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オレシア | ウクライナ ギャラリー: 12


名前: オレシア
国: ウクライナ
体重: 54kg
身長: 180cm
年齢: 22
職業: バレエダンサー




モデルを始めたばかりの22才のオレシアは、バレエのキャリアを追い続けている。6才の頃からバレエを続けていて、「ウクライナ州バレエ団(Ukraine State Ballet)」のプリマバレリーナとして踊った経験もある。おそらくバレエはウクライナでは最も要求のある職業だ。練習以外のときは、違うリズムが要求される現代ダンスを楽しんでいる。


オレシアギャラリー コメント

オレシア | April 17th, 2005
Allan デンマーク

Oh my goodness... (or goddess would be more actuate!) In my humble opinion Olesya is close to perfect! Beautiful face, wonderful body, well... Just perfect. Thank you :)

オレシア 真珠ガール | August 19th, 2004
オレシア 真珠ガール
Pete 英国

Slim & tall Slim and tall with a great oned body and the cutest of tits, definately want to see more of Olesya

pete カナダ

beautiful,....please show more of her lips!

toelicker ドイツ

a girl directly likned to my dream last night:-)

オレシア 椅子の上で | May 17th, 2004
オレシア 椅子の上で
claptrap アメリカ

Olesya Great start but really bogs down and becomes boring.

オレシア D&Gのスカート | May 13th, 2004
オレシア D&Gのスカート
Tewo ノルウェー

Stunning legs! I just can't get enough of this sexy girl with those stunning legs. Long, slim, sexy!

オレシア 白いパンティー | May 15th, 2004
オレシア 白いパンティー
Tewo ノルウェー

More long legs! Oh my God! More pictures of sexy Olesya with her long, slim and stunning legs combined with her tight and smooth ass! I just love her!

オレシア 屋外で | May 14th, 2004
オレシア 屋外で
fasteddie アメリカ

comes alive in fur

オレシア 白い真珠 | April 26th, 2004
オレシア 白い真珠
Tewo ノルウェー

Stunning legs with pantyhose! Olesya is incredible sexy in pantyhose! Her long, slim and perfectly shaped legs is really stunning, and I would love to kiss and stroke her long legs with my hands feeling the nylon tight to her smooth skin. Being close to her pantyhosed legs seeing the structure of the nylon streching all the way from her toes up to her bottom makes me want to cum on her legs! Please give us more of Olesya in pantyhose!

オレシア | May 12th, 2004
Igor 英国

wow - lets see some of your other models in gorgeous D&G gear

fasteddie アメリカ

she is so delicate

Tewo ノルウェー

Oh my God! Look at those legs! Olesya is a goddess when she is wearing pantyhose! Look at those long, slim and sexy legs with a thin pantyhose, a short skirt and sexy boots! Her legs are just stunning looking just like a catwalk model with amazing legs! Her sexy ass is both narrow and tight covered with sexy nylon. I would love to feel those pantyhosed legs with my hands, and see the contrast between her white pantyhose.

Steff アメリカ

Olesya She is very slender and elagant the way I like.

オレシア | May 16th, 2004
Tewo ノルウェー

My favourite leg model! Olesya is one of my top fav leg models on the net! She has those characteristic legs of a leg model; long, slim and very nice shaped all the way from the ankles to a small, tight and narrow ass. She is most sexy when she wears a pair of thin stockings or pantyhose emphasizing her legs even more. I would love to kiss and touch her legs for hours.