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Foto de Rie


Foto de Rie
Nombre: Rie
País: Japón
Peso: 50kg
Altura: 164cm
Edad: 21
Ocupación: Estudiante de Estilismo

Exuberante Cuerpo Japonés

¡Una chica japonesa de exuberante cuerpo y amante de los juegos de rol!

Estudiante de estilismo de la provincia de Tokio, creemos que Rie encarna el perfil de Geisha a la perfección. Y como ella misma confiesa que le gusta servir y complacer, esto no es una gran sorpresa. Imagínate esos largos pechos bajo un elaborado kimono y entenderás de lo que hablamos. Pero... ¿porqué imaginártelo cuando lo puedes ver aquí mismo?

Ella sueña con convertirse en estilista y maquillista en el mundo del espectáculo. Estamos seguros de que irá lejos, si es que su desempeño con nosotros es una indicación. Dotada como modelo, fue un placer trabajar con ella ¡y estamos seguros que también la encontrarás interesante para la vista!

Rie hace de hermosa anfitriona japonesa desprendiéndose de su vestido como si de una flor de loto se tratara. Un nuevo y maravilloso descubrimiento para Hegre-Art.


Rie cosmetóloga japonesa | January 9th, 2012
Rie cosmetóloga japonesa
Laurie Reino Unido

Wicked Lips Imagine her plump sensuous lips whispering at the extremes of my erection, pink tongue indulging her passion for the tiny pearl of moisture...

Pat Canada

This is one of my new absolute favourite's, so incredibly hot.

Laurie Reino Unido

Visual Harmony Not one discordant note in this delightful concerto of nuanced exotica. Exquisite Rie is utterly ravishing...

Rie cuarto chino | November 26th, 2011
Rie cuarto chino
wheeler Estados Unidos de América

another set in the catagory of "not only hot, but COOL"!!!who's the lucky dude at 80???

peter Estados Unidos de América

Rie I like the seduction aspect. She is not showing you everything at the beginning, but slowly bit by bit. Keeps you interested in what she has to offer. If she shows everything at the beginning, then we will definitely not be as interested.

Laurie Reino Unido

Quite Simply ~ Hypnotic I am slowly working my way through the considerable number of galleries featuring these alluring oriental girls. Arguably the best of Hegre, these wonderful girls are so feminine, sensuous and photogenic. The experience, erotic and aesthetic, entertaining and sexy, bold and spell-binding, compulsive and so deliciously moving. I am utterly seduced...

Rie Hilton de Tokio | October 1st, 2011
Rie Hilton de Tokio
wheeler Estados Unidos de América


bn7 Reino Unido

Absolutely wonderful. No gimmicks, just pure, natural beauty.

Rie hotel Hilton Tokyo | August 5th, 2011
Rie hotel Hilton Tokyo
wheeler Estados Unidos de América

lovely view! (the city's nice too)

nav Estados Unidos de América

Seductive scene with Rie waiting for your arrival in the room. Beautiful silhouettes, just a few awkward poses.

paul Estados Unidos de América

Rie Totally lovin that hour glass figure of hers, those legs and thighs and her stare is so damned seductive. Makes me crazy

Doc Reino Unido

Rie Fine looking woman, and unshaved thankfully. The fully nude shots with no foreground lighting are wonderful.

Doc Reino Unido

Rie OK, after much studying, I can confidently say that shot 64 is the best still photo on the entire site, and the word 'flawless' springs quickly to mind. Reeespect! (or should I say 'Rie-spect'?!)

Rie love hotel Tokyo | July 1st, 2011
Rie love hotel Tokyo
wheeler Estados Unidos de América

SMOKIN HOT!!! And, I love how the mirrors all over gave us some nice views of her lovely rear end!!!

alterwolf Alemania

Love Hotel Tokio Thank you for this one. Lovely seductive girl in a nice place. How about publishing the address`?

Rie noche con una geisha | June 16th, 2011
Rie noche con una geisha
wheeler Estados Unidos de América

well, I'm officially in love!(although, other galleries are more Geisha-like, IMHO) am I the only one not seeing pic #3?

hh Estados Unidos de América

Rie Is it just me, or is Rie a Japanese version of Jessica Rabbit? Generous figure. Full lips. She is a good girl, she was just drawn this way. The first 5 images definitely reminded me of the voluptuous cartoon character.

paul Estados Unidos de América

Rie Its nice to see a set from Rie, even though its from a year ago. Sure miss that amazing face and body, a total godess. Too bad she doesn`t come around much anymore.

Laurie Reino Unido

Hedonistic Pleasures I get the stirrings of arousal as my eyes settle on this irresistible creature's sublime mouth, its the thought of her sensuous lips tenderly embracing my hot glans that kindles my emotions. What an absolute treasure...

Rie vestido morado | May 25th, 2011
Rie vestido morado
wheeler Estados Unidos de América

super sexy! albeit super short!

anubis Alemania

Nice Gallery! This is what i like on japanese women! Most of them not shaved and have no piercings! I prefer more natural look like this! :o)

Roger Estados Unidos de América

Very erotic. I actually found the first ten shots the most erotic as I loved how her patch of dark cunt fur peeked out through the sheer fabric.

Laurie Reino Unido

I'm simply Seduced Astonishingly gorgeous......

Rie vista de Tokio | April 28th, 2011
Rie vista de Tokio
wheeler Estados Unidos de América

nice day to give the neighbors a thrill! are we getting another Japanese week? AWESOME!!! (IMHO)

Roger Estados Unidos de América

Ah the striptease...It struck me looking at this series what a great pair of tits Rie's got! Most welcome butt shots 66-69...whew...finally! And of course, great frontal looks from 70 on. Thank you Petter and Rie!

B Estados Unidos de América

Shadow scenes very cool and sexy. Great girl, great bush.

paul Estados Unidos de América

Rie One of the best sets ever. Loved that sexy striptease. She is so freaking beautiful. Petter if you ever decide to have an all asian site, sign me up.

Laurie Reino Unido

Perfect No guns, no water, no oil, no massage and not a man in sight or even a hand. Just pure femininity on display in a very simple but beautiful set of images. These stunning oriental girls occupy a very special place in the Hegre archives, they are simply exquisite and some of the galleries are classics...

Rie cama espejo | April 17th, 2011
Rie cama espejo
wheeler Estados Unidos de América

lovely!!! drop dead gorgeous girl! very artistic and sexy set! still needs a butt shot. (although I ALMOST saw it in the mirror) But still, very nice!

Laurie Reino Unido

Simply Exceptional These stunning images are astonishingly sensuous, the intimacy achingly exquisite. The ambience and variety simply breathtaking and Rie is meltingly delicious. This gallery like others featuring Oriental beauties is in a different class to more recent output, its almost like another site!

Rie patrones | March 18th, 2011
Rie patrones
volker Alemania

Imagine you lick this delicious juice from the hairy pussy! No go!!!

The Guy Estados Unidos de América

Beautiful! But would have been better without the bush.

thematrix78 Estados Unidos de América

A Beautiful Model, But I must agree with The Guy, I'd love 2 see her without the "Bush"

handyman México

Nice but... nice pictures and sexy outfit, but it looks like the "juice" flowing out from her pussy may not be healthy at all

Adorer Suiza

like the bush think she is beautiful and the bush is fine for me too. Juicy pussy - good!

KOMET Estados Unidos de América

RIE & THE INCREDIBLY SEXY BUSH Rie looks absolutely delightful with a luscious thatch of fur betwixt her legs.

LongJohn Estados Unidos de América

Are you kidding handyman, she's so turned on her eyes are crossed...

Laurie Reino Unido

RE: Photo number 27 The blissful pleasure of sucking her sticky pubic hair before savouring her lusciously engorged flesh appeals to my wicked desires...

Doc Reino Unido

Rie Patterns OK, so where do you get body stockings like that?! And pics 58-71 are wonderful, so erotic and emotional, top marks! In my opinion, 'The Guy' is very wrong, she looks fabulous with her pubic hair, like a sexually mature woman can and should.

Rie geisha | January 7th, 2011
Rie geisha
wheeler Estados Unidos de América

I swear, I'm gonna move to Japan!!!

Rob Reino Unido

wheeler, can you book two tickets please! This set is reminiscent of the work of the great master Noboyushi Araki. Beautiful Can any of our Japanese friends provide the name and explanation of that curious yellow "belt" apparatus in traditional Japanese female dress?

samurai Japón

AAAA Yooooye !!! She IS great. Excellent curves with baby face. Can`t wait to see her between toes.

wheeler Estados Unidos de América

RE: AAAA I'm surprises Samurai can gt into this iste! I've heard that they do sme nasty stuff to adult material over the (block it...confiscate it...etc)

B Estados Unidos de América

Great work Peter some of your best work with a gorgous sexy woman.

dgt99x Estados Unidos de América

Rie - first view Rie is gorgeous, and I like the geisha theme a lot! Please let us see much, much more of her in the future, including a massage ...


RE: RE: AAAA You are talking about China I guess,, Come and visit us in Japan. You can get almost anything you want like in US. May be even more,,,

bizderx Alemania

wuha..... i hope you have some closeups.......