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Rie Profile

Name: Rie
Country: Japan
Weight: 50kg
Height: 164cm
Age: 21
Occupation: Beauty Student

Lush Japanese Body

A lush Japanese body on a girl that loves to role-play!

A beauty student from provincial Tokyo, Rie completely mastered the part of Geisha for us. It seemed to suit her perfectly! And since she said that serving and pleasing appeals to her, this isn’t a big surprise. Imagine those large breasts under an elaborate kimono and you’ll understand. But then why imagine when you can see that right here?

She eventually wants to be a stylist and make-up artist for the entertainment industry. We’ll sure she’ll go far, if her performance with us is any indication. A natural, she was a pleasure to work with, and we’re sure you’ll find her just as much fun to look at!

Rie as a beautiful Japanese hostess peeling her robe like lotus petals. Another wonderful discovery for Hegre-Art.

Rie Japanese beautician January 9th, 2012
Visual Harmony
Not one discordant note in this delightful concerto of nuanced exotica. Exquisite Rie is utterly ravishing...
This is one of my new absolute favourite's, so incredibly hot.
Wicked Lips
Imagine her plump sensuous lips whispering at the extremes of my erection, pink tongue indulging her passion for the tiny pearl of moisture...
Rie Chinese room November 26th, 2011
Quite Simply ~ Hypnotic
I am slowly working my way through the considerable number of galleries featuring these alluring oriental girls. Arguably the best of Hegre, these wonderful girls are so feminine, sensuous and photogenic. The experience, erotic and aesthetic, entertaining and sexy, bold and spell-binding, compulsive and so deliciously moving. I am utterly seduced...
I like the seduction aspect. She is not showing you everything at the beginning, but slowly bit by bit. Keeps you interested in what she has to offer. If she shows everything at the beginning, then we will definitely not be as interested.
another set in the catagory of "not only hot, but COOL"!!!who's the lucky dude at 80???
Rie the Hilton in Tokyo October 1st, 2011
Absolutely wonderful. No gimmicks, just pure, natural beauty.
Rie hotel Hilton Tokyo August 5th, 2011
OK, after much studying, I can confidently say that shot 64 is the best still photo on the entire site, and the word 'flawless' springs quickly to mind. Reeespect! (or should I say 'Rie-spect'?!)
Fine looking woman, and unshaved thankfully. The fully nude shots with no foreground lighting are wonderful.
Totally lovin that hour glass figure of hers, those legs and thighs and her stare is so damned seductive. Makes me crazy
Seductive scene with Rie waiting for your arrival in the room. Beautiful silhouettes, just a few awkward poses.
lovely view! (the city's nice too)
Rie love hotel Tokyo July 1st, 2011
Love Hotel Tokio
Thank you for this one. Lovely seductive girl in a nice place. How about publishing the address`?
And, I love how the mirrors all over gave us some nice views of her lovely rear end!!!