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Marika Profile

Name: Marika
Country: Russia
Weight: 49kg
Height: 172cm
Age: 18
Occupation: Student

Romantic yearnings

There is music to the ears and there is sweet music to the eyes. Marika brings both in abundance.

She is currently studying music at the University of Moscow and plans to make it her life. Marika sees a future for herself where she will sing to the world. Nostalgia and romance are her thing. They go with her typically passionate Russian temperament. Marika has the soul and personality to express such vivid emotions through song. She believes in experiencing life in the most intense way she can.

At age eighteen she has already immersed herself in the cosmopolitan pleasures of Moscow. Sophisticated and assured, she is ready for anything. Her motto is “Life is short – live it all”.

Now her ambitions spread far beyond her Russian homeland. Marika is a singer to note.

Marika shiny sexy September 25th, 2013
gotta say it, once again...VIDEO PLEASE!!!
Nice Girl
Even with her good morning face, she is beautifull and the serie is very nice, is good to look this girls with very few make up.
I'd love to see MARIKA in an extensive photo (& video) series with MIKE, in which both their fully nude bodies are well-oiled. (Let them play and frolic together libres de la tirania de la ropa.)
Marika 18 years August 31st, 2013
tired of all these shaved models, let's have some nature coming!
Sexy Eyes
Marika has lovely hair and cherry blossom skin tones. This delightful girl has such a fragrant presence, I imagine she farts rose petals...
what else is there to say? STUNNING!!!
Marika passion and pleasure August 13th, 2013
To suggest may be better that to show. Suggérer peut être sublime.
Marika teen talent August 3rd, 2013
RE: Photo number 60
Best coin slot / clam pussy for a long time!
Oh my! Thank you Marika for sharing your perfectly lickable asshole!
Sexy Eyes
This gallery is a great improvement on her last where Marika was confined to the narrow constrains of a tub. Now one can indulge in her exquisite femininity, playful sensuousness and delicious pudendum. A finger or two teasingly slid deep would have been sexually exciting!
marika teen talent
Splendid,morbide, soft,pulpose,aboundant, carnality, wonderfull pussy,,,,,and as is beauty his meat!!!!! A true teen talent!!!!
very talented, indeed! (and, you cant tell me THOSE arent real!lol)
Marika hot bath July 27th, 2013
Great eyes. Quels beaux yeux !
once again, I must beg for a video!!!