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Marcelina Profile

Name: Marcelina
Country: Poland
Weight: 49kg
Height: 170cm
Age: 25
Occupation: Dj

How to feed a Goddess

Marcelina believes you are what you eat. She is a strong advocate of veganism and follows a strict fruitarian diet. Whatever she’s eating, the results are simply spectacular. She’s lean and virtually fat-free.

But Marcelina likes to party, too. Ever since she visited Ibiza, the party capital of the world, she fell in love with the place. With the world’s biggest clubs and the best DJs, it’s the ultimate hedonistic lifestyle. So she taught herself how to mix records and now plays there every summer.

But the Polish 25 year old has a bigger dream: to make it big in Los Angeles as an actress and model. There is no doubt with her stunning body, classical features and strict dietary regime she will fit in well there. And while many young women only dream of making big in LA, Marcelina can make it happen because she knows her own mind.

She does not deal in shades of grey; it’s black or white, it’s all or nothing with her. To some she might seem obsessed and crazy, but this single-minded attitude to life is just what you need to make it against the odds.

Marcelina sexy sandy December 13th, 2014
Best girl ever ! Please more boy / girl scenes please
Suddenly I love rocky sand...
Marcelina really doesn't need any help looking amazing - yet it works together so well. This set brings art to beauty in a most intriguing way. Kudos to both the model and the photographer.
There is something about MARCELINA in this photo series that bespeaks of raw, compelling primitivism and an underlying primal sensuality that commands the viewer's attention.
that sand has GOT to be very uncomfortable! very sexy, though! lol
Marcelina And Leo Backstage December 9th, 2014
not visible! tecnical gesehen very stümperhafter scheiß !!!
war ja klar!
A little slow?
I get it, of course, and the film is playful and pleasant, but I guess one comes here for the sexual electricity, and for a start they took far too long to get naked. After that, there was certainly some electricity about, if of rather low voiltage. Pleasant, but not one of the best.
Very hot.
how can you not have an erection when next to such a hot girl?
the way she looks at his penis is very revealing of real desire. or not?
Superb sexual energy between these two....hope we get to see more interaction between these two, on a higher level of intimacy.
best boy/Girl scene ever, with a fantastic girl and her lover
Great Clip!
That was fantastic! Marcelina is so hot and sexy. Leo must have wanted to stuff something inside of her. He desperately wanted to show off his coital powers. I hope the film has coitus.
Joy of being young
Need more movies like this one with "real energy", "intimate and human", with healthy, young, beautiful, spontaneous human animals. Leave room for life and art amid all of the erotic content.
RE: Guys
good idea
You continue to show how the human form is art. Both people realize they are art. You captured it. Thank you
Love it!
One of the best short movies I've seen on here. I love the way they seem a little self conscious and embarrassed, especially Marcelina and the way his dick fluffs up during the time they are naked. What is particularly nice is the way she can't resist taking peeks to see what's going on down there even though there is no directly sexual element to the shoot.
The Guys should also be listed on the model page, along with the girls.
A bit short and the parts on the preview pics are missing. When we will see them? Apart from this, really nice and brings a lot of atmosphere,, really good :-)
Very cute, I think she's a little bit afraid of his huge cock.
Marcelina and Leo
Good to see the models enjoying themselves. (Mojo55-7)
Marcelina Ibiza beach November 24th, 2014
On every picture, you are hot and sexy, but only on the very last one, you are also SO CUTE with your etremely nice and sweet smile :)))
These goose pimples makes your body even MORE sexy!! Respect! Go on, cutie ;)
incredible head to toe!
Incredible abs.
Marcelina Behind the Scenes November 18th, 2014
I'll think I'll pause and go do some crunches...
Marcelina magic beach October 8th, 2014
Love the beach theme for your models, especially Marcelina. Her athletic physique, natural beauty and gorgeous pussy lips are perfect for this shoot. Keep it up Peter!
I now have stone envy!
Marcelina Magic Beach
Just amazing model and photography. She is SO fit, quite gorgeous, look at no 35, wonderful photo and really shows off her physique. And as for No. 25 and 26, gorgeous lips and pussy. WOW. Please let us see more of her, and a Video too (?massage).
Love the tight bod, and firm chest. Gorgeous.
The previous night had seen MARCELINA dashing effortlessly to and fro in the stormy sea, her long, florescent and scaly tail-fin easily propelling her among the waves. Now with the coming of morning, she is marooned on a rocky beach, her tail-fin transformed into 2 slim and shapely legs.
What a beautiful woman! What a beautiful pussy!