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Foto de Helena


Foto de Helena
Nombre: Helena
País: Francia
Peso: 50kg
Altura: 178cm
Edad: 20
Ocupación: Modelo

Segura de sí misma y con aspecto de niño

Al crear ese conjunto de obras que Petter Hegre ha bautizado como el Nuevo Desnudo, su objetivo ha sido el de encontrar chicas naturales y sensuales para presentarlas en situaciones cotidianas.

MEDIANTE ESTE modus operandi, prescindiendo del maquillaje, los peinados elaborados y cualquier otro artificio, Petter consigue revelarnos una parte de la naturaleza interior de sus modelos. Picasso describió el arte como "una mentira que nos acerca a la verdad", y en estos estudios de Helena Karel podemos ver en sus rasgos una tierna inocencia que ni sus implantes de silicona ni los accesorios sadomasoquistas consiguen ocultar.

Helena Karel acaba de cumplir los 20, está debutando como modelo, es una fanática del 'fitness' y tiene intenciones de crear su propio sitio web. Rebosa confianza en sí misma, lo cual se debe, según ella misma confiesa, a sus pechos aumentados. Odiaba su cuerpo de chico porque destruía su autoestima, pero ahora puede presumir de una apariencia de lujo y mostrar su cuerpo como a ella le gusta.

Helena Karel es una verdadera belleza y en Hegre-Art la consideramos una auténtica Chica Hegre.

Helena Galerías

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Helena Galerías COMENTARIOS

Helena Karel medias navideñas | December 12th, 2007
Helena Karel medias navideñas
JP Estados Unidos de América

Supersexy!! Helena just oozes with sex appeal. Love that belly tattoo, which gives her a dark and dangerous look. Her body is tight!!

sirstefanofb Australia

Well i'm 'GobSmacked' all i can say is a very 'cunning stunt'

drummer Estados Unidos de América

Helena Not one of my favorites, short on picture quantity, and the subject is not in very interesting poses. I also find Helena tattoo unappealing. Sorry- just my opinion.

Michael Canada

Think of the tatoo as something to look at while you are having breakfast in bed! I rather like picture 41-very engaging smile.

Mike Estados Unidos de América

Helena is obviously attractive but to me it is a shame to see breasts that are unnaturally firm and round from artificial enhancement. I would much rather see the natural alternative.

Rob Reino Unido

Very sexy indeed. For those who don't know, Helena is a hard core porn star.

don Canada

I don't think I would take her home to meet mother, but she has a beautiful pussy

Miguel Estados Unidos de América

Helena Helena's photos even when photographed acting silly are oozing with her sex appeal. Photos of her on this site are beautiful, love the simplicity of just a naked woman.

Eric Estados Unidos de América

No more fake boobs! The real thing is much better!

btrhea_PPxrn Estados Unidos de América

No thanks! Fake boobs are gross.

Helena Karel neblina morada | January 15th, 2008
Helena Karel neblina morada
Miguel Estados Unidos de América

Helena Karel Beautiful work, Love seeing her naked (Head-to-Toe).

alex Reino Unido

helena aiways fantastic.

gaspare Noruega

ooooh!!! wouldn't I love to be that stool !! What else, oh yes, I envy the photographer.

bike Estados Unidos de América

if you like tats in weird places and torpedoes to get your freak on. she is smokin' hot with a great look! thanks! :-)

JP Estados Unidos de América

Lucky Stool ... Helena is still the sexiest babe on Hegre-Art.com. Regardless of the tattooes and silicone breasts, she has an amazing presence in front of the camera. By the way, I actually love the belly tattoo.

Ralph Estados Unidos de América

I don't find fake breasts, spray on tans, or monster tattoo's attractive. Sorry.

Marc Alemania

For me, Helene is the sexiest women of the side and in the web! She is sex pure

Rnixon Estados Unidos de América

Helena-Hedgre Helena is a goddess... Hedgre is a photographic god!

Jim Estados Unidos de América

Helena She is built like a brick ......well, you know what I mean. Yahoo, tomorrow is Yanna.

Jr Dinamarca

Unfortunately, on many of the photos Helena looks more tired and annoyed than sensual and sexy....

sirstefanofb Australia

Helena is a real 'Hornbag'.......... Arrrrrgggghhhhh.

johanna Alemania

You the best Model . Du bist super gut. p.s

mike Reino Unido

Helena What a potentially stunning model. I agree 100% with 'Ralph 15 Jan' - fake breasts, spray on tan & very unsubtle tattoos are a complete turn off for me.

Marty Estados Unidos de América

Almost I agree with some of the others - implants, tattoos, and really tan skin don't do anything for me. At least her hair is its natural color. =D

ardunbye Reino Unido

helena Karel purple haze She is such a travesty of natural beauty, that I don't see 'purple haze' I see 'RED MIST'.

Marc Alemania

Helena I hope there is a comeback with her

Marc Alemania

I hope shy comes back!!!

Barndini Reino Unido

Boyish?? Strange word to use in her profile! If she's boyish, then I must be into boys!! Amazing. Perfect. Beautiful.

Helena Karel mujer Conan | September 18th, 2007
Helena Karel mujer Conan
sirstefanofb Australia

Helena is ALL Woman.... At the risk of being censured may I say she is simply 'Boobalacious-Cuntacious-Fantacious'

alex Reino Unido

helena always a pleasure to see the incredible helena.

Rey Estados Unidos de América

Agree with sirstefanofb. She is one step larger than life. How do beings like this happen on this planet?

sirstefanofb Australia

Rey.... they are a creation of a very kind and considerate nature.... who creates such Godesses for our hedonistic pleasure.... for which I am eternally grateful.

mortician Estados Unidos de América

nice body Helena body is very beautiful I love the tattoo on her belly, beautiful breast WOW she is very sexy lady.

Marc Alemania

Dreamgirl For me, Helena is the best of all!! I whish, that threr are comming an Oilset oneday

heinrich Irlanda

Helena, your lovely face, your ample breasts, your thrusting clit;arousing to say the least

jeff Bell Estados Unidos de América

Helena This person is simply the most beautiful girl in the world. I am a body snob with an ultra fit/lean body. She is without a doubt the sexiest thing I've ever seen, man, woman or creature.

Luclaf Canada

Helena beauty Two things : she has very attractive face lips. Second, the softness of her armpits skin area teels me that she must have absolute satin skin all over her body.

ardunbye Reino Unido

Helena Karel she Conan DOES anybody really like those RIDICULOUS TITS or are they all swayed by her beautiful face and gorgeous pussy? I shan't bother with her further, there are plenty of natural girls on this site to enjoy.

Helena Karel actriz | August 28th, 2007
Helena Karel actriz
Dan from Texas Estados Unidos de América

Helena Karel actress In the beginning I thought Helena looked too "hard" for my tastes. But alas, when she smiles the whole world seems brighter! What a beautiful woman! Bravo.

Julian Estados Unidos de América

Helena Karel is so sexy. Always a pleasure to see her. Can't wait to see more.

jk Estados Unidos de América

I have to agree with Dan regarding the perception of hardness with Helena. I'm surprised that Petter would feature such obvious implants, and Helena's tatoo is another turnoff for me. But this portfolio spotlights Helena's softer more playful side. As a result this is probably my favorite set of Helena pictures.

Dave Bower Grenada

Helena Karel actress Helena is, without doubt, the sexist girl Petter has ever photographed!!!

Mike Estados Unidos de América

Helena Helena is attractive, but I prefer to see real breasts, and real women.

SE Estados Unidos de América

I'm not really sure what this site is going for.

specialk531 Estados Unidos de América

Are they such obvious implants i see no scars there i prefer to think they are just that perfect

dave Estados Unidos de América

love helena hope you can bring her back again. she is awesome and hot!!!

Helena Karel arte corporal | January 15th, 2007
Helena Karel arte corporal
alex Reino Unido

helena a beautiful work of art,helena is fantastic.

Ralph Estados Unidos de América

No good Fake boobs and ugly tattoos are not appealing to look at. Please provide a lot less of Helena, or drop her altogether from the site.

Aaron Estados Unidos de América

the brown skin/white background is great

Nicko Estados Unidos de América

She's very hot and sexy and she's knows it !! Photos are very erotic, plus I LOVE the close shave, it appears she had laser hair removal down there. VERY NICE HELENA, VERY NICE !!!

Jake Canada

Helenas body art A work of art about a work of art wearing a work of art!

GG Estados Unidos de América

I agree with Ralph. The main appeal of your site to me are women with no tatoos and fake boobs. I find both tatoos and silicon breasts as a sign of insecurity and insecure women are not sexy to me.

John Estados Unidos de América

Ralph and GG what are you smoking? Remove Helena?! She's why I joined in the first place. She may not be perfect but she's is the closest you'll get to perfect. She is one of the top girls on this site.

Joseph Thorpe Estados Unidos de América

Helena Karel She would be awesome if she removed those oversized, very fake looking breasts.....she looks stunning from the rear though!

robin Canada

Model what a beautiful girl so sad she is ruined by those awful tatoos

Helena Karel ángel oscuro | February 5th, 2007
Helena Karel ángel oscuro
Julian Estados Unidos de América

These are great shots of Helena. Loved the camera angle. Wish there were more photos in this gallery.

GG Estados Unidos de América

Double jeopardy: tattoo and fake boobs! Promoting the beauty of woman’s body is not consistent with this repulsiveness.

Giorgio Italia

Put her in a sauna like you did with Hana!

Dessert Fox Bélgica

Helena Karel Pure silicone. Ugly!

Mr Snob Reino Unido

Not really what us Hegre-ites are looking for.

penthesilea Suiza

Helena Karel A really beautiful woman. I love her way to "play" with the camera...Nice work! Perhaps next time more "whole body shoots", cause she wears nice boots and it is a pity that you don^t show them while she is standing...

Helena Karel voyeur | March 26th, 2007
Helena Karel voyeur
Dan from Texas Estados Unidos de América

Helena Karel When I was first introduced to Helena via your website I was not sure if I liked her. Back then the scenes were in dungeons and she had a slightly evil smile. You persisted and now I am a fan. She really is a beautiful woman and you knew it all along. I was just slower. Thanks for showing me her beauty.

lee_calvin Canada

perfect Helena is my dream woman.

R. Mutt Estados Unidos de América

Helena is my favorite girl on this website, behind the deliciously adorable Luba. This is a great photoset of her, thank you!

Jake Canada

Voyeur Helena is amazing. That dark skin, Every line, curve, surface, look, and smile. Ummm Perfect!

ME Reino Unido


tom t Estados Unidos de América

helena in my opinion the tatoo ruined her looks

Helena Karel dulce vampiresa | November 14th, 2006
Helena Karel dulce vampiresa
alex Reino Unido

helena Helena is such a sexy woman,this is the first time i have seen her smile,and look like she is really enjoying the session,which just adds to this being a fab set of pictures.

Phil Suecia

perfect beauty Absolutely GREAT! Helena is a bombastic woman, with dark eyes you get lost in, fantastic hair, beautiful breasts and hands, an absolutely perfect pussy and even her a..hole is divine!! I'm stunned! Congratulations Petter!

GERBOU Francia

Fantastic Helena Karel. A breathtaking beauty which knows how to get us excited, very excited. Wonderful spread. 10 +++++++++...........

Blackman Alemania

Sie ist das Beste ,und Natürlichste was der Modelmarkt hergibt .

Helena Karel cuerpo y alma | July 28th, 2006
Helena Karel cuerpo y alma
Eddie Estados Unidos de América

sensational Her body is perfect. I voted 10

Guy Estados Unidos de América

Helena Fake , fake fake, why waste the film. Makes a pretty woman look silly.

btrhea Estados Unidos de América

????? Is this Hegre Art or American Playboy?

CAMBOU Proveedor via Satélite

Pffffffff...... ...great choice for the background! Unhappily, the plastic model in front hides it.

Sean Estados Unidos de América

I gave it low marks mainly because the whole shoot is boring and put me to sleep. I'm not much on plastic breasts or those desecrating type of tats, but in the right kind of poses (mainly from the back) this girl can be somewhat sexy.

Chris Estados Unidos de América

Like the others, the tattoos and fake breasts detract. This website is about natural beauty, not artificial. Was disappointed.

Frank White Estados Unidos de América

gorgeous, erotic, sexual

Frank White Estados Unidos de América

For those who can't get past implants, for Gods sake, look at her face. Incredible, erotic beyond..

Vinç. Francia

Tout simplement fantastique! Le modèle est splendide et rayonnante,le thème est très intéressant et l'on dirait qu'Helena est la réincarnation de la Déesse représentée derrière elle... De l'exellent travail!!! 10/10 Chapeau bas, Vincent

Helena Karel rosa pasión | September 13th, 2006
Helena Karel rosa pasión
Tony Montana Reino Unido

Helena Helena, what can I say. INCREDIBLE congratulations drom Argentina

Dan from Texas Estados Unidos de América

Helena Karel I love the changes taking place with Helen Karel! The make-up changed and so has the dark dungeon clothes. She is a strikingly beautiful woman.

Ralph Estados Unidos de América

Seen better Pretty girl, but the fake boobs have to go.

T. J. Snow Canada

Helena Very lovely. Can we get more?

Cal Estados Unidos de América

Helena Karel The fake breasts are horrible. This model is a waste of badwidth.

Gook Francia

Proposal Every model, every session is a proposal isn't it? like al about art. Helena's breast is her own choice. From my point of view , and it's only this, they are really beautiful. And Helena is becoming more and more charming, thanks to Peter. Will she tell us who's made the tatoo for her?

Helena Karel bañera negra | December 20th, 2006
Helena Karel bañera negra
jake Canada

exiting! A very exiting lady. Love that tatoo!

Gareth Estados Unidos de América

spread eagle Helena is gorgeous... and a big naughty ;) love it when she shows us her goods!

Ian Reino Unido

Beautiful, a very very sexy .

GG Estados Unidos de América

What I like about your site is no silicon and no tatoos. This lady would be beautiful with her natural breasts and no ugly tatoo. Why would you put a tatoo on such a beautiful body?

PhotoBob Reino Unido

Despite the fact Helena is less 'naural' than some of the girls on the site, there's something about her you just can't take your eyes off. Sexy and seductive, very nice set of pictures.

Alya Lover Estados Unidos de América

Back door What sets this set apart is her many views of her very inviting back door. who could turn that down? NOBODY, that's who.

Luclaf Canada

Helena beauty Could appear werd to say, but Helena posess the most beautiful face lips and armpits of all. Often dream about kissing her. Thanks Helena for your gorgeous poses. Your pics often show that you are a professional model.

Helena Karel en casa | June 4th, 2007
Helena Karel en casa
Dave Grenada

Helena Karel at home "... and now she has stepped out with a super new look she adores showing her body" I simply adore her body as well - but her face is truely wonderful!!! She is my favorite girl - 11/10!!

alex Reino Unido

helena always a treat to see the fantastic helena karel.

geroki Alemania

sorry I'm so sorry, but I feel that a tattooed porn actress with unnatural looking breasts is somewhat like a foreign body under all this ravishing beauties at hegre-art. Sorry, sorry, sorry...

Andrew Islas Caimán

I like the feminine wardrobe on Helena in this one, and the activity is not bad either!

vaz Reino Unido

re: sorry man whatever u say, she is special, which other model (except of Luba or Mona) can beat her ? She's one of my favourites, these boobs makes her body very special, so if mother nature doesn't want, we have to help sometimes, I don't realy mind :)

Dave_1 Francia

The debate about Helena's silicon tendencies has been largely aired. I also happen to be of the opinion that she would have been better natural. All the same a decision made is a decision made so let's give the girl a break. This gallery concentrates on the rest - a beautiful face and a magnificent body.

Helena Karel sábanas moradas | May 23rd, 2006
Helena Karel sábanas moradas
skanor Estados Unidos de América

helena k ,,,one of the best seen thanks lets see her again

patrick bob tobe Francia

helena H., you are, I shall admit it, definitely, beautiful. A French (?) sculpture. And youir face is not B... just lovely. A dream. Un songe d'une nuit d'été. But... A question: Why such a tatoo on your skin? Disruption of the harmony. Your wonderful plastic just doesn'nt need it. Explanations? I'm so curious.... Waiting peacefully for your next income with P.H., merci. P.

CAMBOU Proveedor via Satélite

THIS model. Plastic tits make plastic pics!!!

hotphotoz Estados Unidos de América

Though I have never been fond of plastic/silicone, ink, and metal, this girl has grown on me. Helena has exquisite skin and a warm face that goes from sensual to sexual in the blink of an eye. The more I see her, the more I appreciate her overall beauty. The belly ink...maybe has deep meaning to her. The augmentation...possibly to correct a deformity. Who knows, and in my opinion, who really cares why. I'm thankful that she shares herself with the world through Petter's lens.

Philip, Colorado, USA Estados Unidos de América

Helena I believe Petter has a type of model for just about every taste, if I do not particularly care for one I shall most likely enjoy the next set. Although I do not enjoy augmentation; Helena certainly is beautiful, sensuous, and open in my opinion. I hope she does not read the negative, if the models read these at all.

baudolino73 Alemania

Everytime I see her, I admire her perfectly shaven pussy and her wonderful tattoo! She is very special and very sexy, but in a very natural way! The only minus: her silicone breasts! But nevertheless: she is a real beauty!

alex Reino Unido

helena terrific

Raymond Reino Unido

I agree with hotphotoz and Philip. I love the different looks of the models on the site, some enhanced others very natural. Some stunningly beautiful some are like the girl next door. Helena K looks hot in these pictures I look forward to seeing more of her.

Jake Estados Unidos de América

Helena Karel It's hard not to like this stunning model. Her dark good looks and body are stunning. Her ,tits, though enhanced are amazing. She willingly show off her perfect pussy and ass in in variety of graphic poses - great stuff.

Ron Estados Unidos de América

Stunning, exquisite, breathtaking, sensual. Petter give me more of this woman.

Helena Karel lencería | June 23rd, 2006
Helena Karel lencería
J.f. Herbst Estados Unidos de América

Helena Such a beautiful girl. Too bad she thought she needed that tatoo and those breast implants.

CAMBOU Proveedor via Satélite

Why do you... ..continue to promote artefacts ?? I'm quite sure it's not the right way to promote your great site.

Robert Abrams Estados Unidos de América

horrible fake breasts wow, that is the worst boob job I have ever seen. No mere of her please!!

marc Israel

Silicon We love women, we hate silicon !!!

btrhea Estados Unidos de América

AGREE Have to agree with the comments posted here so far. That boob job looks hideous. Such a beautiful girl otherwise.

Ron Estados Unidos de América

I love Helena Helena is exquisite, breast enchancement or not and tattoo or not. In Helena's bio it said that she has very much enjoyed the breast enhancement, and in clothes she has to be an absolute knock out with her enhanced full figure. I can't get too much of this Goddess.

Helena Karel morado | April 16th, 2006
Helena Karel morado
daveR Estados Unidos de América

Helena Karel Superb shots of a beautiful girl whose exquisite charm could only improve if she didn't have the tattoos and the fake boobs.

matt r Estados Unidos de América

modest suggetion you should space out your models more; the film of the week had the same woman that was in todays photo gallery..

Hedonate Estados Unidos de América

Awesome!! Great body!! Beautiful face!! Love the tattoo!!!

btrhea Estados Unidos de América

Fake boobs only look good under clothing. When they are exposed, they can be quite hideous.

richard Estados Unidos de América

Too Bad People do things for any number of reasons, but why Helena chose implants and a very large tattoo is her secret. I wonder if she did both at the same time!

BugsB Estados Unidos de América

Helena K- FIne Body Helena's breasts seem VERY natural to me- did not see any scars or indications of surgery at all. Cool tattoo too. Very fine body- beautiful definition in legs & overall body tone. I APPRECIATE beauty and would never use the word (hideous) to describe someone. Peace.

richie Japón

erotic i want see more!

alex Reino Unido

helena wondergirl,just flawless

jimmy Estados Unidos de América

Beautiful girl, hot body, and I especially like the anal close ups.......

mstar6969 Turquía

helena wonderful...

Jeff Daniels Estados Unidos de América

Close but... A natural beauty, but the tat, and the "too-big-to-believe" fakes tits are a huge turn off. A natural 10 who brought her self down to an 8. Not necessary. I for one will be thrilled when the tat craze goes the way of bell bottom pants, never to return.

Helena Karel Paris Hilton francesa | March 25th, 2006
Helena Karel Paris Hilton francesa
spedyibe Estados Unidos de América

Great Great Pics on this post. The model is stunning. I like the lighting that was used on this model. Very Sexy!

Martin Alemania

Paris Hilton of France "Paris Hilton of France"? Please don't insult Helena Karel! ;)

gregory Estados Unidos de América

A beautiful combination of black bra, undies and boots was not used very well, a great look over looked. :-(

MViteazul Bélgica

To bad that she's having breast implants.

Pete Reino Unido

Helena's not for real Mmm, pity they arent real. Petter we come to your site to see the natural woman, not a silicone enhanced version.

colin willetts Reino Unido

Helena I agree with the other guys. Why a lady as pretty as Helena wants false tities i don't know?. With a lady who looks like her who cares how her breasts look?.

GERBOU Francia

Helena Karel has acustomed us to something more sexy and erotic. She used to give us some nice spread. The gallery is a little bit disappointing. As far as her boobs ar concerned, there is a lot f comments: Real or faked? Who cares: These are wonderful round tits where any one of us would be wery happy to put their hands on!

Helena Karel cama roja | March 3rd, 2006
Helena Karel cama roja
Hedonate Estados Unidos de América

Nice I think Helena is AMAZINGLY beautiful!! I love the body, and personally I love the tattoo.

chris Estados Unidos de América

Helena & Mirta Each time I see a pictorial of Helena or Mirta, I immediately decide that SHE is the most incredibly sexual and attractive woman out there...and then I see the other one and decide the same thing! Please make it more confusing for me and do a shoot of them together! Amazing women. Amazing images. Chris.

Don Estados Unidos de América

One of the best galleries I have seen from you all! Helena is beautiful.

Sandy Reino Unido

Karel Another flawlwess example of womanhood. An absolute stunner, erotic heaven

Vincent Estados Unidos de América

Karel MMMM...I could make myself at home right in there and snuggle right in to enjoy the warmth and softness. Wow, my heart beats and the blood flows!

alex Reino Unido

helena karel magic

mehmet Turquía

superb she has beautiful asshole...

mstar Turquía

hi more helena pics like this please hegre!!! very beautiful...

Ron Estados Unidos de América

Helena take my breath away. I love every inch of her.

Helena Karel superestrella | February 16th, 2006
Helena Karel superestrella
Gareth Estados Unidos de América

I like it When Helena smiles! Usually so dark & mysterious, but she's got some great pearly-whites :) And, of course, the perfect bod with a super cool tattoo above her perfect shave!

gjd Estados Unidos de América

Pretty model, however, I prefer natural breasts, rather than the American looking enhanced variety.

btrhea Estados Unidos de América

I just can't get past the breast implants. It's really too bad, because she'd be so much more attractive without them. Her face and the rest of her body are beautiful, though.

Joe G Estados Unidos de América

Some ideas While I was viewing your site and thinking about how I was going to rate the individual pictures, I began to wonder what you do to analyze the feedback we give. Is it raw numbers? Do the most points tell you what is 1st, 2nd, and 3rd, etc.? Because in that case, you should have negative points; if I want to tell you what picture I think is bad, then the negative numbers would make your data more meaningful. For example, right now I can only choose the number 1 to tell you that picture was not so good...which I think you should understand. But if you are using raw enumeration, adding totals, then that 1 point actually contributes to a positive message to your data. Negative numbers would be able to reflect the viewer's true feeling about the picture. If you only care about the most favorite pictures, you may as well just have us choose all the 10's and forget the rest of the numbers. Let me know if you find this idea good- or if I'm wrong about how you use our ratings, let me know. Sorry that I got so technical about it; I really should just appreciate all of Hegre's pics. Even if I don't like one pic as well as another. Cheers, Joe G

GERBOU Francia

Wondeful girl, perfect body, nice spread: What can we ask more?

jeff Bell Estados Unidos de América

bring helena back If there was one woman who could make Anjolina Jolie envious it would be Helena. This woman is perfection.

Helena Karel ducha negra | January 23rd, 2006
Helena Karel ducha negra
volker Alemania

terrible implants!

Roberto Crespo Estados Unidos de América

Helena Karel Surgically augmented breast are very unatractive.

wolfgang plasche Reino Unido

helena karel extremely hideous plastic tits

btrhea Estados Unidos de América

what's up with that? This girl is beautiful, but I'm totally turned off by breast implants. Another one in the long line of girls who would be so much more attractive sans silicon. Very disappointing.

btrhea Estados Unidos de América

tattoo Tasteless tattoos are also nasty. This is a naturally beuatiful girl in extreme disarray.

Jan Delmar Suecia

silicon tits-- no thank's

Henry Estados Unidos de América

The boobs look fake.

hedonate Estados Unidos de América

"to each their own" Yeah, the tits look fake...but I like the tattoos. Tattoos seem to show a wild side the chick has...same goes for piercings. All-in-all, this girl is hot...loved the wet/shower scene. This is in my humble opinion.

chase Estados Unidos de América

Not a fan of fake breast. There is a pleasant subtlety to real breast that just can't be imitated by silicone.

Don Estados Unidos de América

It is a shame that such a naturally beautiful woman such as this would resort to ink and silicone. Beautiful face and hair, long, tan, tone...all ruined by augmentation and an ink blot. I'd be interested in seeing any pictures of her pre-ink and pre-implant...bet she was great.

Craig Estados Unidos de América

Real is so much nicer..

Marc Suiza

To bad that she's having breast implants.

Jan Erik Noruega

Helena I disagree with the other comments here. I find both her silicone breats and her tattoo very sexy. And the black shower setting is perfect. It compliments her nice dark hair. Please continue shooting her, there are many fans that like her too.

Michael Australia

Goddess! I don't know about the rest of these idiots but I would give anything to be in a shower with Helena! The tattoo is sexy, wild and different to most womens tattoos and it compliments her appeal! To the men who made the comments about her breast, I bet they have women with saggy tits and they are missing out! Go all the way girl, I'll buy your movies, lol!!!

Mike Reino Unido

Stunning body ruined by silicone. Lesson to all women, leave well alone, be natural!

GERBOU Francia

I do not like the tattoo, but what a wonderful boobs and tight small ass. Whether boobs are natural or siliconed, who cares? They are so biautiful.

Victor Estados Unidos de América

Such a beautiful woman. . . She would have been a perfect 10 with naturals. Size doesn't matter.

Ron Estados Unidos de América

Helena is a goddess. I love her hair, her color, her pussy, her ass, her everything.

Helena Karel musa parisina | February 27th, 2005
Helena Karel musa parisina
tom Irlanda

Helena shows it all and her offering is beautiful

Helena Karel sacerdotisa sado | January 29th, 2005
Helena Karel sacerdotisa sado
Karl Irlanda

beautiful face, great eyes, and so lovely between the legs.

Michael Estados Unidos de América

Best on the site!

Helena Karel atada | December 15th, 2004
Helena Karel atada
tom Irlanda

what a face, how lovely the breasts and what a pussy. The tied is great.

sirstefanofb Australia

Ten,10, TEN for this one Petter... A buxom,hot helpless and fully shaven Girl... awaiting her tormentor... Simply the BEST... Please more, more, MORE!... SirStefen

Helena Karel amante oscura | December 8th, 2004
Helena Karel amante oscura
ardunbye Reino Unido

helena Karel dark mistress DEPRESSINGLY LOVELY, A contradiction? Unfortunately not for me. Lovely is self-explanatory. Depressing is the sight of those 'SILLY TITS'. I'll not view this girl any more because of them.

Helena Películas COMENTARIOS

Helena Karel Sexercicios | May 8th, 2007
Helena Karel Sexercicios
Bruce Estados Unidos de América

helena She is a beautiful woman. I do not mind the boob job. Everybody has them where I live but the tattoo is ugly and out of style.

alex Reino Unido

helena ok,the debate about her boobs rages on,they are not real so get over it,the rest of her is pretty fantastic,and i for one will always enjoy seeing her.



Mark Estados Unidos de América

Helena Helena's body is an absolute work of art. You can tell she has worked hard to make her body look good. Kudos to her for her hard work and for wanting to show off the results of her hard work. It is validation for her that she is asked to show her body nude. Beautiful!

Justplaying Estados Unidos de América

Wow, a 7 year old video. She has the naughty girl look. I bet her breast were fine before having them done. Not sure why so many women do that. I really don't know any men that prefer it except for a couple guys that only want huge 50-FFF type stuff. Maybe it's just because I'm an ass man. Helena is a sexy little hard body. Time to go watch her other videos. Very nice Helena, Thank You

Helena Karel Actriz | December 5th, 2006
Helena Karel Actriz
Gook Francia

Que Karen est belle! Congratulations Peter. Helena's body is a work of Art, no question for me. And she knows how to move and look at the lens. She's misteriously and definitely very attractive. Please, both of you, give us more!

al Reino Unido

helena helena is majestic,beautiful face,fantastic body.

geroki Alemania

Helena Karel... no criticism, but ...why do I feel that this girl does not fit to the type of models Petter seems to prefer...

ben Estados Unidos de América


Littlebullet Reino Unido

Helena Karel Wow! What a beautiful woman.

Joseph Estados Unidos de América

Type of models? Why would you only want to see one "type" of model on here? I appreciate the thin, delicate figures as much as anyone, but if there were no Dasha or other, more fully allocated women (see above) I wouldn't be able to appreciate the lithe figures nearly as much (and if you took away Dasha I wouldn't be a member anymore :O).

Mark Estados Unidos de América

Helena You can see in this video that Helena has reached a level of total nude confidence. She is proud of herself naked. It is very beautiful and inspiring.

Helena Karel - Lluvia negra | April 11th, 2006
Helena Karel - Lluvia negra
Rob Estados Unidos de América

What a doll ! What a cutie. It isn't fair -- I'm happily married, but would be absolutely powerless before this woman (yes, who only in my fantasies would show me any interest). I only hope Petter has an open marriage (or a stronger will than mine)!

edogdaddy Estados Unidos de América

Helena Karel is easily one of your more sexual models. I only wish she had not chosen to augment her breasts. I would have been very interested to se her prior to the operation.

Devildoc Italia

now that was fine this is probably the hottest vidio i have seen here yet. with her fist vidio being very close.

it's ok Canada

i would not be prepared to call it the best video i've seen but it's alright. I have to agree with egogdaddy's comments about the rack, though, she's be just as if not more enticing without the "enhancements"

Derek s Estados Unidos de América

great body, IT's just the way she expressing herself no real emotions....

Helena Karel - Vueltas en la cama | February 28th, 2006
Helena Karel - Vueltas en la cama
steve kanor Estados Unidos de América

h karel the best film i have seen on your site repeat her often thanks

Mike Estados Unidos de América

Haelena Karel Simply the most exotic beauty in the world... nobody comes close even.

alex Reino Unido

helena very very sexy

al Reino Unido

Helena just spellbinding

alex 1 Reino Unido

helena goddess i just love helena,she is beautiful,sensual,sexy,i will never tire of watching her.

Phil Suecia

HELENA I sent you a comment to the coresponding foto session. I guess it had been to frankly, so you censored it. So I try it again in a more tame way: SUPERSEXY, this video of Helena is one of your 5 best ever. This woman is the culminating peak of sensous beauty! More films like this one Petter! Thank you!

wheeler Estados Unidos de América

Helena This girl Just doesnt do it for me!Cool idea for a video, though!

jeff Bell Estados Unidos de América

could you develop a longer version of this say 20 - 50 minutes with more close ups. If I were to vote for the most beautiful woman in the world award, in my opinion, anyone would be hard pressed to come up with a more captivating physical specimen!!!

jeff Bell Estados Unidos de América

Hey Peter, Jeff the trainer in New York here. Just my two cents but Helena is still one of the most beautiful women in the world. I haven't seen her on your site in a while and am wondering if I'll ever get another peek at this TANTALIZING TREAT!!

Ron Estados Unidos de América

Most beautiful woman in the world I love this model and EVERYTHING about her. Every square inch. I do wish the movie was much higher resolution. Too undersized. Petter can't you give us better resolution?

fred Reino Unido

RE: Most beautiful woman in the world You are quiet welcome to her.Its a good job we have different tastes

Helena Karel Cuero y Cadenas | December 27th, 2005
Helena Karel Cuero y Cadenas
major Reino Unido


Alan Estados Unidos de América

Helena Karel Whew!!! Except for fake boobs- still an eight.

randy Estados Unidos de América

well done and enjoyable.

dave Estados Unidos de América

helena karel most beautiful ive seen

Hank Estados Unidos de América

Helena Karel Lushess Raven Haired Beauty Fake Boobs,My Ass.

Helena Karel Mesa Roja | April 28th, 2005
Helena Karel Mesa Roja
al Reino Unido

helena a taste of heaven.

Helena Karel: Sacerdotisa parisina | December 28th, 2004
Helena Karel: Sacerdotisa parisina
reid minot Estados Unidos de América

very arty but the chiaroscuro is perhaps excessive for the genre....

Steve Reino Unido

Yes, its a bit dark for this type of picture, too....

bill Estados Unidos de América


Edski Reino Unido

great film - I know it's not your main thing but a little more S&M here and there - it's getting more mainstream these days!