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Lisa Marie | Norwegen Galerien: 14
Foto von Lisa Marie


Foto von Lisa Marie
Name: Lisa Marie
Land: Norwegen
Gewicht: 50Kg
Größe: 162cm
Alter: 21

Wikinger Schönheit

Es gibt nicht viele von Petters Landsmänninnen, die auf zu sehen sind, aber Lisa Marie bewies ihren großen Wikingermut und kam geradewegs nach Paris, um sich dort von ihm ablichten zu lassen.

Ihre Schwäche für die süßen Dinge des Lebens bedeutet, dass sie gerne Kuchen und M&M’s nascht. Lisa Marie war vormals als Teil des Teams Alyar in Norwegen unterwegs: Eine Gruppe von Models, die mit ihren Unterwäschen-Shows die männliche Hälfte der norwegischen Landbevölkerung geradezu in Ekstase versetzte.

Lisa Marie wirkt sehr sinnlich, mit ihrer kurvenreichen Figur und ihrem süßen, puppenhaften Gesicht. Außerdem ist sie Single und auf der Suche nach einem wahren Gentleman, einer Männergattung, die, so wie sie meint, in Norwegen nur schwer zu finden ist! Sie ist ein Mädchen, dass von einer Beziehung erwartet, dass Männer sich wie Männer verhalten und Frauen sich wie Frauen. Die uneindeutige Rollenverteilung der Geschlechter in Norwegen sagt ihr dabei nicht zu.

Einfach zauberhaft, vespielt und mit einer erotischen Ausstrahlung, die in diesen Bildern voll zum Ausdruck kommt, wird Lisa Marie sicherlich zu einer der neuen Hegre-Favoritinnen avancieren.

Lisa Marie Galerien KOMMENTARE

Lisa Marie Pariser Garten | April 9th, 2008
Lisa Marie Pariser Garten
ST Vereinigtes Königreich

Lisa Marie No doubt there will be many comments complaining about Lisa-Marie's 'shyness' but I just want to say I love this girl! She is impossibly cute. I particularly love the photo galleries of her on location.

Ortis Vereinigtes Königreich

Lisa Marie She has a butt for spanking! Nice and sexy.

Mr.C Vereinigtes Königreich

Lisa Marie Some people say she is shy(!)but i find her and her level of nudity just right and so beautiful. The fact that she has done a number of shoots before doing a full frontal shot just adds to the excitement. A very pretty lady.

frank Vereinigte Staaten

Very sexy and perfect body.

sirstefanofb Australien

Great Breasts.... North or South, East or West Lisa's Breasts are just the BEST!

sirstefanofb Australien

She may be shy.... and she may be coy.... but she's as cute as a button... and thats a joy

Dave Frankreich

I've often strolled through Parisian gardens but, alas, have never stumbled upon such a beauty as Lisa Marie. Clearly I must stroll more often...

Chuck Vereinigte Staaten

Parisian Garden Peter, Love the shadows. Makes use of the imagination. Good stuff, all.

jim Irland

Magnificent breasts,lovely ass and powerfully radiant body even in shadow

Lisa Marie weisses Kleid | September 26th, 2007
Lisa Marie weisses Kleid
Bob Vereinigtes Königreich

So cute, so curvy - love her!

sirstefanofb Australien

Great Girl....good enough to 'eat', but a pity about the dress as it spoils the view!

Dan from Texas Vereinigte Staaten

Lisa Marie ....the tease Ok, is it time yet? Is it time to peel the peach? She is a beauty but what is she hiding?

tdonna Vereinigte Staaten

Could not be more right about "peeling the peach"

Lee Aitken Vereinigte Staaten

Lisa Marie She is still camera shy isn't she? That's alright, sometimes you have to wait for the best things in life. I can't wait to see more of this beautiful woman.

JP Vereinigte Staaten

Tremendous breasts Lisa Marie has got some of the best breasts on the site. I can't wait to see more down below.

jessica Vereinigte Staaten

this girl... is the most incredible thing i've seen on this site. the torso is enough. absolutely, positively magnificent. unreal.

Lisa Marie Gold | December 4th, 2007
Lisa Marie Gold
JP Vereinigte Staaten

Finally!! Glad to see Lisa Marie start to "open up." Second to last image is very promising!

Jim Vereinigte Staaten

Looks more relaxed She really is a solid package. Beautiful smile. Hope she keeps developing in front of the camera.

steven kanor Vereinigte Staaten


Michael Kanada

Lisa Marie Beautiful.I like the shorter hair on her. As for NYC-quack!

Rob Vereinigtes Königreich

Steven what are you talking about?! "Really poor"? If this is "really poor" then give me one such "really poor" woman and I shall die a very happy man.

IR Vereinigte Staaten

This girl is fucking gorgeous! I can't believe you tease us with only 23 pictures!

Dave Vereinigte Staaten

Rocks! Very, very nice. It's great to see a real woman with a real body. Pic #12 just ROCKS! Much better series of this beautiful girl.

abc Norwegen

Nydelig! Fint å se en norsk jente med en sånn fantastisk kropp. Med den frisyren minner hun meg litt om Charlize Theron, bare at Lisa Marie er mye finere ;)

Lisa Marie schwarzes Kleid | August 1st, 2007
Lisa Marie schwarzes Kleid
NewFan Niederlande

It is interesting how this model creates a stir for having a few kilos too many on her! I am seriously thinking of cancelling my membership because the girls on this site are just too skinny. Lisa Marie and some other girls might just keep me around. Petter, are you listening?

Jozua Kanada

This is class. And Lisa Marie has it. And the photographer.

Sadie Vereinigtes Königreich

Perfectionist. I have a postgraduate degree, believe me myself and my female friends don't sit around being jealous of each other and talking about diets and dresses all day. I still hold my opinion too. This model is not showing any signs of being even 'a bit' fat. She is normal and looks healthy. Sure she is more curvaceous than some on here - but fat? No way.

salvador rios bucio Mexiko

pretty woman she´s beautiful, sensual and new face, thanks peter for this small pleasures of life

Auriele Indien

Shes very very sexy...just needs to loose some more shame ;)

Blake Krosse Vereinigtes Königreich

wouch what a natural stunner

Dan from Texas Vereinigte Staaten

Lisa Marie Stunning Beauty! Only one complaint ... still too many clothes on this beauty!

Artur Brasilien

A wonderful new face in the site!

Lee Aitken Vereinigte Staaten

What a beauty! The northlands have hidden treasure there and Hegre has discovered her! Lisa is a perfect 10, no, make that a 10.50!

JAH Vereinigte Staaten

Perfection... but I agree she still has too many clothes on.

scrapiron Vereinigte Staaten

nice tits subperb body and smile. nice tits. spread those legs

Andrew Kaimaninseln

Lisa Maria is a very attractive new addition, please book more shoots with her!

Jozua Kanada


Perfectionist Spanien

Pffff A bit too fat for my personal taste....

Victor Vereinigtes Königreich

Fat??? Are you looking at the same model we are all looking at? Bones are not sexy. Lisa you are jusy gorgeous the way you are.

Sadie Vereinigtes Königreich

Lisa Marie I can't believe this model has been called fat. I'm a female, bi-sexual member of this site and I'm sick of the pressure on women to be thinner and thinner. Sure some girls are naturally skinny and that's the way they are meant to be but to call Lisa fat is disgusting. If this model loses weight because of crass comments on here it would be very sad. Lisa you are perfect as you are

way Vereinigte Staaten

a refreshing change from the herd of stick figures. excrutiatingly sexy. please, petter, more women like this! there are too many mere girls.

Chris Spanien

Body Looking at her two available sets I can see why she creates a stir. She is not the typical slim Hegre-model. She is short and full... but no dobt her features would have been even better with a few kilos less on her structure. It would give her an even better definition as a model. Now she is a very sexy girl next door with a sweet tooth... not a top model.

Perfectionist Spanien

It's nice that you Sadie think Lisa Marie is perfect, happy for both of you.....but you didn't make me change my opinion on...for me she is still short and a bit too fat...I said A Bit. Heh, and you talk about pressure on women to be thinner...well, who is putting pressure on you girls? You are doing this yourself...why? because girls are usually very jealous about each other....."Oh, my friend lost some weight, I also want...Oh this dress is so nice, I wanna buy it and try to fit in it..etc." Again..just my opinion...All the best

the Professor Vereinigte Staaten

There are plenty of barely-there waifs on this site for those who appreciate less of a woman. Move along. Petter, I urge you to continue to celebrate a diversity of body types _as a matter of principle_, even if girls like Alya and Olga garner cult status for the site. As a contemporary master of the nude, you have tremendous influence over how your public perceives and appreciates female beauty. Please feature more models like Lisa Marie, Dasha, Gislane, Zalina, etc.

Alya Lover Tony Vereinigte Staaten

Nice body But it would be nicer if we could see more of it.

EF Vereinigte Staaten

This girl and the word "fat" don't belong in the same sentence. It's sad that so many of you have forgotten what women are supposed to look like. I wish this site had more women like her. I am also thinking about canceling because of the overly-thin women; this lovely is a breath of air, I'm telling you.

sirstefanofb Australien

FAT?.... take another look, I am certainly not a fan of 'fat-chicks'... But Lisa Marie certainly does it for me and would be welcome in my bed anyday!

abc Norwegen

I hope Hegre will make a video with Lisa Marie! She's beautiful!

abc Norwegen

Lisa Marie er verdens vakreste og mest tiltrekkende kvinne siden Marilyn Monroe! :)

Lisa Marie schwarzes Oberteil | October 12th, 2007
Lisa Marie schwarzes Oberteil
Russell Vereinigte Staaten

Beautiful girl, however I figure she must be Hegre's cousin or something, as she can't ever quite seem to get her panties off!

steven kanor Vereinigte Staaten

your film evi creamed was brilliant

Blake Krosse Vereinigtes Königreich

fruit of the vine I would speak to her if she spoke to me.

Andrew Kaimaninseln

Lisa Marie is by all accounts a phenomenal woman; a Valkrie sent from Valhalla for the pleasure of mortal men. We would surely like to appreciate all of her. I'll volunteer to send the M&Ms to the next Paris shoot if it will help get those pants off!

Nidaros Vereinigte Staaten

Best Set ever I really have to say this is one of the best sets ever. I think it is important to let an image keep the imagination thinking. While still providing something to view. Thanks for a great Set of photos

Chip Vereinigte Staaten

Lisa Marie Beautifully modeled and photographed! So, where can I buy my own special girl that top and bottom? Beautiful!

Lisa Marie glänzend | January 18th, 2008
Lisa Marie glänzend
JP Vereinigte Staaten

Slowly getting there... Lisa Marie is slowly making progress toward "opening up." She's an amazing beauty with a flawless face and flawless breasts. She must have the world's strongest thighs though being able to keep them clamped so tightly, She could probably kill someone if she got them in a headlock between her thighs. But then, at least you'd die happy. Seriously though, she looks uncomfortable in some shots where she teases us with spreading legs. The bottom row pictures on page 6 make her look plain awkward.

Dragon Indien

Glossy WOW-- Gloss is great. This set is so hot that my computer is melting. Oh! One more thing My doctor says I will die in five days if I don't see whole of Lisa Marie ( You know what I mean ). So Petter and gang , don't let me die !!

The Flying Dutchman Norwegen

Glossy Another great set of pictures of Lisa Marie! :)

Ralph Vereinigte Staaten

Sort of mixed on this one. She's hot but it looks like an elephant came on her face. Natural beauty doesn't need props to be's what's inside that counts and shows through in the pictures.

Dave Vereinigte Staaten

I don't get it... Some people just can't stop criticizing her. She is an absolutely beautiful girl and unique among Hegre models. Any Lisa Marie is good Lisa Marie.

Ortis Vereinigtes Königreich

She's such a little cutie. Great body.

Blake Vereinigtes Königreich

Rock Ralph is hilariously obscene. These pictures look like something from a rock music video. Though it could be bad for you skin to smear it in Fried Chicken, I do find it delicious.

Jim Vereinigte Staaten

Lisa Marie Well, yea, she is quite beautiful. I bet if I ran into her at a store or on the street or something, I would gasp at her beauty. But there's something about her that does not translate in her photos. How can someone be so hot and yet so cold?

Dan from Texas Vereinigte Staaten

Lisa Marie I like the mess! I like the whole slippery slimey, slithering sloppy mess of Marie. Lisa Marie & Olivie take the crown for the best lips of all your models. Their little pouts are priceless. You have done it, Petter. You have won me over.

bike Vereinigte Staaten

i wish the photographer would have more/some butt shots on these models. it is one of their top three or four visual assets. eyes butt hair boobs...choose your order, choose your style. more of all four! :-)

myke Vereinigte Staaten

LISA MARIE We LOVE you, Lisa Marie, but it's time for you to share the rest of your golden treasures. Don't be afraid. It will only secure your legend!

Elvis Vereinigte Staaten

Lisa Maria I have a strong opinion about this one. Im not into it at all. I think if you disagree, you have never seen real beauty. She is just "eh."

Luclaf Kanada

Lisa set You see... simple set, but.. great set. Oily Lisa is quite cute and attractive. Good job M. Hegre. More like this one.

Justin Vereinigte Staaten

elephant? "looks like an elephant came on her face," eh ralph? hmm... wish i was the elephant.

Ray from Canada Kanada

Oh my God! You've blown the roof off this time! Classy, voluptuous, pretty as hell, and SHINEY! She doesn't need to spread her legs, you other write-ins, this is way more about art than porn, don't forget. Thank you Petter, Thank you Lisa Marie! :-x

Mitch Vereinigte Staaten

Lisa Marie! Lisa Marie, you are among Petter's most attractive models. Beautiful, firm breasts, voluptuous belly and hips, lovely, vulnerable face with blue eyes like a cool pool on a hot day. But we are just guys and have no imagination. Please show us your treasure! We promise to treasure it -- right, guys?

Justin Vereinigte Staaten

blue? yo mitch the poet: her eyes aren't blue. they're hazel buddy.

sirstefanofb Australien

Whoever suggested that a natural attribute such as the beauty of a womans pubic region was 'porn'?... I agree, that some of us would like to see... just a 'little' more of Lisa Marie.

Mitch Vereinigte Staaten

Lisa Marie Hazel like sitting in front of warm fire, snug indoors on a snowy winter day.

mike Vereinigtes Königreich

Lisa Marie I appreciate that you are more adventurous than most photographers but too much oil for me except last page rescued set. Ray from Canada thinks viewing pubic area is porn!!!!!!!!!!!

gareth Vereinigte Staaten

yeah... the 'glossy' look is weird on such a [typically] amazing hottie!

Jan Erik Norwegen

Oily hottie! Hegre, you did a masterstroke by oiling this beauty up! Makes her look all sweaty as if she has been up all night... Please, don't stope the oily sets! Oh how I wish to see Bere all oiled up as well...

per Norwegen

What a beauty! Lisa Marie, du er en vakker kvinne og oljebildene var veldig sexy. Jeg kan ikke forstå annet enn at du har en fantastisk karrierer foran deg som model.

Lisa Marie Nivea | July 11th, 2007
Lisa Marie Nivea
Mark Vereinigte Staaten

What an absolute Doll.

Nate Vereinigte Staaten

Lisa Marie ABSOLUTELY beautiful woman! Gorgeous face and eyes! Only problem that I see is that she must have been wearing some high, strap-on footwear prior to shooting which left depression lines on her lower legs. Hope that we see much more of her.

Viktor Vereinigtes Königreich

Lisa Maria WOW! What a body!

dwb13207 Vereinigte Staaten

I hope to see alot more of you. You are a perfect 10!!

sirstefanofb Australien

Exquisite body, beautiful face. had my tongue hanging out since I first set eyes on THIS gorgeous creature in yesterdays promo... Now dissappointed as she covered her most vital parts in cream and I am DIEING to see ALL of this girl... Hope you bring her back soon and forbid her to 'tease' and ORDER her to reveal ALL.... Sir Stefan

Julian Vereinigte Staaten

Lisa Maria is an exquisite beauty. Can't wait to see more of her.

Jairo Brasilien

Lisa Maria Hi! She's pretty, a wonderful body and a lovely ass. I want more. Thanks.

FastEddie Vereinigte Staaten

cute pudgy lil thing... dont understand the soap art though

MJK Vereinigte Staaten

Lisa Marie Lovely,true female form...curves in all the right places. Wish there were more models like Lisa Marie.

Joseph Vereinigte Staaten

Gorgeous! What a beautiful woman! I can't believe she has been called pudgy here... a wonderful woman with curves is my favorite anytime over anorexia! I agree with most, looking forward to seeing "more" of her later.

CJ Vereinigtes Königreich

I can't believe she's been called pudgy either. I can't stand it when you see hip bones so sharp they could have your eye out. Lisa Maria is an example of a beautiful, healthy woman - absolutely gorgeous from head to toe.

JAH Vereinigte Staaten

I find it surprising someone called her pudgy. She's amazing in every way. I'm pretty disappointed she's covered with soap though. The allure of this site is seeing these girl's amazing skin and her's is covered. Hopefully there's more of her to come soon.

Fahad Vereinigte Staaten

Perfection Personified Peter, I salloute your new direction to women of absloutle amazing figure. You were able to execute all of your previous shoots with flying colors, but quite frankly, some of the other models lack true "figure" and should learn from Lisa Marie and her amazing curves. We want to see more of Lisa Marie and wish more woman as her join the already amazing Hegre staff.

DAF Vereinigte Staaten

Oh my! No disrespect to the others, all are beautiful women, especially the amazing Luba and Mirta. But, Lisa Marie tops them all. She's the one I've been waiting for. Please, Petter, don't make us wait too long for more of this gorgeous human being.

Richard Vereinigte Staaten

Good addition Lisa Marie is an amazing addition to the Hegre-Art team. Very beautiful face, sunsual curves enough to drive anyone wild!! There are some amazing women on this web site but Lisa is my new favorite. Absolutly stunning work. Cant wait to see more.

Its Me Vereinigte Staaten

Amazing She is absolutely perfect, only wish the cream had been washed off.

ron o-gear Vereinigtes Königreich

Lisa Marie I think there is an element of the sadist in you. You photograph the model with the most stunning body on the site but then daub cream over her. Are you worried that Luba will be left in her wake??

abc Norwegen

Jeg er forelsket! Lisa Marie, vil du gifte deg med meg?

jessica Vereinigte Staaten

thank you lisa makes me want to eat again.

Lisa Marie Parc De Saint Claud | January 9th, 2008
Lisa Marie Parc De Saint Claud
JP Vereinigte Staaten

Holding Back I've always been a supporter of Lisa Marie and defended her for not "going all the way" in the past. However, I feel that her potential is being limited and imaginative posing restricted. She can be just as hot a Evi, maybe even more. I'm not just interested in crotch shots, but the fact that her legs are limited to one position, reduces the variety of poses and angles. Whate we are left with is Maxim-style photos.

Jim Vereinigte Staaten

Go Lisa Marie Nice. You got her out of the studio, and she loosened up a bit. Beautiful little bulldog body, great breasts, and a gorgeous smile. Maybe someday she'll even allow us a little bit of cameltoe.

drummer Vereinigte Staaten

Lisa Marie Very nice photography Petter. I not sure if I can get excited for a Lisa Marie gallery, there are other models that are so much more erotic in their attitudes and Lisa leaves me with a little ho hum attitude at the end of any of her series

RDKelly Vereinigte Staaten

Lisa Marie shy Lisa Marie has a really great looking body -- a least the part we can see is great. It's sad that she is shy about the area between her legs.

Gregg Vereinigte Staaten

Lisa Marie One word: PRUDE!

sirstefanofb Australien

Perfect pert breasts and a lovely smile certainly place Lisa Marie on my 'favorites' list. Dont go much on the monument, prefer closer pics of the model... and I'm still 'hanging-out' for a few pics of Lisa Marie with a little more daylight between her thighs.

wookiegunit2829 Vereinigte Staaten

Parc de Saint Claud Dear sir, A most excellent choice of contrast in texture - the colors are superb. And, obviously, Miss Lisa Marie - these United States of america should be so lucky to claim her as one of our own. But, Alas No.

Robert Vereinigte Staaten

Nice I agree with JP, crotch shots do nothing for me so I don't care to see all of her naughty bits, but she does seem to do the same poses in every series with the same expression. It is still a good series though.

ST Vereinigtes Königreich

Lisa you are gorgeous and I always enjoy looking at your delightful body. You do not need to show more. Thank you for braving the outdoors, the height and the general public for this gorgeous photo series!


Lisa Marie Parc De Saint Claud Now one can imagine why a sculptur can be so fascinated about the female corpus!!!!


Lisa Marie Parc De Saint Claud (suplementary) I'm a painter myself and at this moment I'm fascinated and in admiration of the female body! Especially the accentualisation of the hands and sometimes the feet.This sequence is very inspirational for me!! And offcourse very exciting!!

Lisa Marie Pariser Mode | February 3rd, 2008
Lisa Marie Pariser Mode
Dave Vereinigte Staaten

Lisa Marie Everything about her is beautiful!

Jim Vereinigte Staaten

Lis Marie More progress. Each pictorial seems a little looser than the previous one. She's a hot little mama, though.

baudolino73 Deutschland

Yes, she is undone! Beautiful series with little steps until a straighter look between her legs.

myke Vereinigte Staaten

LISA MARIE This was a good shoot for Lisa Marie. She is starting to loosen up, and not 100% focused on keeping her legs closed. She is really starting to hit her stride!

tdonna Vereinigte Staaten

Lisa Marie Good pics but keep going to more open shots -- She is worth the progression -- I hope!

Guga Brasilien

I agree with the others about her legs (and what legs!!!) so carefully placed so as to never show her pussy. She is one of the most beautiful and hot models at this site. She should to be more liberal. Say like Mirta, or Ira. Hmmm.

ST Vereinigtes Königreich

Lovely Lisa Marie I adore this girl, she is so completely gorgeous.

sirstefanofb Australien

No doubt that Miss Lisa Marie has most desirable attributes, but..... despite 'loosening-up a bit' in this shoot, she is still more 'tease-than-please'. Hopefully time, exposure and more confidence will overcome her inhibitions?.

Daniel Vereinigte Staaten

Wow The sexiest photos are the ones with the old guy in the picture...

russ Vereinigte Staaten

An amazing Beauty, and i nearly thought we was just about to get down to some incredible poontang.

Lisa Marie Pariser Park | September 2nd, 2007
Lisa Marie Pariser Park
Dave Vereinigte Staaten

A perfect body Lisa Marie is exactly my idea of a perfect beauty. She is gorgeous.

Mr. M Vereinigte Staaten

Hooray for Lisa While all of the Hegre girls are nice it is refreshing to see a girl with some meat on her bones and still in killer shape. These days that is very hard to come by.

Mark Irland


Mike Vereinigte Staaten

Lisa Marie Wonderfull girl. So nice to see a lovely girl without eating disorder or implants. More like this, please!

Andreas Deutschland

beautyful what a beautyful body she has

abc Norwegen

Lisa Marie er utrolig nydelig og noen helt fantastisk deilige kurver. Jeg gleder meg til å se mye mer av henne!

Lisa Marie Partykleid | November 11th, 2007
Lisa Marie Partykleid
Jim Vereinigte Staaten

Boring This girl has got to loosen up. She's very cute, but she is not sexy for the camera at all. Her legs are locked shut.

ofrex Vereinigtes Königreich

Lisa Marie is there some reason why Lisa does not take her clothes off only one photo set has just about seen her naked the rest of them she is almost fully clothed. this web site is to show the naked female form not to show what clothing a model has. please take her clothes off or take her off the site. she is pretty, but lets she that she is

Dave Vereinigte Staaten

I have to agree with Jim... She is beautiful, one of the few Hegre models with just a little more meat on her bones and a real figure, which I find very attractive. She has a very pretty face and perfect skin, so many things going for her but really, every gallery is the same. A couple different poses, chopped off at the knees, legs crossed or clamped and a few different hand/arm positions. I'm sure she and Petter can do better.

Alan Vereinigte Staaten

light I like what you did with the lighting and colour in this set. Did you use some type of diffusion filter?

Robert Vereinigte Staaten

Just Fine Not every girl needs to be spread eagle in front of a camera to be sexy. In fact I prefer it when the girls leave a little more to the imagination.

Murph Vereinigtes Königreich

agree with jim fraid so, mr hegre. i've not even bothered looking at the individual pictures - the gallery is the same as all the others with lisa marie

Bob Vereinigte Staaten

A beautiful woman, but she does not seem to be enjoying what she is doing.

tdonna Vereinigte Staaten

Lisa Marie Hands...Legs... Why are you showing her.... if she is unwilling to show herself.... open her UP!

chris b Vereinigtes Königreich

lisa marie party dress Poor Jim has no idea what sexiness is. Lisa Marie is sexier with her clothes on than most of the girls on this site are naked.

sirstefanofb Australien

Grrrrr... So looking forward to a new set of Lisa Marie 'naked' and still she has not allowed our eyes to go there..... even tho we all can, in our minds, if we so wish to... but I for one would really love to see this stunning girl naked and displayed from all angles.... maybe I will just 'keep on dreamin'

Vitus Kanada

Wankers She's gorgeous, and she obviously doesn't want us seeing everything, which is just fine by me. That's actually one of the things that draws me to this site: it seems the women are free to show what they're comfortable showing. The guys who so desperately need spread pussy shots might want to consider singing up to another site...

Owei Österreich

Lisa Marie is great and a 100 times sexier than f.e. that dull "Eva S. Milan Beauty"

[revo] Silent Vereinigte Staaten

agree to disagree I can't help but agree with the point that yes, she is amazingly sexy and absolutely gorgeous. However I also cannot help but to agree with the rest of those who want to see all of lisa marie. I hope that this is something that works out where she continues to keep her sex appeal but gives us a littl more at the same time. All I can say is keep up the good work Lisa!!!

abc Norwegen

Lisa Marie, you're the most beautiful and sexy woman I've ever seen! Thanks for posing for Hegre and sharing your incredible beauty with us!

abc Norwegen

Lisa Marie, jeg elsker deg!

russ Vereinigte Staaten

That Little Black Dress is killing me,, wow..

Lisa Maria Rock Chick | December 17th, 2007
Lisa Maria Rock Chick
Dan from Texas Vereinigte Staaten

Lisa Marie Rock Chick Beautiful photos of an a stunning girl. These are the best yet of little Lisa Marie.

Blake Vereinigtes Königreich

meeow Lisa Marie does Rock in these.

JP Vereinigte Staaten

Hottest Photos Yet I know that Lisa Marie is not as "wild" as other models from a nudity standpoint, but she never fails to make me "Rock"-hard.

Justin Vereinigte Staaten

man... she's so hot, but i feel like when i see her pictures like i'm looking through maxim or something. i wish she'd loosen up. can she get drunk before a shoot? maybe that would help. or maybe let some of olena rub off on her. whatever, just get wild already!

Michael Vereinigte Staaten

Adventure I, as most here, keep looking for a little "more" from this beauty, and the early shots in this series, if you scour the photos up close, are much more revealing than first thought... just like an adventure game! (Still can't wait for the clear closeup shots, though!) She is a real stunner, in my book.

The Flying Dutchman Norwegen

hot chick I can't believe how hot this Norwegian chick is! I love her perky breasts, her tiny waist and the perfect curve of her hips :) Not to mention her adorable face ;) Lisa Marie is a real natural beauty!

Lisa Marie Tanga | October 27th, 2007
Lisa Marie Tanga
sirstefanofb Australien

Damn!...... This girl is Oh so 'haunting'... fabulous looks, sensational figure, pouting lips, captivating eyes, exquisite breasts and golden hair... but , oh so tightly closed legs!

tdonna Vereinigte Staaten

Lisa Marie Beautiful woman and body -- unleash those too tight legs!!!

Juerg Schweiz

This model is absolutely gorgous! What I really miss are more poses. All galleries of her have just the same style and poses

Russ Vereinigte Staaten

Wow Absolutly gorgeous. Best thing - no tattoos or piercings.

BobNY Vereinigte Staaten

Lisa Marie Finally Nude!!! She's still a bit shy, but way, way better than the other shoots. She beautiful. Now I have reason to look forward to more.

[revo] Silent Vereinigte Staaten

Wow... I look forward to comes on later She's an angel... I must agree though she still doesn't seem to feel comfortable with posing. I give it a 7, next shoot at this rate will be a 10. I have faith, great job.

abc Norwegen

Lisa Marie is the perfect woman! I love her beautiful smile, her perky breasts, her tiny waist and her sexy hips!

Lisa Marie durchsichtig | August 16th, 2007
Lisa Marie durchsichtig
Dave Vereinigte Staaten

Lisa Marie Very pretty, wonderful body. I can't wait to see more.

Alvin Saldanha Indien

Let there be light Congratulations, Pettre. A luminous girl, luminously photographed. Well done ...... as usual. :)

Lee Aitken Vereinigte Staaten

Lisa Marie Don't let her get away! More pictures please!!

sirstefanofb Australien

Stunningly beautiful Girl

curt Vereinigte Staaten

Lisa Marie She is smokin hot, but when are we going to see the full monty - enough with the teasing . . .

JAH Vereinigte Staaten

more teasing I think its safe to say we will never see more. Too bad, it's always the best one's who hide.

Marek Deutschland

Lisa Marie Heiß heiß ! Was für ein wunderbar süßes Gesicht und welch ein entwaffnendes Lächeln. Oh ja, natürlich auch ein toller Körper. Mehr BITTE !