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Something Wicked — Petter's Paris

Petter's Paris

Dear "followers" of my Paris diary. This is my last input from the French capital for some time. In a few days, Luba and I are heading back to our orange groves in Portugal to embrace summer, or should I say be embraced by summer. We will spend some time with our families and finalize some exciting new projects that will be launched in the Autumn.

What could be a more incredible and beautiful way to end my "Paris in the Springtime" expedition than an intimate photo session with the nude superstars of the world wide web: Luba and Marketa together. Ukrainian and Czech beauty mixed and stirred like you have never seen before. What a cocktail!

It was a pleasure working with two such professional and natural models, and you can see from the images that they had a great time. It was playful, erotic, sensual and very intimate, as members can see from the sneak preview in the right column.

This trip did not quite go as expected. It was supposed to have been one of our regular photo journeys, though a little extended, but we actually ended up becoming Parisians and will be back at the end of the summer in our new Paris loft: an ideal combination of fresh breezes from the Atlantic ocean in the summer and hard core city perfume when the leaves begin to fall. I always make decisions quickly. Sometimes I regret them, but not often, and I have no regrets about living in Paris.

After 3 months in the City of Light it makes you dwell on certain issues. I am going to be honest, short and simple in my reflections.

1. It was an instant relief to find in Paris an artistic and romantic pulse. I was warmly welcomed by fellow artists and it is a great pleasure to have a base in a city where your work is appreciated and I do not have to defend my images and what I stand for. This is the city of artistry and love.
2. I believe Paris today is living - at least in part - on a myth... the myth of past-glamorous times, and the city has, in my opinion, for the moment lost the race against cities like London, Tokyo and New York when it comes to high end development and adapting to our time. But what Paris lacks in the state of the art thinking it compensates for with romanticism.
3. Paris has the best chocolateries in the world.
4. Paris has the worst taxi service in the world.
5. Paris offers unsurpassed fashion for women... too bad no one can add some sexiness to the street picture by wearing a short skirt or show some cleavage, because she will then be constantly grabbed and verbally attacked...oddly, not by the Parisian men, who do have an eye for a pretty girl, not by the tourists, be they conservative English or beer-swilling Germans (and Norwegians) can I put this as I feel my blood racing from a mixture of embarrassment and anger, where are the right words? There are, and this is a truth, my friends, a lot of immigrants who make life an absolute misery for every pretty girl. And what I would like to say, as an ignorant Viking from the Northern fjords, is lay off, they don't like it, I don't like it. It does nothing for racial harmony or city harmony. Just be nice. Okay. I am a visitor in this country. YOU are a visitor in the country. This is one of the oldest civilizations in the world. Respect it. And people will respect YOU. That's the rant.
6. I was hoping to convince more French women to pose for my camera... is it my bad French or are French women more prudish than their reputation...? I guess the future will answer that question.

Thank you Paris for this episode in our life. It has been a great pleasure meeting you and we will be back to see you all dressed in winter clothes. So, dear reader, till then.

Have a nude summer.
Petter and Luba

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NB! Please note that images and films presented here are not representative of the technical quality
of Travel photos and film clips are made with a "point and shoot" compact camera only.
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Visitors' Comments

A Real beauty
Love her body features even sexier than eve!
I'm glad to see that you're in my country for some time, i live in south of france in a small town called Montpellier (girls are really pretty there ;) ). I hope you enjoy Paris and give Luba a kiss "de ma part" ! à bientôt !
Petter a'Paris
Petter, Man/Boy that you are. Artistic eye of a man, enthusiasm of a boy. And here you are, dazzled by the openness of Paris. Continue, please. I wish I could join you. Accept my best wishes for you and your family.
my pleasure
Greetings from Mexico Mr. Hegre. First i have to say that i respect a lot your work, you have a greate vision and your models are the prototype of perfection that i have, and my question is, What kind of equipment you use and where i can find it? Thank you Sir
My kids...
Yes, I have two girls, 9 and 12 years, but due to their safety and privacy I do not wish to publish their photos.
You got kids? Show us their pictures. Would be nice to see a family photo eventually. At the park for example.
i love and love luba
Luba pic from april 17
Hi, I enjoyed today's report. The Luba pics 5 and 8 reminds me the spirit from one of Pete's earlier book. I was delighted to feel again that freshness and spontaneity. Good effects of Paris on Peter's mind and inspiration...
I was looking in the dictionary words to discribe LUBA there aren't, LUBA should be includ like a meaning of the perfect women beauty...and thanks Peter for bring her to us Till late but HAPPY BIRTHDAY :)... SYD
Luba. Truly you are the most beautiful woman on the net. Your figure is to die for. Petter has the best job in the world. Thanks Peter.
Luba and Nadya
Petter... It's so much fun to follow your travels from country to country. Paris is beautiful in the spring time. Hopefully you can make a trip to New York someday. There are many beautiful fashion models living here from all over the world. Speaking of beautiful... Luba and Nadya are the hottest sisters I've ever seen. Forget the Hilton Sisters... Luba and Nadya are the best. I found my own Ukrainian beauty recently. Her name is Irina... a 5'11" model from Kiev. I wish I could post her photo here or e-mail it to you. Yes, Ukraine has some very fine females.
HAPPY birthday
Here in Brazil I´m always looking for your pics in the NET. You are the best. Sergio
luba in paris
It's extraordinary, I have seen you, peter and the fabulous luba, when you have been just arrived in paris. You were in front of the parisian studio in the 11th. I leave avenue de la republique, that's why I was here. It was fabulous to see, in the reality, Luba. She is so beautiful, romantic, sexy of course and seems very sympathetic. have a good moments in paris. antoine
Boy/Girl Content
Will you be shooting boy/girl sets in your Paris trip.. That's what the web really needs.. a tasteful and erotic b/g sets in Hegre style ;-)
happy birthday
I´m late but I need to hope you have a lot of happy birthday in your life. Good time in paris. sergio
very faboulus
I love Luba......she is very sexy.... ohh my god...All Brazil love Luba....
Luba you are the best. Happy Birthday to you!
i want to wish Luba a happy birthday...Luba is probably the biggest reason I joined the site. I think she is possibally the most beautiful woman in the world. Petter is a very lucky man!!
NIKON generally makes excellant cameras...however,the recent images I guess were due to a faulty equipment, perhaps an isolated case made by Nikon....neither the Master nor his model to blame in any event...! ( Or the Camera was not in its right mood !) How about H 1 - 645 from Hasselblad ? Best Regards , AL
Ode to a Birthday Girl !
Spring shall be My Season , Lily is My Flower ; Life is a Romantic Journey , Thy Nude Angels My Companions ...!
Henrietta is cool !
Hi petter, glad to find you in paris, this new budapest chick Henrietta is beautiful.5 Stars for a great new model find ;)
The recent Katrina photos are the most erotic yet and as for Luba and the Paris photos - tremendous erotic, exciting,sexy, artistic and horny!
Thanks for the reply, Petter...
I think I mistook the flash-induced shadow around that pic of Luba on the stairs as a clipping path. On second and third looks, I see that my eyes fooled me. Of course, I would never think you would retouch Luba's beauty, just put her into a different context. May your stay in Paris continue to be exciting. -Al
Happy Birthday
First the first, Happy Birthday Luba, wish fulfillment on the real world. Something better than 23?, To have the opportunity to write you down happy 24. I am over exited with the idea, to see you on photos from D. Carrier and Dahmane, both are in my list of “10 greatest erotic photographers”. P and L enjoy Paris at maximum, she is unique in the world, go to “Le Coupole and enjoy an Onion soup” like Marlon Brando and his girl friend in, El Ultimo Tango en Paris and then please send me a picture of you both in it. Close to Montparnase is Le Café de le Artiste, a bohemian restaurante and Le Mule Folie to eat Mules a la diable with white wine and spend the rest of the night making LOVE. All the best for you both.
Good Work
Hello Petters Been following ur works at various places ... ur are doing a great job. UR aesthetic sense has no boundries and is amazing. Falling short of words... Regards
Happy models :-)
Hi Petter! I hope you and Luba are enjoying Paris; it looks like you're having a grand time. And if I may be so bold, tell her I said Happy Birthday. I'm a big fan of your work, particularly the images where the women really show how much they enjoy working with you. Most especially, when they smile, and not just a fake "model" smile, but real, ear-to-ear grins, like they're laughing their heads off. I was wondering, what sort of things do you say to a model like Katarina to make her laugh so hard? How do you get a naked woman in a studio under bright lights, showing all that God gave her, into a frame of mind where she can let loose like that? I think that's what most draws me to your work: it breaks free of the stereotype of the solemn, sulky look that seems to pervade the work of so many erotic photographers. Anyway, just some random thoughts. Have fun, and keep up the great work.
please, why don't come to mexico, i'm realy sure you fall in love of mexico..... happy birthday luba !!
What are you doing this sunday night?
Hello Petter, My name is Carl and I'm having a party in Paris sunday night, april 11th. The party is a 400+ people party called BACK TO THE ROOTS and it's an underground party in a nice former private hotel owned by the late George Bizet who composed the Carmen opera. I'd love to have you and Luba as my guests, as I'm one of your subscribers (1year subscription). I would also take the opportunity to give you some pointers about your stay in Paris, and perhaps, be your personal guide about, driver, assistant, or whatever. You must drop me a ring before so I can arrange a table for you and Luba.
Love the Hegre website, and the recent reports on Paris. Cheers and happiness to you and the birthday girl Luba.
1. someone asked if the photo "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" is a composite. I am not quite sure what you mean about a composite, but I assume you are asking if it it was manipulated. the answer is NO! what you see is real. 2. I have had some negative reactions on the technical quality of the ongoing "Katarina week series", and my dear observant members you are absolutely right. I was given the new Nikon D2H for testing and in my eyes it totally failed. I usually do not comment on tech stuff, but here I have to state my honest opinion. I will never use this camera again. Otherwise Paris is great and much more is coming for you who stay around.
happy belated birthday! I hope you had a great day! Thanks for this interesting travel report, this seems to be really awesome; Luba and Paris, yeah!
Camera Quality & Happy Birthday Luba
I must admit that you've got a great camera, the result is great but I didn't like the pictures of Katarina, the picture compression or quality is not good. Anyway Happy Birthday Luba, I'm your big fan ;)
Hi Petter, The last pictures from Luba were fantastic! (I think it is not only because of your new camera!!) But you have to take care of showing your beautifull Luba on the net! I think many visitors become jalous because of Luba! Best regards, B.
Your travel reports are one of my favorite features of site
Petter & Luba- Fun to see your pix and travelog of Paris. That one image of Luba ("Happy Birthday") is a composite, no? First time I've noticed that on your site. Is there a reason why you did that? I especially appreciated your very accurate insight that turning women's heads matters more than turning men's. Have the best time. My wife and I honeymooned in Paris many years ago. Ate many times at Au Pied du Cochon, great oysters and classic brasserie fare. Also, be sure to check out the less-trafficed Orangerie, Rodin, and Picasso museums. Oh, and Happy Belated Birthday Luba! You are a beautiful and inspiriing muse. Best regards, Al
With one day late an Happy Birthday to our delicious Luba in an almost delicious city Paris France Jean Belgium
wow, roses and luba is perfect together. happy 23, u r the best.
PARIS and Didier CARRE
I am really very happy that Peter met Didier CARRE, my preferred French photographer.I am also subscribed with his site. It does to him also a marvellous work. I do not doubt that LUBA will be marvellous on the film of Didier. My the best hello in Peter. Simon.
Hello Greetings from Veracruz Mexico Mr. Hegre. First i have to say that i respect a lot your work, you have a greate vision and your models are the prototype of perfection that i have, and my question is, What kind of equipment you use and where i can find it? Thank you Sir Javier Vivas C.
Alexia is absolutely stunning!!! WOW! This is by far the best photo shoot you have on your site. You must arrange to do more sessions with her. PLEEEEASE.
I think I've got the wrong job. Do you need an assistent? :) regards from germany! (never been here?)
missing paris luba movies
Hi Petter & Luba, What happend to the parismovie2 and 3? They where very short on your paris pages and then they disapeared... One was of Luba doing an very acrobatic handstand and the other of here soaping up. ps When are you going to Iceland to shoot some beaty over there?
missing movies
marcer, the paris diary is split into 2 pages. the movies you are referring to are on page 2. you will find the link to page 2 at the top of this page. petter
Thank you
Your lifes work is truly enjoyable and I can confidently say, an inspiration to many, many, photographers.
more smiles!
hi petter & luba! oh petter you are one lucky man, to be so blessed as to have luba by your side, i can truly only imagine = ) my question/request is this, assuming you really do actually read these things: is there any possible way to inspire your beautiful lady friends to smile a little more, imparticualr luba....? don't get me wrong, luba in my eyes is the most beautiful woman you have within the archives, however she tends to carry one look on her face in many of her photos. in my opinion the photos in which she is smiling are some of the most revealing and sexy pictures i have seen of her. she is such a unique beauty, it should be shown to the fullest... but what do i know? i'm probably just a big jerk! i love your work, and please send a genuine and big thank you to all the ladies - they are AMAZING! sincerely, one of your biggest fans b. leclair
report about luba
That womam is the best womam I kowm in the net. If I had financial condiction I would like to buy all pics that. I would like to go to russian to met her. I would like to know her and invite her to have lunc with me. I know she is married but I would ask to her husnband one time to adimire her. I would like to touch her without clothes and make a lot of pics nudes with her. One big kiss luba. I love you Sergio
till then!
I don't know what is more pretty, the girls or the kitchen! Thanks Petter and Luba for this awesome report; I have really enjoyed every line and every shoot.
loft life
i love seeing the models walk around the loft nude during a break; seeing Luba with a friend being so relaxed is wonderful; i really think the models love being nude and just hanging out
June 23 report
Yeah Another "special" shoot like I like it : not the usual stuff, this is what makes Petter Hegre that unique photographer. Will have a "nice" summer Thanks
To Kyle
Yep, I know what do you mean. I started loving this site when I realized that I could share the Petter's photos with my wife and she didn't feel bad about them. ; )
I just want to say that this site is something else. I Just read April 8, and would like to say happy birthday! I haven't subscribed yet, I'm simply reading and searching. I do not like hard core porn, but rather, beauty. I am happily married with a beautiful wife..and we both are starting to like what we see! You may just get a new account yet!
Alexia & "special" shoot
Can't wait you put that shoot online. What I like most, is when those shoot got something "special" or should I say "non conventional". This is just my opinion but I find you are at your best at these moments, when the model or the situation/context is different. And when you do more "standard shoot" (ie young and very beautifull model posing in studio) it's still high level that makes that site one of the very best. To date my fave pics are still the "surprise" ones (both with Luba, one from the book the other from Paris report), those taken precisely at the moment you are not supposed to do. It's "hi look at me" and click, before the model has time to take the pose or realise what happen. The expression then is just fresh, spontaneous, fascinating.
What it takes...
Dear fellow countryman. You are asking what it takes to do what I am doing. What can I say... it for sure does not happen overnight and one need a loyal and talented staff and most of all a beautiful, smart and supportive wife. A camera, a vision and a high libido also helps :-)
What does it takes.... shoot all these beautiful ladies?Is it because u are a Norwegian?Is it because u are a good photographer?Are u working for God or something?Is it heaven among all thes girls?How do u do it? Hilsen en Nordmann som bare lurer på hvordan man kommer i kontakt med disse himmelske damene :)
Paris toujours...
Bonjour à vous! Je suis parisien et membres de longue date de cette communauté. Alors je n'aurais qu'un mot : bienvenus à Paris, profitez bien de la capitale de la sensualité, du vice, de la nudité et de l'élégance! Arnaud.
Thanks a lot for LZA pics...i hope i could see her in future month on your website!
thanks God you will back Paris in May 25! I hope everybody in the Hegre team will be safe and fine, the airport accident has been really sad.
hello to Elisabeth
please tell her how beautiful she is. thanks, D
tatiane from brasil
I went to be memebr since yesterday only for that most sensual girl, Tatiane her smile, her eyes, her body, everything is perfect, she is the most sexy girl that i have see untill today, when will we see more photo,s from her ? very soon i hope
Luba ?
When is Luba coming back from Kiev ? I miss her in the travel report. Your daily private moments shared with us almost felt like I was a part of your relationship :-) Thanks and come back Luba. What you are showing to the world gives me back the hope for true love.
Tatiane my goodnes
you have the best website of the world God wat a nice girl from Brasil you are showing to us, Tatiane my goodnes you are so nice, so innocent i would like to see more from you, Petter thanks to put this girl from Brasil in your site, I love it
All of it
Beautiful just beautiful dont you agree???
Hello dear friends:
Hello dear friends: I am a very happy member of First of all I wish to thank all of you.....Petter...Luba...and all of the staff who work very hard making this wonderful work of art...I mean website. :) In my heart I have always wanted to live a life of giving to others something wonderful to those who admire beauty of sweet ladies. By sweet ladies I mean those who will give something special to to others, those who will allow others to see their special wonder, that unique part of themselves that gives a thrill/special moment/awe to someone else. A unique work of art. Any human being can create a work of art simply because we are each a singular unique work of art by nature.   And this brings me to my point...The perfect life. Petter and Luba. You are living the perfect life. You are making a living by giving to others something special. I can see in the photos that you are in love. This is very special, very much. You have wonderful people working for you, they do a great job...consider the situation in Dubai! LOL Give them all an increase in pay for that! :) But really your lives must be great doing what you do. The perfect model Luba....and her husband....The greatest artist on the earth....and all giving their work to others who enjoy it all so much. You get to travel the world. You get to take photos of the most beautiful people on the world. The perfect life.....yes it is!! I just hope that you all are so happy that you are outside yourselves and will forever remain with a smile upon your faces. :) Anyway, whatever you all do in the future will be great. I support you and I love you and your sweet work of art in the world. Thank you very much for giving your inspiration and talent to the world.  Have a great day!!!  
your web site have had such an uplifting effect upon me.
Dear Peter,<br> Having found your web site by accident, the story of how you fell in love with your beautiful wife Luba; was   a  profoundly emotional one  for me.If I maybe allowed to tell you a little about myself; perhaps you will understand the reason why it ,and your web site, have had such an uplifting effect upon me.  ? <br><br> My first marriage ,which was to the sister of an old school friend; ended by her running off with her boss.We had no children, so I picked up the pieces;and got on with my life.I had a few very special ladies in my circle of friends; every one of which was treated with kindness courtesy and consideration.However ; as they all had had similar things happen to them as I had; it was  decided that perhaps we should leave our future to fate;and so it was. <br><br>At a time when I thought luck was with me;fate did indeed take me by the hand; but this was  on a journey, that I can only describe as &#39;&#39;a nightmare of Titanic proportions&#39;&#39;.I am a very quiet and modest sort of a man, so rather than write about what happened to me;I will let the enclosed attachment tell you.All I will say is that since this  was written, my facial plastic surgery operations are now around 30; and my looks have been transformed This to the point where very few people now ever notice.I tell people that I can now pass a field full of horses; without frightening them.Adding&#39;&#39; well not too many&#39;&#39; (Ha). Yes despite what has happened , I still have a sense of humour;and having been given 6 months to live in 1989; I tell people that despite some  health problems; this is a 100% improvement on what the alternative was going to be.(Ha) . <br><br>What hurts me the most, is that when I was struck down with facial cancer (I have never smoked ) all of the ladies in my life ran away from me; as though I had been transformed in to some sort of a monster.What this did to my sex life,I will leave you to guess.All I will say is that had it not have been for the Adult Industry and its Video and DVD products;I would have killed myself long ago. <br><br>Sadly; I am now too old .to expect a stunningly beautiful lady to come to my rescue in person.I thought this had happened once; as the enclosed story will tell.When on a holiday in  the Philippines ; (prior to one major plastic surgery operation) I met a wonderful girl ,who appeared to like me the man; rather than the man she could see.Thanks to working for almost 20 years with British Airways ( where by the way; I think my cancer came from).(This through the use of my ground engineers head set throat mic. But as they say &#39;&#39;another story&#39;&#39; ) I was able to return to the Philippines a number of times;and after about 4 years we were married.After major difficulties with immigration and the like,she; some  30 months  after our marriage; arrived here in England. Once here it immediately became  obvious to me ,that she had used me to get here.I will not say more on this, other than what happened some 5 weeks after her arrival, was something that never in your or my  wildest nightmare dreams , you or I would ever consider happening to any one  But it did, and to me.Not long after this incident ,she also went of with some one else. <br><br>I have no confidence left ,after  the way life and the opposite sex have treated me; so have accepted as an inevitability , that my life will , from now on; remain for ever empty of close  female friends.However; I would ,as an honourable Englishman ; enjoy very much ,the opportunity to make friends  (through the internet)  with just one or maybe two ; pretty ladies. Hence my e mail. <br><br>With Kind Regards and Very best wishes from England,<br> I am Respectfully yours,
Luba's trip
Dear Luba, Have a great trip back. Let Nadya know that we all miss her. She always shined so brightly in Petter&#39;s pictures of her! Nice red suitcase!! It should be easy to fine at the baggage claim!!
True love
Dear Petter: Great artwork featuring natural models whom appear great at just being themselves. That&#39;s atrue credit to you and your ability to be a genuine communicator. The fact you and your once new model, Luba, found true love for each other is really no surprise. Your natural instincts in artistic impulsivesness and good hearts, naturally wove the spell over you two. I don&#39;t think either of you had a pick up line. True love never does...It happens when two people find the common string that ties them together. It&#39;s a great thing and I am happiest for you both!!! True love- the only thing sexier than photography. As for the enjoyable spontaniety found deep with your many fine work examples...You prove it&#39;s never really the camera that makes one great but yes, even with a Convenience store [7-11] cheapy $5 camera...any attitude or personality allowed to freely exhibit itself before you, playing outward toward your bound to be captured. Cameras don&#39;t make the man, model nor photographer. It&#39;s your own eye...your own heart, reaching out and touching the other...the subject herself to caress your way in a focus towards photographic succcess. Thanks for helping make your model&#39;s dreams come true and providing them one of the highlights in their lives, capturing their free or hidden selfs for them and others to admire forever. Keep up the good work. Best of luck always to you, your lovely dear wife, Luba, and the rest of your collaborating crew!!! Sincerely awed: AJ, Boston
European Girls
I think the girls in Holland.....(Amsterdam, the Haig) are much better than French girls...I thought you knew
Ivette shot
Hai mr.hegre
Its by accident i came acrooss your site. i m frm india.ur photographs and ur girls and their pose and ur shot is excellent.The one particular shot and the girl i really admire is Ivette Denim Hotpants.Mr.Hegre will u help me get her mail ID for me.please.Be very greatful.
What a wonderful life
I am a great fan of the dark...not again a member, maybee soon.I just promot your site on many of mine.
I love what you are doing with your life, you travels all over the world, and shooting the most beautiful womens, have a good have the life i have always dream to have.
I must say to you, that your website is really a perfect of the art, simple, class.
The people who works with you are gods in what they are doing, and i hope, they realized that they are lucky to share this aventure with your work.
To finish, continue to do what you are doing best, enjoy the life, size your dreams, and kiss
you both( you and Luba off course =) )
ZuckBin from Paris...
Your Love Luba
Luba is simply the hottest nude model I have ever laid my eyes upon! Gosh she is gorgeous!!!! Wow.
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Long considered the very definition of style, Paris is the most glamorous city in all of Europe. Magnificent is too small a word to describe its many monuments, art galleries, and alluring night life.

For hundreds of years, the whole of Europe has looked to Paris as the leader just about every trend from fashion, to journalism, to architectural design. If you are looking for the epitome of class then this is it.

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