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名前: オレア
国: ロシア
体重: 47kg
身長: 165cm
年齢: 22
職業: ダンサー






オレアギャラリー コメント

レナ&オレア&オルガ ガールフレンド | October 10th, 2006
レナ&オレア&オルガ ガールフレンド
Tomcat スイス

Olga i understand this is an older set. it raises the question -once more- if there really are no more OLGA solosets left or even some new ones in sight... olga is still tremendously popular and a look at the model-poll shows that i'm not the only one obsessed with her. so: any chance for some more OLGA-solos? cheers

btrhea アメリカ

MORE OLGA PLEASE! I almost forgot how beautiful Olga was! It's been so long since we've seen her anywhere other than the archives. Please consider reconnecting with Olga so we can see more of her. thank you!

dgt99x アメリカ

Lena's legs Lena's curvy legs, perky breasts and cute face make her my favorite among this little group of friends; I would love to see her return if she is still modeling.

オレア ホテルの階段で | September 20th, 2004
オレア ホテルの階段で
John Hannaford 英国

Olea Beautiful girl, really sexy eyes.

オレア 明かされる瞬間 | June 7th, 2003
オレア 明かされる瞬間
David Tierney アメリカ

yep, this is my favorite model! She could run me over with a truck and I would ask her for more! She cuter than any magazine model, to me I don't think they get any better looking...more please

オレア 階段で | March 3rd, 2004
オレア 階段で
tattoojohnny アメリカ

Hello Petter! I would just like to say if this beauty is looking for Mr. Right......My hat is in the ring! Thank you for her!

オレア スツールの上で | August 9th, 2003
オレア スツールの上で
David Tierney アメリカ

amzing young lady...for me, she defines ultimate seductive looks

DC - uk 英国

Olea Here's one model I'd love to see featured at the present day superb level of photography / presentation of this site.