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Lezhan | Afrique du Sud Galeries : 19
Photo de Lezhan


Photo de Lezhan
Nom: Lezhan
Pays: Afrique du Sud
Poids: 51kg
Taille: 174cm
Age: 18
Profession: Mannequin

Visage d’Afrique

Certaines femmes ont un charisme dont s’empare l’appareil tel un fantôme, quelque chose dont on parle mais qu’on ne voit jamais vraiment.

C’EST LÀ. Une présence. Un sentiment, peut-être même une attitude. Cet espèce de je ne sais quoi, Lezhan en est dotée : ça l’enveloppe tel une aura et on est soudain conscient, grâce à la légère courbe de ses lèvres d’amour et à son regard séduisant et radieux, qu’un grand destin lui est tout tracé.

Née dans une petite communité près de Cape Town en Afrique du Sud, les voyages successifs et un succès permanent dans le monde du mannequinat l’ont forcée à arrêter l’école et à étudier chez elle lors de son temps libre, en sachant qu’il ne lui reste pas beaucoup de temps à elle avec ses séances régulières et son nombre de contrats de mannequin en progression constante.

L’Afrique du Sud est ultra-conservatrice, mais tout comme les jeunes mannequins d’Ukraine, Lezhan a une attitude moderne et libérée envers la nudité et voit qu’une double carrière dans le nu et le mannequinat est possible et opportune.

Lezhan Galeries COMMENTAIRES

Lezhan assise sur une chaise | May 31st, 2006
Lezhan assise sur une chaise
Dan from Texas Etats Uni

Lezahn sitting on a chair These photos are beautiful. And, oh yea, Lezahn is hot!

Ralph Etats Uni

Dull I really enjoy this website, but this photo series was extremely dull. A girl that pretty deserves better.

Philippe Belgique

Congratulations Beautiful photos, despite difficult lighting conditions. Gorgeous model. Keep up the good work.

Lezahn conversation sur l’oreiller | December 31st, 2006
Lezahn conversation sur l’oreiller
Michael Etats Uni

Great face. Great naturalness. Show us more.

ben Etats Uni

id like to post a 2nd comment this model has real beauty please work her up better no offense okay? and yes im not the photographer but beauty is in the eyes of me best regards

Pete Royame Uni

Great Great skin tones and really cute tits..I too would like to see more

Robin Etats Uni

hypnotic eyes you have, yessss!! gorgeous

The Yurg Etats Uni

Definitely show us more. Too rated R for me. I hate to sound like a perv, but I need more skin. Is this girl famous or something?

HeavenOnEart Pays Bas

Number1 You must bring her back! Natural and innocent look with hypnotic eyes. My number One girl of Hegre-art. Where can I sign up to meet her...

Lezahn belle blonde | September 8th, 2006
Lezahn belle blonde
baudolino73 Allemagne

Is it possible seeing her with more intimate pics a´la Yanna? But nevertheless she is a beautiful (shaven) angel! More (a lot more) of her please!


Nice pics, nice looking girls but tell this young beauty to be more provocative next time. She seems to be full of interesting assets that remains hidden.

Lezahn une fille en or | November 4th, 2006
Lezahn une fille en or
Alan Etats Uni

Truly Golden Great set Petter! The light is perfect and makes Lezahn look truly golden. Would love to know if her lower regions are also naturally golden!

Gareth Etats Uni

beautiful, but... Lezhan is a beautiful, natural blonde with an amazing figure! I only wish we could see more of her assets!

baudolino73 Allemagne

Lezhan is a heavenly creature! There must be new galleries of her in future! Maybe with lingerie? She is so beautiful and natural. Will there be new sets? Maybe with some more intimate shots a´la Yanna? Thank U!


Pretty young girl which likes to tease us. Hope that she will reveal more of her assets next time.

lezhanfan Singapour

fully agrred with gerbou.....why hidden.....lezhan,pls reveal more to yr fans!

ardunbye Royame Uni

Lezhan the golden girl As one with a penchant for 'pussy', provided it lives with a lovely face and good body (both apply to Lezhan), I am forced to join the clamour of those like minded souls below. But it is still a very beautiful set of a beautiful girl.

Lezahn piscine naturelle | July 25th, 2006
Lezahn piscine naturelle
Andrew îles Caïman

Lezahn natural pool Wow - this shoot is breathtaking

Andrew îles Caïman

Lezahn film please! Lezahn's emotive eyes are captivating. It would be pure poetry to see her expressions in motion. Thanks for recent S. African installment!

Adam Etats Uni

Lezahn is an Angel!! She looks ultra beautiful is this series!! I hope you take more photographs of her!! Every series with Lezahn is a 12 out of 10!!! WOW!!!!

Steve Etats Uni

Amazing photography Lezahn is one of the most beautiful models in the world and the photography is simply outstanding. Lighting, exposure and composition are superb! You are a true artist.

Jimmy Etats Uni

What a treat to look at this beautiful girl and the outstanding photography. Just incredible.

Boziguian France

I'm French and I take the inscription for to be a member to this site when I saw this girl...and these pictures! Where did you take these pictures? De toute beauté!

Erik Suède

Image 51 in this series I've seen some pictures that is perhaps not perfect over the years but this one is not only depicting a beautiful girl, the way the water and her body complement each other's is really really gorgeous on a completely different level! The only thing I find with this image that isn't perfect is that it looks even better if flipped horizontally, but I can understand wanting to keep with the original in that aspect. Good work! Great picture! Hot girl! :o)

Lezhan bain de soleil | November 29th, 2005
Lezhan bain de soleil
Karl Irelande

lovely inviting and adorable softie; to kiss is to arouse

Lezhan au crépuscule | September 29th, 2005
Lezhan au crépuscule
baudolino73 Allemagne

Lezhan rules Lezhan is a heavenly creature! There must be new galleries of her in future! Maybe with lingerie? She is so beautiful! Will there be new sets? Thank U!

Lezhan nu sur la plage | June 17th, 2005
Lezhan nu sur la plage
Pete Royame Uni

Lezhan Enchanting Mermaid Like a bewitching mermaid emerging from the sea, Lezhan is truly enchanting. She has great body tone and wonderful nipples. The beach scenery brings her body alive, where was it shot? Petter what about a set with Yanna and Lezhan together?

baudolino73 Allemagne

Yeah! She and Yanna: two (shaven) angels! What a dream! They are the most beautiful women of all!

Lezhan perchée dans l’arbre | May 23rd, 2005
Lezhan perchée dans l’arbre
ardunbye Royame Uni

Lezhan in a tree I would love to have been the fireman who rescued the pussy from that tree as it's obviously been taken away. Never mind, what was left was quite delicious.

Lezhan fauteuil blanc | May 3rd, 2005
Lezhan fauteuil blanc
baudolino73 Allemagne

What beautiful eyes! What amazing body!

Dennis Etats Uni

your photos I am looking for good full body stock photos in the form of classic art nude poses for nude paintings. Can you take more photographs that are not cropped. I would like to be able to see the entire human figure in your photos. Please no soft cushions that hide the hands, feet or any part of the beautiful human anatomy. I would also like to request photos of your model without make up if possible. A natural face without the extra paint on the eye lashes, lids and lips if possible. Thank you for considering my request.

ardunbye Royame Uni

Lezhan white chair As with all her sets, Lezhan is beautiful but her inhibition is so frustrating that I would suggest a different profession for her. TO DENNIS:- BLOODY CHEEK!

Lezhan au lit | April 9th, 2005
Lezhan au lit
Dave Grenade

Lezhan in bed Wow - please bring us more photos of this wonderful girl!!

Lezhan caresse du soleil | April 8th, 2005
Lezhan caresse du soleil
joe Irelande

lovely face, grainy bottom and such an outstanding puss; just to be seen again thanks

Lezhan baignoire & miroir | April 7th, 2005
Lezhan baignoire & miroir
Robin Etats Uni

Lezhan you rock Lezhan! beautiful you are =P

Lezhan sur un rocher | March 16th, 2005
Lezhan sur un rocher
Edub Etats Uni

RE: Photo number 11 Damn! I love a blonde. This girl is so beautiful. Her body is so irresistable to me . I'm not really sure what it is about this girl that i like, I just know that she makes me really fucking hot.

Lezhan pelouse verte | February 8th, 2006
Lezhan pelouse verte
Gareth Etats Uni

location location locatoin I think Lezhan is one of the most beautiful models in the Archives! Her layouts are always very elegantly simple. (I wish she would show us more of her body :)) In addition to enjoying Lezhan's eyes and physique, I really like this gallery for the venue - the greenery (park setting) is very relaxing, pastoral.

JWade Etats Uni

Is Lezhan shy about letting us see her body or is this just a way of teasing us until we beg for more?

AJH Etats Uni

The back arch pose is stunning!

baudolino73 Allemagne

She is really teasing us! But why not. She deserves our admiration!

Jan Afrique du Sud

beautifull South Africa truly has the most beautiful girls in the world :D