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Mercedes Profile

Name: Mercedes
Country: Ukraine
Weight: 41kg
Height: 157cm
Age: 21
Occupation: Medical Student

Petite power pack

Mercedes continues to be a huge hit with her followers on the Live Cams service. Now she is also fulfilling her ambition to be an erotic model.

Ukrainian girls have a fantastic reputation for their beauty. When you add in Mercedes’ dash of Armenian heritage the result is an exotic mix. This long haired brunette with the petite body is blessed with rich, full breasts. Her eyes have a mysterious charm. She has a vibrant personality and takes genuine pleasure in everything erotic.

Maybe that is because of her interest in the human body. Mercedes is a final year medical student. She is looking forward to putting her knowledge of anatomy to use.

Now is your chance to give the doctor an all-over physical examination. This is the time to join Mercedes’ very private practice.

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Mercedes Private WebCam December 31st, 2013
Very nice video! She is very hot. Will Mercedes come back to live cams?
Live Cams- Mercedes and Others
My comments here are not intended to be dogmatic, but to express my preferences. I agree that Live Cam shows are the safest means of sexual contact for the models who help participants to express themselves, both literally and metaphorically. I just would prefer that the procedure were not so insensitive; but that is probably a factor of the physical separation involved. Whilst I accept that women can be just as crude as men, I feel that, in all sexual encounters -- even remote or virtual ones -- that some respect should be manifested because the model is no less human because appearing on screens rather than being physically in the room with the viewer. So appreciative compliments should be plentiful and wishes expressed as polite requests rather than blunt demands. If viewers and models are both content to display their sex -- which implies a request from the viewer as to acceptability -- that's fine, but it shouldn't be taken for granted. In other words, the sexual activity should be kept personal rather than impersonal or mechanical and the participants should both show their pleasure in the encounter.
RE: Mercedes Live Cam
Wait now...she is pretty "crude" too, by simply asking them to cum as fast as possible, don't you think? But yes, some men are very crude...by the way...the same number of women are crude too.
RE: Private Cam Session
One man's "sleazy" is another man's "pleasey"...there are TONS of women who LOVE sleazy, naughty sexual things....to me, this is more natural than the "civilized" behaviors we are trapped within. Let go to your primal nature...it is healthy and fun. Mercedes is creating that by asking right away for the man to cum for her....no making love fantasy, no whisper talking or seduction, etc....just shoot your wad. On the larger thing here: Web cams are probably one of the healthiest, safest and wholesome ways for people to be sexually expressive without all the burdens of being owned and controlled by a marriage, etc....in fact, web cams may be SAVING marriages, so sexual fulfillment and variety doesn't have to be a REAL person in the flesh outside the marital bed. Mercedes is a sex worker and these are her customers, so they get what they want. She actually could do a lot better at being that lover, rather than just a gorgeous naked body asking the man to cum in one minute. I would want to see HER have at least one orgasm after we make love in fantasy for awhile before I could have one for myself, but she'd get pretty tired doing THAT for all her many customers. It's clean fun and doesn't require a man to buy into a whole time-wasting relationship that's mostly for the woman just to have fun sex once in awhile. What a blessing this is and there are MILLIONS and MILLIONS of women doing this now (men too I suppose)....more sex means less war and a happier world.
Some of these posts only serve to affirm my long held belief that lots of guys have very little lateral vision when it comes to sex, art and stimulation. With blinkered vision they see their own desires, turn ons and beliefs as somehow being the de facto ones, and anyone else's to be somehow weird, sad or just plain wrong. Guys, it is the very fact that examples of the human animal are so diverse, that we have been so successful as a genre. How can you be a member of an arty, sexy web site and be so close minded?! Come on guys, open your minds, live and let live!
Private Cam Session
Mercedes is truly awesome. However, this video is one of the sleaziest, repulsive things I have ever seen. Maybe that was the intent? Just sayin'.
Just watched this and to say the least I was a little shocked and disappointed, not by the model but by the atmosphere. I thought that I was a pervert but this left me cold,there are some proper weirdos out there!!! Just looked like a masturbation shop!! I can't imagine Mercedes was turned on by many if any of her customers, would like to hear her view on that! Watching the video made my fantasies and the webcam rather seedy and I cannot imagine the models get much enjoyment out of it, but I may be wrong. Mercedes is still beautiful but prefer to see her in her own films and galleries
Does everybody feel the urge to show their dicks to the camgirls while jerking off? Well I don't. I got a sticker on my cam-lens. And I don't rub my dick on air. Mercedes seems to be quite nice during the shows. In between the private sessions she always seemed bored to me, didn't look into the camera, didn't bother to have conversation with anybody except "only in private" - whenever I came across her. I don't think, she was too successful there even though she has a very special body and face. Wheeler: I am getting nervous about your fantasies now!
Sigh. I really miss Mercedes on this site. She is one of the hottest women to EVER be on Hegre-Art. Please bring her back for more.
Mercedes Live Cam
Looks as if Mercedes hasn't epilated her pubes for a few days. Why do so many men make idiots of themselves with their stupidly crude questions?. They should be complimenting her for being so generously open for them; but she dealt well with their crass comments and kept smiling throughout.
well, I must say, that guy's last question made me a bit less nervous about my own fantasies! LOL (I especially like the way lovely Mercedes handled it!lol)
Mercedes shower stimulation August 24th, 2012
It's said "beauty is in the eyes of the beholder" and I see the beauty of Mercedes in her eyes. Like Leandro's Genevra de' Benci, Mercedes's virtues follow her beauty (VIRTUTEM FORMA DECORAT). It is a privilege to see her!!! Thx Luv
yet another set begging for a video!
Mercedes a wet dream August 7th, 2012
you are one of my favourites mercedes. so beautiful and uninhibited. thank you
I would have to agree with you. Maybe we could both lick her.
Sweet Mercedes has the loveliest bottom. How I would live to run my tongue around that tight little hole and taste her funky beauty!
Very nice
Nice & sexy ... I love her!
Mercedes dreaming of a lover July 22nd, 2012
hands off!
Such an exquisite girl ruined by hands covering crucial areas, at least give us some hands free shots, the others do nothing for me except regret a photo opportunity lost.
well, it used to be about us enjoying pretty girls, I thought!
desert dry pussy
Great photos of a hot chick , but as samurai also reckons it's about time these girls got to show some wet pussy. If its this dry is she really enjoying herself ? As this is what it's all about , us appreciating her enjoyment .
Voluptuous Dream
Oh my god... Mercedes, the raw sexuality you exude is unabashed and wonderfully exciting. You turn me on immeasurably!
Mercedes is a petite good looking kinky girl and I like her a lot, if/when she stops acting her show off with desert dry pussy.
dreaming of mercedes!
Mercedes soapy shower July 11th, 2012
Beautiful girl. It's a shame that she shaves her pubic hair. Not only is it badly done - she should be better off with a professional waxing before a shoot - it is also disturbing the viewing pleasure especially when one opens the XXXXXlarge photo and discovers that she possesses this very attractive natural blond fur all over her body. Stay hairy please !
very much loving the wet themes of late!still dying for some motion, though!
Delectable Mercedes
Wow, this girl surely lights up my fire! I must say the finger in her ass caught me unawares, but that made the surprise all the more pleasant. I love how Mercedes' delectable body is covered all over in soft furry hair; so i would suggest she grow a nice thick bush of pubic hair. Oh my god that would make her ferociously attractive...