Mission to Moscow

A Warm Glow

Russia is famous for its cold winters and stiff drinks that warm the belly and calm the nerves. It is also known for its stern people with warm smiles and equally warm hearts.

Our Destination
Map of Mission to Moscow

Dominating most of northern Asia, Russia is best known for its cold climate and strong willed inhabitants numbering well over 100 million.

Heres to warm hearts in a cold world.

For one week, Petter and Luba are spending their days and nights in the great capital of Moscow searching for Mother Russias most beautiful models. In a short amount of time, the trip is already turning out to be one of the most productive he has ever had. Russian girls are anything but shy, making the search for new models willing to carry the mantle of Hegre girl that much easier.

Thousands of gorgeous images will no doubt emerge from Petters very own mission to Moscow, and we are of course happy to share them all with our faithful members. So read on to hear all about the behind the scenes details in one of the words most secretive nations and catch an early glimpse of the Russian beauties who will shed their clothes for the watchful eye of Petter Hegres camera

Mother Russia may be cold, but the adventures within are red hot!

Around The World
Around The World

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