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Photo of Rose


Photo of Rose
Name: Rose
Country: France
Weight: 47kg
Height: 168cm
Age: 22
Occupation: Ice figure skater

Graceful and fearless athlete

She glides across the ice at breakneck speed. Then she launches herself high into the air, spinning rapidly. Dizzy and disorientated she somehow has to land without breaking every bone in her body!

As a professional figure skater, Rose is completely fearless. She moves with a grace and composure that can only come from years of training on the ice. And those tight and toned abs don’t just magically appear. They’re irresistibly lick-able!

From Paris, France, 22 year-old Rose is also a practicing wrestler. That’s right, this little beauty could have you pinned to the floor in seconds. What she’ll do to you after that is anyone’s guess!

And it’s not just her honey coloured eyes and stunning looks that are so captivating. Rose is the sort of girl you just want to hang out with all day.

Relaxed and totally down-to-earth, she’s obviously not aware of just how drop dead gorgeous she is.

Rose Galleries COMMENTS

Rose beach babe | November 21st, 2014
Rose beach babe
KOMET United States

VIVE LA ROSE! ROSE, like Aphrodite, emerges au naturel from the sun-kissed, frothy sea, radiantly supreme.

Rose weightless | November 1st, 2014
Rose weightless
Rainer Germany

Wunderschön, mein Spatz steht sofort steif hoch...

finderweb Italy

Wow Wonderful set, very nice model ... my compliments!

KOMET United States

Rrrrrr ROSE!!! GRROWL!!! ROSE embodies here the grace, majesty and seductiveness of a leopard on the prowl. One cannot turn one's eyes away upon sighting such a sleek, oiled-down sexy Woman.

ailefroide Belgium

Rose aérienne This the Everest of erotism. Merci Mr Hegre.

United Kingdom

The only thing sexier than a lean muscular girl is a wet lean muscular girl. Everything about her is perfect......I want more! Now, please please please make her cum; the massage table awaits.x

McNasty77 United States

Genius Stunning... reminds me of Herb Ritts' work. Maybe next time photos of the lovely, Rose, in black and white?

athell9 United States

all Great work of art I in joy the creativity of the poses you shared . It was a awesome job. Athell9.

wheeler United States

very nice! another set that puts the "art" back in hegre art! I almost missed it! just got my connection back yesterday, after 4 days :(

TopCat United States

Lusty Leaper Very Uplifting!

Rose bikini body | October 26th, 2014
Rose bikini body
KOMET United States

ROSE - SEXY & RADIANT La femme belle ROSE. Elle est magnifique - resplendent when au naturel.

Mulethief United States

All about Rose is wonderful, but for the ghastly tattoo.

mobetaman United States

Remarkably Beauty Beheld This is a Rose of a different covering. Sans the sands and swap it for OIL on a sheet and I imagine perfection in the sun on that beach! WOW!

Draggin United States

Rose, WOW! Rose has the perfect female form. This shoot contains some superb shots. Rose's lines are classic and her facial expressions leave behind her lingering essence.

wheeler United States

I can only echo mulethief's comment!

Rose body building | October 3rd, 2014
Rose body building
KOMET United States

RAVISHING ROSE SIGH! Lovely and lithe. Sleek and slender. Au naturel and oiled down, ROSE is like a bas-relief brought to life. (One can never get enough of her.)

Longtimefan United States

Rose - 1 of the best So few images? How could you not keep shooting? Perfect lighting and stage/setup to showcase Ms. Rose's uncompromising beauty and form. Again, wish I was able to have some camera time with such exquisite collaboratos. Petter still has the best job. Rose, I hope you keep working with Petter.

TopCat United States

Gold Medalist! Rose's athletic beauty definitely gives her a "leg up" on the competition. Exquisite artistic impression and impressive technical skills. Rose's performance scores high marks with me!

Rose Baywatch | September 27th, 2014
Rose Baywatch
KOMET United States

RADIANT ROSE Sleek, strong, sexy and seductive, ROSE reigns au naturel on a warm, sun-saturated beach kissed by the sea.

Bom United Kingdom

Baltic Beach Health & Efficiency lives on?

TopCat United States

Flex Appeal! This lovely lissome lifesaver can give me CPR any day. Breathtaking!

Rose ravishing | September 10th, 2014
Rose ravishing
Jax United Kingdom


Mojo55-7 Switzerland

Rose What a superbly athletic figure. I'm looking forward to the film!.

KOMET United States

ROSE AS PHOENIX Out of the swirling mists and explosive lava which poured profusely from what had been a sleeping mountain of imposing heights emerged a Woman --- nude with sleek, oily body, blazing eyes and tongue of fire which, once touched by surrounding, freshening breezes, cooled and assumed a muted red color. Amid, dark cerulian skies, ROSE walked to the water's edge and swam to the distant island, where she slept under the protective cover of large, overarching palm trees.

ailefroide Belgium

Rose Everest You are the Everest of nude photography. Congratulations for you and for the author.

Vimmer Denmark

Tatoos Hm, pretty face, nice bum, but those tatoos spoil it all. Terrible, ugly, make her look cheap.

Saldo-2 United States

Perfect, just perfect!!

Boom United Kingdom

Love the body: athletic, poised......hate the tattoos. What was she thinking?

SLRist United Kingdom

Iggy Pop? Is it me, or does 70 of 80 look like Iggy Pop?

Mrtagjester United States

wow!!!!!!!...INCREDIBLE!!!!! So so sexy!!!!

Mrtagjester United States

rose wow!!!!!!!...INCREDIBLE!!!!! So so sexy!!!!

Rose skipping | August 31st, 2014
Rose skipping
Gugu Portugal

Very excellent!!!

wheeler United States

love a sporty girl! video of her using that rope would be nice

Rose tennis star | August 17th, 2014
Rose tennis star
Pog Thailand

Wow she is lovely

marzelo Germany

Rose is very hot - a sweet lovely face and her slim, sporty, muscular body i've seen any of her wrestlingclips - she's persistent and girl with a fighter heart

Fierscreen Poland

Ok, it's official. The best model on the site for me. I love them sportsy fit athletic types (but without going overboard with stallone-type muscles). Her face is adorable too, she's absolutely perfect that I almost can't take it. Plus, for some reason I think girls wearing caps are so sexy so this set's even better. She's right up there with Flora, my second fav model.

Voyeur United States

Fabulous tease from a wonderfully built lady.

wheeler United States

that arm tattoo puts her down a notch for me!

Rose introduction | August 6th, 2014
Rose introduction
KOMET United States

ROSE IN BLOOM A sheer delight it is to behold the debut today on this site of a beautiful, sensual & fully nude woman embodying grace and understated steely power.

stever United Kingdom

a new era Definitely the start of something good, hopefully some great stills and videos to follow. In short, what a figure, what a body?!

Saldo-2 United States

Such a beautiful woman with bad tattoos, it's sad

longtimefan United States

Rose - powerful beauty Petter, I don't know how you find these other worldy talent. I bet Luba is your scout, maybe. Rose, I think it's obvious your fully aware of your power. Thanks for sharing with us all, hope you and Petter continue to collaborate. Best, longtimefan

ailefroide Belgium

Rose intro Why such a beautiful girl agree to be seen by so many men (and women ?) ? Is it just for money ?

Rick United States

Lovely Beautiful athletic body.....looking forward to seeing Rose on the table

archcon212 United States

Rose More of Rose soon please. She and her wet body are beyond awesome.

wheeler United States

must agree with saldo! :/

Green Knight United States

Your tattoos are exquisite and beautiful. Perfect on your toned body. Thanks!


Rose Photo Session | September 16th, 2014
Rose Photo Session
Mojo55-7 Switzerland

Rosina What a superb body!. Both beautiful, sensual and athletic. And what a pleasure to see her unselfconsciously enjoying the shoot.

KOMET United States

ROSE RULES! Sleek, serpentine, and DELICIOUSLY SEXY, ROSE knows how to tease and beguile with her eyes, smile, and tightly toned, oiled-down body. By turns, she is e a bronze statue made flesh and an animal on the prowl. WHAT IS THERE NOT TO LIKE? Ohhhh ROSE! Sigh! Sublimely nude, exciting maddening desire and primal urges in man and woman alike.

jansan Denmark

Beautiful! She is a daring girl showing us her gaping pussy when she in the first part spreads her legs, and in the second part she makes some very fine jumping where her not too big but perky breasts are allowed to show what gravity does to a woman's delicious attributes. Thak you Petter - and thank you Rose!

Kasey United Kingdom

Rose is my new favorite. I can't tell you how wet I am for this girl. Everything about her is perfect. The muscles in her back and shoulders......her beautifully slippery rock hard belly..... and the sexiest belly button..... She is a dream and I can't print what I'd like to do with her. Thank you so much for this video. I hope this is the first of many. please, please get her on that massage table and make her come until it

Experienced United States

Rose - perfect! Ah, Rose. So beautiful in every way, so captivating. Her smile, her perfect skin, her agility and muscle tone, her perfect breasts, her tight stomach (and beautiful navel), her perfect pussy, her legs ... just everything is so right. Thank you Rose, for sharing your beauty with us (you help make an older guy feel young again), and thank you Petter for capturing her beauty. And finally, thank you also for the accompanying piano music by Chopin and Satie - a very classy touch that perfectly fits Rose. I very much look forward to seeing more of her ... hopefully soon.

Marie Denmark

im new This is very sexy :D

ailefroide Belgium

Rose photo Congratulations; I adore.

Bom United Kingdom

Yes, she may have a toned and athletic body but this movie is, imho, almost devoid of eroticism.

luhusboi United States

beautiful true beauty, I watched this while listing to Bruno Mars- Locked out of Heaven….

toga United States

Pulchritudinous She is very pulchritudinous and sexy. I would love to meet her.

wallyfish Germany

bravo Absolutely no erotism, yet it's really fascinating to watch soneone with this amount of control over her jumps. Plus, her body is perfect. While I'm also here for the erotism, it's clearly very cool to have a model who has very good control over her body (ballet dancer, figure skater, rhythmic gymnastics) and it's also quite nice to have models with athletic bodies (even though thin or normal bodies are great, too). If you want to do sports-y videos specifically, it would be nice to have the full circle from warming up to sporting around to a state of relaxed exertion

wheeler United States

impressive moves, I must say!

United States

Those tatts are unfortunate

Dawn United States

RE: You're right. Why take a perfectly beautiful body and smear it with a marks a lot type scribbling that is distracting from the natural beauty of such an erotic body?

SGT Law United States

Hot Tat, Hot Girl I personally think the tats look amazing on her. It's called freedom of expression. Some people just look for the negative in anything lol. What's next? Complaining about a hot girls birth mark?You people are insane she is hot.

shift2 United States

Rose Photo Session The tats didn't bother me after the first minute. I was mesmerized by her lean muscular body and athletic moves. I bet she lifts weights and does lots of cardio and along with a low fat diet. Most women think that lifting weights ( or working out on resistance machines) will add bulk like a female bodybuilder. It won't unless you use steroids like many of them do. What it will do is add definition and shape that cardio alone can't achieve and muscle is where fat goes to be burned. Excellent production. Nice classical music and outstanding artistic display of the female figure. Videos like this is why I recently subscribes to Hegre.