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Unleashed In The East

Unleashed In The East - Hegre In Tokyo

The Hegre-Art adventure has taken Petter to exotic and unique locations around the world, from Buenos Aires to Prague, Cape Town to New York City. But even for a world traveller like him, this proved to be a unique and difficult challenge.

Our Destination
Map of Unleashed In The East

Fast-moving but still tied to ancient tradition, Japan has one of the most unique and developed cultures in the world. It can truly be intimidating to the western tourist - but the sushi can’t be beat.

It was late November 2010 when he left for the Far East - the land of the rising sun and exotically beautiful women, in a collaborative adventure with Extremo Magazine, Mexico. He didn’t go unprepared, though. A local production manager and a translator were on the team the entire time. But still . . .

The culture shock was surprisingly difficult to adjust to. Chaotic, frustrating, and complicated, the first two days of casting seemed to set the tone for the whole trip. Negotiations were awkward. Beautiful women were a challenge to find. If it were not for a favour from a well-known Japanese photographer, this adventure may not have been as successful as it was.

Japan is a monoculture, and there is almost no cultural diversity. Things may move fast in Tokyo, but that can be an illusion when everything simply comes back to where it began.

Around The World
Around The World

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