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Foto de Marika


Foto de Marika
Nombre: Marika
País: Rusia
Peso: 49kg
Altura: 172cm
Edad: 18
Ocupación: Estudiante

Sueños románticos

Hay música que es para escuchar y hay cosas que son música para tus ojos. Marika ofrece ambos tipos en abundancia.

En la actualidad estudia música en la Universidad de Moscú y a eso se quiere dedicar. Marika se ve cantando para el mundo. Nostalgia y romance son su estilo. Van con su temperamento ruso, típicamente apasionado. Marika tiene el alma y la personalidad para expresar emociones así de vívidas a través del canto. Cree en experimentar la vida de la manera más intensa posible.

A sus 18 años se ha adentrado en los placeres cosmopolitas de Moscú. Sofisticada y segura de sí misma, está lista para todo. Su lema es "la vida es corta - vívelo todo".

Ahora sus ambiciones se extienden fuera de su Rusia natal. Marika es una cantante que no debe perderse de vista.

Marika Galerías COMENTARIOS

Marika shiny sexy | September 25th, 2013
Marika shiny sexy
KOMET Estados Unidos de América

MARIKA - SEXY y CALIENTE I'd love to see MARIKA in an extensive photo (& video) series with MIKE, in which both their fully nude bodies are well-oiled. (Let them play and frolic together libres de la tirania de la ropa.)

PacoEco México

Nice Girl Even with her good morning face, she is beautifull and the serie is very nice, is good to look this girls with very few make up.

wheeler Estados Unidos de América

gotta say it, once again...VIDEO PLEASE!!!

Marika 18 años | August 31st, 2013
Marika 18 años
wheeler Estados Unidos de América

what else is there to say? STUNNING!!!

Laurie Reino Unido

Sexy Eyes Marika has lovely hair and cherry blossom skin tones. This delightful girl has such a fragrant presence, I imagine she farts rose petals...

andre Francia

models tired of all these shaved models, let's have some nature coming!

Marika pasión y placer | August 13th, 2013
Marika pasión y placer
delavignette Bélgica

RE:Marika To suggest may be better that to show. Suggérer peut être sublime.

Marika talento adolescente | August 3rd, 2013
Marika talento adolescente
wheeler Estados Unidos de América

very talented, indeed! (and, you cant tell me THOSE arent real!lol)

pier_hart19 Italia

marika teen talent Splendid,morbide, soft,pulpose,aboundant, carnality, wonderfull pussy,,,,,and as is beauty his meat!!!!! A true teen talent!!!!

Laurie Reino Unido

Sexy Eyes This gallery is a great improvement on her last where Marika was confined to the narrow constrains of a tub. Now one can indulge in her exquisite femininity, playful sensuousness and delicious pudendum. A finger or two teasingly slid deep would have been sexually exciting!

Variable-43 Estados Unidos de América

Oh my! Thank you Marika for sharing your perfectly lickable asshole!

Agent9 Suecia

RE: Photo number 60 Best coin slot / clam pussy for a long time!

Marika baño caliente | July 27th, 2013
Marika baño caliente
wheeler Estados Unidos de América

once again, I must beg for a video!!!

delavignette Bélgica

Marika Great eyes. Quels beaux yeux !

Marika Ritz Carlton Moscú | July 19th, 2013
Marika Ritz Carlton Moscú
wheeler Estados Unidos de América

marika can stay at my suite free of charge!

KOMET Estados Unidos de América

MARIKA: ENJOYING 'LA GRANDE VIE' MARIKA: Regal, resplendent, au naturel.

Laurie Reino Unido

Sexy Eyes And yet more utterly fuckable arse. Bring it on Hegre...

Rico Portugal

invite Seductive way to call you to bed :) ...

ailefroide Bélgica

Marika Moscou Perfect.

Marika cuerpo brillante | July 6th, 2013
Marika cuerpo brillante
wheeler Estados Unidos de América

naked wet marika...what could be better? only a video!

Laurie Reino Unido

Sexy Eyes Pink, puckered and quite exquisite, how my tongue lolls for for the decadent delights of your exquisite anus...

Laurie Reino Unido

Privet! Vy ochen' krasivy. Govorite li vy po angliyski?

Tony Italia

Fantastic Gorgeous as always! Sounds like Some little Back door fun just happened before the set...Fantastic lady!

Variable-43 Estados Unidos de América

That sweet, puckered anus...was it recently packed with some meat? And your vagina -- is it bleeding? OMG. Unreal!

Erekhart Alemania

my favorites... ...are pictures 8 to 32 -- looking Marikas open legs from that low, voyeuristic perspective really turns me on.

Laurie Reino Unido

Aesthetic Eroticism I cannot argue with Erekhart's choice of images, they are very erotic and Marika certainly appears to be aroused. Compelling, intensely beautiful and utterly irresistible...

delavignette Bélgica

Marika Pile ou face ou de profil, c'est beau. Great in every side.

Marika belleza bañándose | June 18th, 2013
Marika belleza bañándose
KOMET Estados Unidos de América

сдравствуй MARIKA! Another Siren has entered into the fold, free da tirania da roupa.

wheeler Estados Unidos de América

pics 50-55 two marikas are better than one! hehehe

Wildman Reino Unido

Beautiful Hello Marika! What a lovely bottom you have! Looking forward to more.

ailefroide Bélgica

marika smiling What a pleasure to see much more your eyes, your face, much more than in the first and amazing show.

Marika moscovita | June 8th, 2013
Marika moscovita
wheeler Estados Unidos de América

yet another lovely addition! cant wait to see more!

Eddie Estados Unidos de América

Marika Excellent!! What a girl to wake up to.

DanDaBald Estados Unidos de América

Nice start - hope she warms up and shows more . . . . . Please?

Fract Holanda

Just... stunning. So real, so natural and so beautiful. She has a kind hart, I would think. Precisely my type of girl, in every way imaginable.

ailefroide Bélgica

Marika first Exceptionally beautiful. Hope to see you smiling more.

Marika Películas COMENTARIOS

Marika Magical Muse | June 18th, 2013
Marika Magical Muse
Chet Estados Unidos de América

New talent Marika is a great new talent. I am looking forward to a lot more action from her.

Klaus Alemania

Pretty ass What a pretty ass you have Marika and it is great to see the way you shake it like you do.

Cheng Hong Kong

All the way Marika it is so exciting the way that you touch yourself. Give us a lot more like this all the way to a big orgasm.

Theo Estados Unidos de América

More practice Marika is lovely but she needs more practice masturbating for the camera. The movie is a tad disjointed and jerky for me.

Calvin Estados Unidos de América

RE: More practice I think that she is maybe just nervous Theo. She looks to me like she will be real hot once she settles down.

wheeler Estados Unidos de América

well, it worked for me! gorgeous!

baladirou Francia

beauty vraiment un bonheur de regarder cette beauté mise en erotisme class!!

JJ Reino Unido

Purrrrrrrrrrrr A real woman, enough said

Lion_01 Holanda

What a woman! Magical is the right wrd indeed! The way she moves that flawless and powerful young body is pure eye candy. When she rolls over and goes doggy to show her firm ass and hot legs... my god!