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ポリア | ウクライナ ギャラリー: 12


名前: ポリア
国: ウクライナ
体重: 52kg
身長: 175cm
年齢: 23






ポリアギャラリー コメント

ポーリア&ユリア ボディービル | August 8th, 2007
ポーリア&ユリア ボディービル
FastEddie アメリカ

biceps are not what had my full attention

Joe アメリカ

Neatly trimmed bush Why don't more models have neatly trimmed bushes like Polya and Yulia instead of being shaved bald? To me, being trimmed in the way Polya and Yulia is is way more attractive. Being shaved bald just looks goofy. I realize not everyone would agree, I'm just saying there should be more balance between the two styles.

jp アメリカ

Always a pleasure to see these two girls! I am glad you brought back the best duo on the site once again! These two are simply stunning and have gorgous figures. WHat would be most nice is if both girls were completely shaven!

mike アイルランド

rounded shaven pubic region and distant lovely faces make this a wonderful site

ポーリア&ユリア 赤いリフレクション | June 13th, 2007
ポーリア&ユリア 赤いリフレクション
p_y オーストラリア

Thank you again Petter, If only Polya & Yulia had their own dedicated site ;) Another fantastic shoot more please

JR アメリカ

Nice Now this is a NICE way to view your birthday. Two beautiful women, twins, and their naked. It would have been better if I had woken up with them though. ;)

Gus ブラジル

Sorry to say, but these two girls don't really attract me. Their's are maybe the worst shots in the site.

Billoliver アメリカ

Request for Polya and Yulia Hi, Please have these two girls show pussies TOGETHER. I don't understand why none of the girl/girl photos, girls don't show pussy?!

Jay インド

These two women should be a monthly feature they are absolutely gorgeous and the shots are really stunning.

Heywood アメリカ

More intimacy Yulia and Polya should do much more modeling together. I'd really love to see them licking each other's clits.

ポーリア&ユリア 熱いシート | April 18th, 2007
ポーリア&ユリア 熱いシート
Dragon インド

Polya and Yulia Hot Seat Awesome gallery, brillant photography and two really beautiful gals. The images # 45, #46, #47 are the best of the lot :)

Rolf-Dieter Lettenmayer ドイツ

Polya and Yulia hot seat This gallery is very beautiful and excellent. Thanks for this enjoyment

Heinrick アイルランド

Awesomely erotic with hand on tit and bottom; lovely and easy models

Dave フィンランド

Open Up Would love to see some open leg shots, would be great to see if everything is identical.

ポリア&ユリア 親密 | March 15th, 2007
ポリア&ユリア 親密
alex 英国

polya/yulia two sexy women,great set of photos.

Polya and Yulia intimacy アメリカ

Polya and Yulia intimacy I love these two beautiful women. They are fantastic!

salvador rios メキシコ

magnific girls, but bether photos, god job peter¡

Jake カナダ

intimacy An interesting exploration!

Badga 英国

A Hot Couple A warm and wonderful set of images, from two girls who are equally warm and wonderful. I adore them both. badga

p_y オーストラリア

Better & Better The shoots of these two keep improving! Keep it coming!

gareth アメリカ

the best "Double Mint gum" advertisement -- EVER! these two always rock my world :)

Dave フランス

The first photo says it all. Taken alone Juliya or Polya are each beautiful in their own right. When side by side one is drawn into a delightful game of "spot the difference" that could last for many delicious hours. Let's hear it for (nearly) identical girls!

IR アメリカ

Damn, that was erotic!

ポリア&ユリア ハーモニー | May 19th, 2007
ポリア&ユリア ハーモニー
p_y オーストラリア

The Polya & Yulia shoots just keep getting better! More photos please (and maybe another video - was this shoot taped?) ;)

Badga 英国

A Graceful Pair Again a quite superb set from these two lovely ladies,they really do it for me,its a real pleasure to see Polya & Yulia handing out so much pleasure to everyone else.They are up there with Sonia & Jana.Please,please keep the sets coming. badga

terminus_h スロベニア

great set, beautiful ladies, so don't get me wrong: Polya and Yulia are somehow not in the league of Anna S, Angelica and co.

ポリア&ユリア ダブルトラブル | February 10th, 2007
ポリア&ユリア ダブルトラブル
alex 英国

polya/yulia sexy/playful/beautiful duo.

Dan from Texas アメリカ

Polya and Yulia double trouble By themselves both of these women are gloriously beautiful. Together, they are are almost too beautiful to bear. Lightning has indeed struck twice and we are so fortunate. They see so serious and yet in these photos they just toy with our imagination. Great series.

gareth アメリカ

double-10! these girls ROCK my world!

ユリア&ポリア デュオ | October 15th, 2006
ユリア&ポリア デュオ
Stefan オーストラリア

More shoots of the twins These two are so beautiful and deserve some video time ;) Please indulge your members with a video of Yulia and Polya together.

ユリア&ポリア 同期化 | September 27th, 2006
ユリア&ポリア 同期化
Dan from Texas アメリカ

Yulia & Polya Perfection times 2! Beautiful women. By simply standing still they both evoke a passion and an appreciation of grace and beauty. Great Work, Petter. Thanks.

ポリアとユリア 分割イメージ | June 12th, 2005
ポリアとユリア 分割イメージ
Mark アメリカ

Polya and Yulia An absolutely beautiful, simple and perfect nude study of two beautiful and lovely ladies. Bravo!

ポリアとユリア | June 25th, 2005
heinrich アイルランド

polya and julia great faces, graceful bottom and pert pussies well gone

Mark アメリカ

Polya and Yulia Polya and Yulia are captured in their most pure, honest and basic state. They truly get it and understand the beauty and artistry of the nude. It is art at its finest. Completely nude and unadorned in every photo, this truly is the best and most classic way to capture the beauty of the nude. It is even better that they did this together. Great job ladies!

ポリア 赤い情熱 | December 15th, 2005
ポリア 赤い情熱
Brian アメリカ

Yulia? Unless I've totally missed the mark here, I'd say this isn't Polya, it's actually Yulia. Both are stunningly gorgeous and look nearly identical. But Yulia is the one with the belly button piercing, and there are a few other minute details that give it away.