Sugar and Spice — Day Two

Day Two

5.30 in the morning and time to wake up Valerie. She was still bed-warm. She rubbed oil on her body and started to get ready.

The water was dead calm and the sun ready to rise. I knew we had only 40 or 50 minutes of magic morning light so we set to work. See our main board for this travel report and today's board with the photos we took during these early hours.

First some fruit for our breakfast then I followed Valerie to the outdoor shower for an intimate documentary of her body shaving ritual. To see her chocolate-coloured body being wetted, foamed and shaved is a joy for the eye. Soon you can all view it. There are some glimpses in our “travel teaser trailer”.

Then we set off to find some private white dunes to work at. But that was more difficult than expected. There are plenty of nice beaches but most in the south are taken by the grand resorts. Or else they are along the public roads and do not allow for nude photography.

But the drive was not wasted. For this trip I have introduced some brand new gear. It's the new drift stealth cams by Drift Innovation. They are HD action cams mainly for recording crazy skateboard, bike and skiing stunts. I use them to record sexy action.

I had 2 cams fixed in the car while driving around. The effect was astonishing.

When we returned home for the sunset I sent Valerie out on a kayak with a drift cam fixed to the hood.

It is just like seeing a national geographic river expedition. Right here we see a naked sexy Valerie paddling. Not some geeky photographer :).

See some screen shots in today's gallery. Enjoy.


Photos | Day Two Click an Image to Enlarge

NB! Please note that images and films presented here are not representative of the technical quality
of Travel photos and film clips are made with a "point and shoot" compact camera only.
Photo 1 of Sugar and Spice, Day Two Photo 2 of Sugar and Spice, Day Two Photo 3 of Sugar and Spice, Day Two Photo 4 of Sugar and Spice, Day Two Photo 5 of Sugar and Spice, Day Two Photo 6 of Sugar and Spice, Day Two Photo 7 of Sugar and Spice, Day Two Photo 8 of Sugar and Spice, Day Two Photo 9 of Sugar and Spice, Day Two Photo 10 of Sugar and Spice, Day Two Photo 11 of Sugar and Spice, Day Two Photo 12 of Sugar and Spice, Day Two Photo 13 of Sugar and Spice, Day Two Photo 14 of Sugar and Spice, Day Two Photo 15 of Sugar and Spice, Day Two


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Visitors' Comments

wow the contrasts on the island
You don't miss a thing in trying to capture all the details you are trying to portray, I seldom see this much attention to detail Thank You for showing me what a great photographer can achieve by picking up on the nuances.
Wow you learn so much from an expert
From the glistening on the forehead to the reflections on the belly to the contrast of the skin in the pubic reign you have it all captured in your photo's you defiantly know how to display your models to their best effect so much better than the cheap porno flicks, great job.
Teeth, skin & hair nice to see the contrast
You defiantly know what you are trying to achieve when you shoot these photos and you say these were achieved with a point and shoot camera wow.
Oil brings out texture of skin
I see what you mean with the use of oil on darker skinned people it does bring out the details.
Color contrast on bottom of feet
You don't miss a thing.
Paint Chip Card
At first you don't notice it till you enlarge the picture then you see the contrast between her skin and the colors displayed on the card, you are a master at your art of displaying people to achieve just the look you are trying to achieve. I love the detail in the High Definition pictures that show the hair standing straight up as the models become excited or the dimple in the center of the nipple such careful attention to detail, it is why I bought a membership after tiring of the porno flicks that have no taste.
actually a movie
The more I look at the Mauritius travel, the more I think it can potentailly become a full length movie. Just add in a few story lines, this will be a great fantasy movie. If Petter can make another set with Valerie, in another great location, it can well become a movie series, just an idea.
Look forward to more films and photos from Mauritius. It seems there are still a number of unpublished materials.
I love this I find African women so sexy lets see lots more there are plenty of pretty girls in South Africa,Mozambique,Tanzania,Zimbabwe & Mali.Please have a look at these countries & I am sure you will be surprised by the beauty of not only the girls but the landscape too.
Absolutely stunning about 'capture the moment'....these girls are great.
Day One
Valerie is fantastic girl but where is Mike?
Valerie beleza pura
the gazelle in her natural habitat. Simply beautiful. We will wait for the movies.
congratulations Valerie week and this is well worth the membership.
Wow! Those shots of Valerie in the shower. She is a real bird of paradise.
It is always interesting to hear aboutr what went on during these sessions and why you choose to do it way you did
With scenery like this filming just cant fail. I think you really caught how it looks and its just how I remember it. Happy days even though I wasnt with Valerie like you
Are there any more at home like you Valerie? Bring 'em on. Soon!
Superb. Valerie gets me going every time. Im glad her pretty little friend came along too
Is it just me that gets turned on by swimming and underwater shots? I'd love to see Valerie in the surf and diving. Guess I'll just have to dream on.
Mauritius sure looks a pretty place. How about some more info on the island? Like how the locals reacted to all this going on. Bet it was big news.
Valerie is a real find. I love the way she fits in her surroundings. Can't explain it. She just seems so right there.
Theres something about Valerie that makes her stand out and no I dont just mean her gorgeous body. She always seems so calm and together. She looks like a real nice person to get to know
Impressive stuff. I like the mix of the place itself and the girls. Good balance
I know it's a nude photography site but I'd like to see a bit more of the place when you are on your travels. The shots we have are great and I would like to see more of the island as well. It might be my only chance!
it looks like the time here was a whole lot more peaceable than Japan. Mauritius is a world away from Tokyo and it shows
About Mauritius
Facts about Sugar and Spice

This small island 900 kilometres east of Madagascar in the Indian Ocean is the kind that travel brochures love to call a tropical paradise. It's easy enough to see why. The ocean provides scope for every kind of water sport including surfing. The interior has dense forests abundant in native flora and fauna. Except for the Dodo bird. That was killed off by settlers, giving rise to the phrase.

The paradise description is more apt than it usually is because the island's fairly untroubled history is not scarred by past tragedies. Early European explorers found no indigenous population. From the time of Napoleon till 1968 when it became independent, it was under British rule but many other nationalities and cultures settled into Mauritius also.

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