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Thea - Algarve Aphrodisiac — Day Three

Day Three

With the rain pouring down and the palm trees struggling to stand up straight in the heavy winds, this morning did not look very promising. To get rid of some frustration we hit the gym and Thea was very happy to see her camel again! She rode that thing non-stop for over and hour. Unfortunately the gym manager would not let her ride it naked for me to photograph her, as he feared for his job.

With no other options we packed our stuff and hit the beach. I had picked a beach protected by high cliffs, but as you can see from the horizon photo, it did not help much. It was a freezing and Thea started to get grumpy. But suddenly the heavy clouds started to crack open and tiny sunrays started flickering the beach. We jumped up in stand by... and for the next 3-4 hours we were like yo-yo's running back and forth to our sets between cold rain showers and sunshine. At one point Thea screamed: "If this continues much longer my nipples are going to fall off!!!"

Browsing through today's production, I am quite honestly amazed at what we achieved. Except for the raining cats and dogs pics, one can hardly see the terror of the Atlantic weather. Thea did an incredible job... and despite the spectators, she posed like she was alone on a tropical island.

To make it up to the model and to wrap it all up nicely, I had a therapist come to our base later that evening and treated her with a long, hot, oily, full body massage in front of the warm fireplace. As you can see from the last pic of today, it was clearly appreciated by the model.

Cheers for this time and thanks for your efforts Thea.


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Photo 1 of Thea - Algarve Aphrodisiac, Day Three Photo 2 of Thea - Algarve Aphrodisiac, Day Three Photo 3 of Thea - Algarve Aphrodisiac, Day Three Photo 4 of Thea - Algarve Aphrodisiac, Day Three Photo 5 of Thea - Algarve Aphrodisiac, Day Three Photo 6 of Thea - Algarve Aphrodisiac, Day Three Photo 7 of Thea - Algarve Aphrodisiac, Day Three Photo 8 of Thea - Algarve Aphrodisiac, Day Three Photo 9 of Thea - Algarve Aphrodisiac, Day Three Photo 10 of Thea - Algarve Aphrodisiac, Day Three Photo 11 of Thea - Algarve Aphrodisiac, Day Three Photo 12 of Thea - Algarve Aphrodisiac, Day Three Photo 13 of Thea - Algarve Aphrodisiac, Day Three Photo 14 of Thea - Algarve Aphrodisiac, Day Three Photo 15 of Thea - Algarve Aphrodisiac, Day Three Photo 16 of Thea - Algarve Aphrodisiac, Day Three Photo 17 of Thea - Algarve Aphrodisiac, Day Three Photo 18 of Thea - Algarve Aphrodisiac, Day Three
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Visitors' Comments

Dear all of you,

one of the best shots you've ever done !!

Congratulations !

todas ustedes son las chicas mas hermosisimas que he visto.
las ama: daniel
I know many women are selfconscience about their freckles. Please let tThea know they set her apart from "the crowd".
Pubic Hair Missing in Almost 95%
Why is it that almost (95%?) of the models have their pubic hair shaved?
Why don't you take a chance and take photos of the models "before" and "after" shavings done?
Best Model on the Site
I am SO thrilled to see a perfect petite skinny model on here again. Her breasts and everything couldn't be more perfect--not since Katya (and Ira) has there been a girl this hot on here. 10 stars!
she is so pretty.
Great Find!!
Petter, this girl looks like your next hot star! So far she looks like she'll fit into the athletic, lean and sexy category once ruled by Yanna and now taken over by Ira. Nice addition to the Hegre universe of beauty.
Take the good cameras next time
Why the tiny pics?...what a tease! Is there a REAL photoshoot and vids coming...some famous H-A quality??
good site
good site
Travel Reports
I think these are great too, it's good to hear Petter's take on things and find out the story behind the images. It's what makes this site completely original too. Well done Petter on finding another gorgeous girl for us to enjoy. Keep it all coming.
What a charmer this girl is. Her long hair, pure body and beautiful freckles. She is lean, but her proportions seems right and she got the greatest little round ass and nipple perfect. Well done.
I like to go on vacation to Algarve.
Feed her!!!
This model is too skinny for me, but she looks happy in her shell, and I know fashion models need to be slim to get jobs. And there is just something very intimate about watching someone getting a massage. Thanks for sharing this session with us.
Great story, great model. Better luck on the weather next time.
These travel reports are very original and revealing. I almost feel like I am there...
Thea is by far one of the BEST! i loved hearing her talk. she has a very beautiful voice and a wonderful smile! her body goes without saying.
Thea looks sexy with shiny oil
over her tan body!
Those nipples, mmmmmmm.
Oh Yes
I can't wait to see more of this one.
Petter, the images taken on the boat look great. Thea has the most wonderful smile as well ;-)
Nature Gift
Best little Model.
Wow! I'm new to the site I can;t wait to see more of Thea.
Thea - beautiful eyes
a perfect body girl like Yanna or Ira.
Very nice - I hope you update some picture sets of her in the near future
She's lovely, I can't wait to see more. I loved hearing her voice too.
Very beautiful little lady, thank you for finding her
Thea... smokin' hot
What a beauty! I am impressed even though I am German and know how natural beauties here are - and not strinking at the first sight!
I absolutely love her voice! Great find, Petter, she's beautiful!
Beautiful, but too skinny anyway
built for the water
amazing .... she can be very good in something which is called diving

no fat means flexibility ... thea jump into the , big blue .. take deep breath and find the pleasure ...

your body is built for the water :D
Mr.Hegre. We want to see your car.
This is a true model. She can come and work for my model agency in Paris anytime.
Petter. What brand car are you driving ? Not many cars would fit that tire.
Yes, finally a girl with freckles... and nipples to die for.
My husband showed me this site, and I keep coming back. My favorite part is this travel section, and I must say Thea has one hot bod.
WOW! Those leopard leggings are awesome. These reality clips are great! Keep em coming. So funny to hear the model talk! Let the model talk more often please.
Spare tire ???!!!
That's your spare tire ??? What the hell kinda car are you driving ???
god, I love the freckles! Let's start counting them, slowly.
There is something very raw and edgy in her beauty that just stabs me with desire. She is a good representative of the "new beauty" that requires health, activity, and a grace of movement that only comes from exercise. I love it. I can't wait for more.
We even got to hear her voice!that's unusual!But,very nice!would love that more often!IMHO she could use some of those carbs,though!
Welcome Thea ! What a beauty.I look forward to many photos and videos.Thank you Petter.
Not again !
Gee. The return of the slim models! I am disappointed, much prefer curvy ones (Linda L, Camilla, even Anna S...)!
Will we see some new ones in short term?
She works for me!
Very Nice !

Built for speed not comfort!
Thea looks hot and sexy!
Thea has a nice lean body
I will be looking forward
to see more pictures of her.
Once again she looks hot and sexy!
She is very very beautiful. When will you do a photo set of her. I can't wait.
She is incredible!! I love her slender frame!!! I find her beautiful curves extremely gorgeous!!!!
10 Stars!!
This lady is awesome, can't wait to see more.
About Portugal
Facts about Thea - Algarve Aphrodisiac

Portugal is the land that time forgot. Once a great naval power competing with the Spanish and the English exploring the new world, after discovering the delights of Brazil its energy seemed to have been transferred to South America and Portugal began a long siesta.

Today with 200 million Portuguese speakers in Brazil and only 10 million in Portugal itself, the country is in the unique position of being colonised by its own colony. Turn on the TV in Portugal and 90% of the programming comes from Brazil. It's the same with writers, filmmakers, fashion designers and, of course, samba composers.

What does that all mean in the end? Portugal is an undiscovered little hideaway with lost ancient cities, hills embroidered with orange groves and perhaps the best climate in Europe.

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