Colorful Catalonia

Colorful Catalonia

Petter Hegre shows no signs of stopping his worldwide quest to bring Hegre-Art members the world’s most beautiful women. But sometimes the girls come to him!

Our Destination
Map of Colorful Catalonia

Located in the northeast of Spain Catalonia boasts a wide variety of different landscapes very close to each other. With mountains on the Pyrenees border, green hills to the north, agricultural planes to the west and beaches to the east - Catalonia is the destination for vibrant variety.

And with Hegre now making Barcelona his home base we can all look forward to more productions from this cosmopolitan and liberal region of Spain. With shores bordering the Mediterranean, lush countryside and a leading-edge lifestyle of vibrant culture - Catalonia is an inspirational place to be right now…

This constant quest for new and totally unique models is why Hegre-Art has so many loyal members. And what a find we have for you this time! We are very proud to introduce to you Muriel from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Her attributes say it all, no explanations needed!

So come along and get a behind-the-scenes glimpse of a four-day production featuring this stunning natural beauty from the home of the tango!

Around The World
Around The World

It Takes a Lot of Nudes to Make the World

Petter Hegre has spent many years photographing the most gorgeous girls around the globe.

Here we present the best images, films and stories from all those travels.

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