

wheeler United States

part 2 first?lol nice to see Christiana again. in more unusually artistic pictures. still wishing for her to sit up a bit, though.

Stuart United Kingdom

Wonderful!! this is my favourite fetish. white underwear/swimwear Thank you!!!

Voyeur United States

Very sexy pictorial. Another beautiful model.

TasteTester United States

EMERGING STAR... Love the intuitive choice of a CIRCULAR BED! Christiana's 360 degree range and latitude of poses all but guarantee her a place among HEGRE FAVORITES. It appears evident that YANNA's 'understudy' has the INTERNAL DYNAMICS and NATURAL BEAUTY to "HIT-HER-MARKS" with her eyes closed! Already anticipating CHRISTIANA's "PURPLE BIKINI"...Bravo!

gordie United States

please don't shave this is so sexy when just has a thin patch its beautiful. missed olga d's agree with pete

Mothership Turkey

ultimate shooting This is almost perfect set for me. Thanks Peter, & Christiana your like an icecream in this white bikinis! I liked the first shots most.

Jeff Germany

Christiana Hello, will we see new galleries and/or films by Christiana? Thx, Jeff

Lucababy Canada

Christiana poses Holy gee, what a professional. Stunning poses. Just drive me nuts about Christiana x x x

dgt99x United States

Christiana in bed I agree with Lucababy, Mothership and others who have commented already: this is a fabulous set! Christiana, you are so beautiful, I cannot find the right words. I especially appreciate the many good views of her strong, excellent legs, and the evidence of her fantastic flexibility. Thanks for the great photography Petter!

Christiana first time posing nude | July 2nd, 2009
Christiana first time posing nude
Laurie United Kingdom

Real Woman ~ Real Blonde Christiana introduces a refreshing natural theme to the site. Difficult to assess her figure in these poses but she appears to have wholesome cuddly curves, not excessive, but perfectly proportioned and the most exquisite nipples.

Rob124 Germany

Nice erected nipples, beautiful girl too. For a first photo session very she allowed very detailed pics of her ass and pussy. Hope there will come more soon...

Paul United Kingdom

Christiana - 1st time Wow, a beauty. love her goose-bumps love her face love her subtly furry fanny - beautifully blonde utter winner. Looking forward to more.

wheeler United States

indeed... an impressive debut! I agree it's hard to assess her figure in these positions.but, it's still nice.Can't wait to see more!

JP United States

Impressive Debut Petter, where do you keep finding such hot models? Love this girl's beautiful face, reminds of Marketa or former SI model, Daniela Pestova. Especially love the succulant furry pussy. Can't wait to see more of this gorgeous girl.

Jim United States

Sweet. Thanks, Yanna, for sending us your look-alike buddy.

alex United Kingdom

christiana great new model,very sexy

JP United States

Just bought a ticket to Prague... ...are there more hot Czech dancers like Christiana and Yanna in Prague. What's the address??

luv_yanna United States

Yanna should get a big bonus for sending this one your way Petter. Smoking HOT women, love the wispy blond pubic hair. I'm looking forward to seeing her interview and future sets.

Dan United States

Well, I see . . . . . . that you've declined to post my critical prior comment . . . this leads me to believe that there's something amiss . . . there are comments before and after mine . . . please post mine, this one and the last, or I will conclude that free speech, and truthful commentary, is not welcome here.

Eric Strong United States

Perfection She is perfection. And, so is the artist's eye. What an amazing combination of beauty and artistic talent.

Pete United Kingdom

Excellent debut A very beautifu, natural woman with a great figure and a very confident start to posing nude. Petter I have suggested many times a joint set for yanna and you have never responded. Please tell me Yanna and Christiana as buddies will do a joint set before Yanna retires. Would any other members like to see this, if so please express your opinions to Petter?

chris United States

christiana lovely figure,love to see more Petter

Laurie United Kingdom

Tut tut Dan Now I wonder what you have said. I have had several comments suppressed mainly because of strong erotic content but you know censorship can encourage one to test the bounderies. No censorship tends to be self regulating but admin appear to be uncomfortable with this concept. Good luck Dan!

will United States

yes! Thanks for the full view of Christiana's bottom spread open (please leave this true blonde's bush alone)!

KOMET United States

CHRISTIANA - New Model from the Czech Republic QUE LINDA MULHER!!! I trust that we will see more of CHRISTIANA in future photo series (and video --- preferably one in which she is covered in oil and treats us to a very erotic dance) before the end of the summer.

jp France


Dan United States

Thanks Laurie I said merely, and I say again, that while the women on this site are the most beautiful on the planet, there seems to be a lack of imagination at work as there is very little variety in setting, and scene . . . seems like a harmless, indeed a constructive comment . . . let's see if this one makes it to your screen . . . Dan

Laurie United Kingdom

Gorgeously Blonde It has just occured to me that as this is Yanna's chum we may well be served up the same boring spread leg stuff. Hope not! Christiana has more potential.

wheeler United States

lovely debut! Cant wait to see more! I wish she had stood up a bit, though. so we can get a better look

David United States

Christiana first time Christiana is an outstanding addition! Where do I start? Her eyes are beautiful. What a wonderful face! I downloaded #15 at 6000 just to enjoy her awesome eyes and mouth. I agree with Laurie about her lovely nipples. (Look at picture #1.) 5' 7" and 112 pounds = one incredible body! Christiana's pussy is so sexy! It's love at first sight.

art United States

Awesome Behind Bottoms UP!

highwaytrews United Kingdom

Amazing Petter, don't worry about the negative stuff, this girl is gorgeous with a fantastic figure [what a back!] and, yes, very rude for her first shoot, normally they take weeks to get this far. I was amazed at the bottom shots! I'm sure there's a part two of this that is even ruder, we'll just have to wait! So nice to see a real blonde with some pubic hair, long may it last.

dgt99x United States

Hello Christiana! As a new subscriber I have only just today found Christiana for the first time, and I find her amazingly beautiful! Please bring her back for many more new sessions, and I especially recommend / request that Zana give her a long, langorous massage!

Rainer Germany

Was für ein schöner Nackedei, was für ein schöner Arsch, mein Spatz steht steif hoch...

Christiana Films COMMENTS

Christiana Pillow Talk | October 20th, 2009
Christiana Pillow Talk
Greg United Kingdom

This is an excellent film and although I wouldn't want to see an interview every week I think it would be a great idea if we could 'meet' the girls in this way and get to know the real person behind the images. Christiana is lovely she has such a sweet and shy personality like the text above says and yet what a naughty little minx she is!! I would like to see Anna S, Marlene, Muriel, Suzie Carina and Dominika C interviewed like this. Thank you Mr Hegre and Chrstiana for a truly fascinating film.

Ramon United Kingdom

great stuff she is like the sexy girl next door

james Norway

beautiful natural girl!! this girl is really amazing!!!

hansi Norway

yeah!! where do i find a girl like this??

Laurie United Kingdom

Normal ~ Natural & Nice She further confirms my long held belief that girls enjoy more intensely loving sexual experiences with other girls. During the interview I couldn\'t help thinking that if this was a British lass she would be tarty, sporting a spray tan and lashings of makeup. Just a thought, it would have been nice to hear her thoughts on literature, art, food and popular culture. Christiana seems like a really nice girl but she does not light my fire.

Jeff United States

That was fun That was lots of fun. I would enjoy hearing what goes through the mind of some of the other hotties on this site as well.

Francis United Kingdom

Christiana Pillow Talk Wow she is one highly sexed young lady , very nice too. I too would like to see more of the lovely ladies on this site interviewed like this.

Paul Mcg United States

She was very frank and honest about her life. Christiana is very charming and beautiful. Her boyfriend is a lucky fellow. Thanks so much. Paul Mcg

Joe Canada

Christiana Pillow Talk I was nice to hear from a model about these topics, but it would even better if they were to talk during a shoot about how they are feeling sexually, especially when they are turned on. To see them masturbate and talk about how they feel would be incredible!

Carne Asana United States

Slovakia For The Win First the National Team qualifies for World Cup and now Christiana graces us superbly. She is so naked in this video and I don't mean lacks clothes, I mean it's her and a camera, raw. What makes this so special is that there is seemingly nothing special about it. That's the magic. I love it.

Laurie United Kingdom

Freedom of Expression Yes Christiana exercised that right very touchingly ~ you Hegre exercised the same priviledge to draw attention to the gallery, but it was a deceit which you chose to defend by censorship because you were uncomfortable with the truth. Genuine artists have always sought to exercise this freedom through art literature and music and many have bravely come to grief for their beliefs.

freddy United States

i guess this is ok but frankly is there another world where its possible to know people as in christina without the trappings of language and sexual barriers. Its easy to see in this film strip christina as unabashidly(hope thats a word) honest. But i sense she is somwhat uncomfortable with it... Good for her ! Shes' sure is cute too

ax1 United Kingdom

christiana very natural,very sexy

largeformat Germany

Pillow Talk I'd like to see more of these interviews. I find it very exciting to hear the girls talk about orgasms, sew with other girls, etc. I love the balance between excitement on the one hand and diturbance and voyeurism on the other

WillWolf United States

Thanks Just sort of blew my mind. Came in with erotic expectations but left stumbling a bit emotionally. Was reminded again, that emotional nakedness is much more intense than physical nudity. It's what true love is built on. So Christiana, thank you for your candor. You appear to be as beautiful on the inside as outside.

impressed1 United States

Wonderful a film like this adds a superb added dimension to this lovely girl, even more so because it is not a put-on show for the camera, Christiana allows us to get closer than we could hope for, and what matters to her, and hopefully to us, is her wonderful candor, not political correctness. A very touching film.

Fred United States

334 How remarkably intimate.

Christiana Rolling in a Round Bed | August 25th, 2009
Christiana Rolling in a Round Bed
ax United Kingdom

christiana very sexy

Mark United States

mesmerizing I don't comment often on Petter's films; however, Petter, this film might be your best. It was mesmerizing, hypnotic. Christiana seemed in her own world, and you captured it perfectly with a subtle soundtrack from Bliss. Great stuff. My only hope/question is: is there more? Christiana seemed on the verge of something 'special.'

Paul Mcg United States

This was a nice touch with the round bed and Christiana is a goddess. I think could be one of your best jet. Thanks so much and can't wait to see more of Christiana. Thanks. Paul Mcg

Pete United Kingdom

Wow We know Christiana has a great body and this fim demonstrates it perfectly, I gree with Mark, Petter you should have kept shooting something great was about to happen. Part 2?

intoit United States

Absolutely stunning Terrific stuff. Another example of what makes this site great. Want to see more of this beauty.

crookedmouth United Kingdom

Gorgeous woman, but I was worried that she was going to fall off the edge of the bed.

nat_pavitt United States

She's a GOD I realize that this i a bit late but I must say that Christinia is amazing!

variable-43 United States

Seriously. The girl is beautiful, but she spends the entire time covering her tasty bits with her hands? Come on!

zeitenwende Germany

CHRISTIANA ROLLING... Very exciting movements by the play of muscles and skin. Really esthetic!