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En Profile

Name: En
Country: Russia
Weight: 53kg
Height: 167cm
Age: 25
Occupation: Artist

En. Russian bare.

Our models come to us in many ways but none more unusual than En. In Germany to be married, she had second thoughts and – free spirit that she is – took off for Barcelona to pose for us.

Perhaps it was because, in her own words, “The camera is in love with me”. The feeling is mutual. She loves posing and it turns her on.

En is originally from Moscow. She is a child of the new Russia with the traditional love of dance and ballet and also the new internationalism of American Apparel clothes. She is creative in her own right and her startling paintings are as erotic and vivid as she is.

They flow from her passionate nature. The girlish pink which is her favourite colour is a thin disguise for the red heat of her inner sexual intensity. “My pussy is an instrument of pleasure” she proclaims. Her fetishes and delights are there to be shared.

En Enticing March 24th, 2015
Gives a whole new meaning to "getting a little head." ;) Sorry, couldn't resist.
Want her back!
En is one of the hottest models on hegre-art ever. She is pure sex. It's sad that we don't get new pics and videos of En.
My first one
The first one; the one you never forget; the one that made you lose your mind; the one that made you buy her flowers; the one that had you singing in the rain... yes that one, the one you will not erase... Thank you En
Thanks so much for this blast from the past. En is without doubt my favourite model since I found you in 2004, and this is wonderful reminder why. Is there any more stashed away in Hegre HQ?
Very nice shoot and nicely erotic, loved the scene on the hood, the lucky skeleton head....would have liked to see her there a bit longer of course but as your intro said I waited and watched for it...and wasn't let down..made me almost cum without touching and that's always fun...

Film Tags

En golden girl July 31st, 2012
Stunningly Sensuous
En has that very indefinable sex appeal that many girls on this site don't possess. They may be beautiful but they fail to provoke passion, whereas En always arouses my senses. Another example of Hegre at his best, a blank canvas, a breathtakingly sexy girl and artfully nuanced posing. And I mean "artfully" in the true sense, in other words, mischievously or cunning, not artistically. I long for her seductive mouth, lips like crushed raspberries, her exquisite nipples and her achingly desirable pudendum. Utterly ravishing...
More of En!
En is so hot. Not so boring like some of the new models. Let us see more new pics of her, please.
Amazingly hot fit.
Always beutiful
golden? I would saay platinum!!
En erotic hotel massage July 12th, 2012
There's already a video
RE: Mmmmmmmmmmm
It already is, been available for a while now, it's called 'Petit Mort Massage'
You gents need to look harder...
...this series is from an already existing massage film: La Petite Mort Massage in the massage section...thank me later...
RE: Mmmmmmmmmmm
There is already a video: check the massages, no. 35
Cant wait for the video.....
A Tease
Can't wait for the video .... still, would have enjoyed seeing more than just cleavage from the masseuse
very nice!
Nice babe, I like .. and I love her butterfly. Sexy shooting
EN Erotic Hotel Massage
En is very beautiful (as usual, but WITHOUT an AK47 or other gun !!). I hope that there will be soon a film about this massage !!
En camera fetish May 17th, 2012
Absolutely pure and beautiful. En completely nude from head to toe in every shot. A pure nude study in which to appreciate En's beauty. Gorgeous!
I just love her she is absolutely beautiful and the most flexible young lady .more of her Please
Very Pedestrian
RE: Photo number 68
I love En, she is very sensuous and gorgeously voluptuous, her mouth so appealing. But the imagery, whilst engaging and pleasant on the eye, leaves one disappointed. She is pleasuring herself in so many images but the camera angles deny the voyeur her moments of sexual arousal. 68 is the exception! You have to turn back the clock a year to Valerie and her delicious orgasm... Need I say more!
En trigger happy April 28th, 2012
Great set - Warm sexy model and the cold steel of the gun go so well together. Remember all you objectors - its not the gun that does damage - its the idiot who pulls the trigger. Grow up you lot!!
This would be more interesting if it wasn't an Airsoft. The bottom of the magazine and screw in the forend aren't correct for a Krinkov. I certainly don't object to the material like EVERY other comment I see...
Put down the AK Rifle
Hoist UP your ASS, from the front, back, side, face forward, REAR, etc..., count on your beauty - not on your rifle. As a war-torn veteran, that rifle was in the cross-hairs of my enemy. Talk about confusing emotions! I hope you get the picture.
This my rifle, this is my gun...
One of the first things I was taught in the military was "never point your weapon at someone unless you intend to use it". I don't like being threatened, even if it is supposedly in "fun". I live in the USA where guns are embedded in the culture and I'm sick of seeing them everywhere. Please, Petter... no more killing machines.
You all restored my faith...
I had enjoyed a couple of months with Hegre-Art then discontinued for a bit, but this controversy motivated me to join up again! En is fabulous and so free, but the gun imagery isn't sexy among the regulars here. That's a compliment! I'm glad to be back.
This is totally wrong! Don't like it at all... :(
To that, expressed by Wheeler! "May there be PEACE, and LOVE, and PERFECTION,...throughout all CREATION, O' GOD!" No more Guns...Petter?
Horrible. Not remotely arousing OR funny. Please don't use guns again.
I don't like being shot at, not even if En is the gun"man"
Easy guys. There have been lots of attempts to create art (even erotic) out of weapons, and more will come. It's not my cup of tea (I prefer swords) also but, somehow En with that naughty russian background seemed to be the right girl for this 'experiment'. Maybe next time Marvel's Black Widow cosplay would work better...
I am so pleased to read these comments against the weapon, I had not anticipated such a response. Even though you lost the plot Hegre, you demonstrated honesty in posting these comments...
well, here's a first! looks like it's more or less unanimous!
She should be sucking on a cock, not a gun barrel.
Hi Petter. This is SO SO wrong. Considering all the 'props' that you presuably have available to you, you choose to use a gun. In this day and age it isn't right. No one want's to see such a gun where it isn't necessary (such as an airport) because they are (quite reitely) scary NOT sexy.
I'm not anti-gun...
but I agree that this is disgusting.
Fuck the gun
Waste of space
Lose the gun!!! It has no place on this site!!!
Puss 'n Boots
Women+guns, just add alcohol for the perfect trifecta of trouble.
The gun
Lose it.
This is unpleasant
Surely there is some better way to pose and present this lovely girl than with a gun.
nahhh. why use this stupid weapon for this nice model--- I prefer flowers or other positive things as rekvisita to show the beaty of your models... please !
nice model but not a gun fan. I don't think I like this set at all. Guns are not sexy at all. She is! loose the gun
not sexy
A woman in army boots and a gun is simply not sexy - my personal opinion
Don't get it
I know some people enjoy the whole "girls and guns" thing. I don't get it. But then, En could pose with a sack of flour, and she'd still be amazing.
It would have been much better to have shown EN FULLY NUDE AND OILED DOWN with a javelin in her hands to emphasize that the London 2012 Summer Olympics is less than 100 days away. (Why again use the theme of "assault weapon as phallic proxy"?)
mmm. Huns with guns. Nice spokes Model for the NRA.
What on earth is erotic about a piece of equipment designed to kill people? En is a beautiful girl and she is defiled by posing with this instrument of death. What can we expect next? A hand grenade protruding from the vagina? A noose that has actually been used in an execution wrapped around a model? Peter, your work is fantastic but you degrade yourself with this.
A GUN????
En is quite a nice looking girl, but wtf is she doing with the gun, and why did anyone took pictures of it? Sorry, but this is the opposite of sexy or erotic pictures! The gun makes this the worst gallery here on hegre-art.com. Isn't there already enough pain in the world? Is it really necessary to play down war and crime? Sorry to say, but shame on you Hegre!