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Marcelina | Poland Galleries: 4
Photo of Marcelina


Photo of Marcelina
Name: Marcelina
Country: Poland
Weight: 49kg
Height: 170cm
Age: 25
Occupation: Dj

How to feed a Goddess

Marcelina believes you are what you eat. She is a strong advocate of veganism and follows a strict fruitarian diet. Whatever she’s eating, the results are simply spectacular. She’s lean and virtually fat-free.

But Marcelina likes to party, too. Ever since she visited Ibiza, the party capital of the world, she fell in love with the place. With the world’s biggest clubs and the best DJs, it’s the ultimate hedonistic lifestyle. So she taught herself how to mix records and now plays there every summer.

But the Polish 25 year old has a bigger dream: to make it big in Los Angeles as an actress and model. There is no doubt with her stunning body, classical features and strict dietary regime she will fit in well there. And while many young women only dream of making big in LA, Marcelina can make it happen because she knows her own mind.

She does not deal in shades of grey; it’s black or white, it’s all or nothing with her. To some she might seem obsessed and crazy, but this single-minded attitude to life is just what you need to make it against the odds.

Marcelina Galleries COMMENTS

Marcelina magic beach | October 8th, 2014
Marcelina magic beach
ichbinsschon Italy

Marcelina What a beautiful woman! What a beautiful pussy!

KOMET United States

MARCELINA BEACHED The previous night had seen MARCELINA dashing effortlessly to and fro in the stormy sea, her long, florescent and scaly tail-fin easily propelling her among the waves. Now with the coming of morning, she is marooned on a rocky beach, her tail-fin transformed into 2 slim and shapely legs.

McNasty77 United States

Marcelina Love the tight bod, and firm chest. Gorgeous.

Simonas United Kingdom

Marcelina Magic Beach Just amazing model and photography. She is SO fit, quite gorgeous, look at no 35, wonderful photo and really shows off her physique. And as for No. 25 and 26, gorgeous lips and pussy. WOW. Please let us see more of her, and a Video too (?massage).

Marcelina studio nudes | September 15th, 2014
Marcelina studio nudes
mcnasty77 United States

Marelina Hard body... love her stomach.

Basia Poland

She has got something in her of Kate Moss...

zoso4444 United States

Marcelina I just love full lips. Get her on the massage table right away quick please.

Simonas United Kingdom

Marcelina She has such a gorgeous fit, toned body. (Exudes raw health, just like Rose). I agree it would be great to have her on film, e.g. massage table etc.

Voyeur United States

There is a beauty and sexuality that is hard to understand. Can't wait to see more of Marcelina.

oceanboy United States

Marcelina What a great model. Sexy. I hope she does more and more, if that's what she wants. I'd like to have videos with the girl (s) talking, playing, in their own language. Would always be fun for me, to hear them.

murf United States

Classic Beautiful and Classic.

wheeler United States

gotta love those abs! and...and...and...

Marcelina Mediterranean | August 27th, 2014
Marcelina Mediterranean
ailefroide Belgium

Marcelina bis Happy to be the first to congratulate you.

Andrew United States

beautiful She is starting to become my favorite models. Hope to see much more of her!

wheeler United States

lovely...and artistic!

Marcelina first session | August 16th, 2014
Marcelina first session
KOMET United States

WITAM MARCELINA! Slim, sleek,and nude, the woman emerges from the smoky void. MARCELINA rubs her eyes, gazing without blinking.

kenzi78 Germany

OMG! More please!

focuspuller United States

Marcelina What a gig this is. Set up a neutral background set with a a basic, unchanging lighting set-up and bring in beautiful girl after beautiful girl to stand there and pose for you in the nude. My congratulations.

Edward5D Denmark

New girl She certainly looks nice, but she looks hard and too slim. Some slim girls still look soft and warm. She does not. Too much diet, too much aerobics and too much focus on a career. It shows.

Doc United Kingdom

Marcelina So, yet another skinny shaved girl with sun tan lines. How novel....

Sandy United Kingdom

More please Stunning girl a delectably edible pussy. would love to chew on those bits and delve between!! More please.

wheeler United States

looks lovely when she doesn't suck it in so much!