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Foto de Leila


Foto de Leila
Nombre: Leila
País: Inglaterra
Peso: 52kg
Altura: 174cm
Edad: 19
Ocupación: Estudiante Maestra

Dulce Encanto Inglés

Leila es estudiante de historia mundial en Londres y quiere ser profesora cuando se licensie.

SE PAGA sus estudios con los ingresos adicionales que le proporciona su trabajo como modelo, y, debido a su dulce encanto inglés, existe el peligro de que las facultades de historia se queden sin una tutora, pues el mundo de la moda no cesa de buscar nuevos rostros. A Leila se la vio por primera vez en el Continente cuando una de sus amistades le aconsejó que enviase su currículum fotográfico a

Aunque le gusta la vida de la gran ciudad con su ritmo constante y su actividad imparable, Leila creció en el campo y le gusta pasar allí los fines de semana largos y las vacaciones. Su estación favorita es la de la cosecha, cuando todo está maduro, crecido y bendecido, una metáfora que podríamos aplicar perfectamente a nuestra beldad inglesa. ¿Historia o Modelaje? Leila encoje sus delicados hombros.

Quiere recibirse antes de tomar una decisión definitiva; mientras tanto disfruta de ambas cosas.

Leila Galerías COMENTARIOS

Leila en medias | September 22nd, 2003
Leila en medias
Fifty 50 Reino Unido

leilas brests These are among the best brests in the whole collection. Superb!

Leila la seductora | January 4th, 2004
Leila la seductora
TasteTester Estados Unidos de América

TasteTester Perusing the 'earlier' HEGRE-Archives galleries lends the impression that the PICTORIAL intent of the ARTISTS (photographer AND model) was to portray the NUDE..."AS-IS"? As she 'IS'...LEILA is quite LOVELY! However, I'm flummoxed by the INTENT to ascertain exactly what LEILA is doing to "SEDUCE" the VEIWER, or (perhaps) the PHOTOGRAPHER! I greatly respect and ADMIRE Petter's ARTISTIC INTEGRITY to allow such unlimited access to his EARLIER galleries...but suggest he consider offering them SANS TITLES. All the BETTER, to view the INHERENT BEAUTY of the FEMALE ...'BODY and SOUL' SHE IS! Thank YOU...for permitting me to STUDY the ART and CRAFT of PHOTOGRAPHY for less than the daily price of a cup of LATTE'! There is NO OTHER COMPARABLE QUALITY or the UNIVERSE!

Leila en la ducha | November 25th, 2003
Leila en la ducha
paul Estados Unidos de América

Leila is stunningly sexy. That beautifly seductive face just knocks me out along with that amazing body and flawless complexion. Thanks Leila.

Leila al aire libre Parte 2 | July 26th, 2004
Leila al aire libre Parte 2
paul Estados Unidos de América

Another amazing set from Leila. Wish she would do one set per week.

Leila al aire libre | May 2nd, 2004
Leila al aire libre
Adam Reino Unido

Cute Tan Lines Lovely looking lady - those tan lines seem to make her look even more naked ! I'd really like to see more English girls - they're not all chip-eating fatties you know. Petter, take a trip to the UK and search some out please !

Leila sofá | November 26th, 2003
Leila sofá
ben Estados Unidos de América

very nice

luv_yanna Estados Unidos de América

Sweetness Such beautiful, tiny breasts. Such sweet, pink, puffy nipples. Leila is an enchanting goddess.

Will Estados Unidos de América

Leila Love this girl's teats, ass and pussy. Please bring her back with her ankles by her ears!

Leila en la piscina | November 27th, 2003
Leila en la piscina
randy Estados Unidos de América

Leila After seeing the video "Leila Sunbathing", I returned to her galleries. WOW! Leila is very sexy! The tan lines, space between her thighs and the subtle nose pierce are very sexy. maybe we'll see more of her?

Presentando a Leila | August 28th, 2003
Presentando a Leila
Barndini Reino Unido

English Rose Leila is a perfect example of how beautiful English girls can be. Wow. (call me!! :))

Leila hamaca | November 28th, 2003
Leila hamaca
Ruud van Essen Holanda

The Total serie of Leila is excellent. She shows what she has and that is fantastic.

Leila en el baño | November 30th, 2003
Leila en el baño
Dave Finlandia

Bottom What perfect tiny arse she has, next time please have her open it up abit to show off what she keeps hidden by those fabulous butt cheeks.

Leila Películas COMENTARIOS

Leila Tomando el Sol | January 16th, 2007
Leila Tomando el Sol
David E. lambert Australia

Leila Sunbathing Ultra modest, hardly worth watching, she has a lot to offer but obviously the camra person was being very conservative with this model. Borderline boring.

zeitenwende Alemania

Sunbathing Leila She's great. Wonderful...

Leila Helado | October 9th, 2003
Leila Helado
Sergio Estados Unidos de América

There is no hotter honey than this Remember those girls in high school who were on pom pon and in prom and shit and you always wanted to fuck them so bad but they wouldn't have anything to do with you and all you could do was dream of what they looked like naked until you broke your wrist? Well, Leila is that girl, and then some. She is a fucking treat for the eyes, I tell you. cute as a kitten. This is a 5 spot movie. and the ice cream eating? likc it, leila!

Jack Burgess Estados Unidos de América

Leila Eats Ice Cream, I'll Eat Her Pussy Leila has got to be my absolute favorite Hegre Girl. She has it all. A sweet innocence mixed with a undeniable sexiness I personally cannot resist. Can't wait to see Leila do a masturbation pictorial and film. Leila is one beautiful gem of a woman. More, more, more!

wheeler Estados Unidos de América

YUMMY!!! I never wanted to be icecream so bad in my life!!!

Chris Canada

Beautiful Leila! Leila is so beautiful and what even more beautiful is watching this gorgeous woman eating ice cream! WOW!

Perezosa Leila | September 4th, 2003
Perezosa Leila
BethesdaTurbo Estados Unidos de América

Leila is a Work of Art Another Note from that rich American who is so distressed and embarrassed by President Bush: Leila is living idealized sculpture, crafted by DNA and enhanced by a willingness to devote time and attention to preserving and optimizing the gift she was given.

Jack Burgess Canada

Leila, you are absolutely splendid. Ok Leila, you have me under your spell.You are my fantasy girl.I am completely won over. Please keep up the wonderful work.

Anonymous Reino Unido

Awsome This girl is just so awsome. Lets have more of her!

Primorosa Leila | June 26th, 2003
Primorosa Leila
doctorpinch Estados Unidos de América

gorgeous Leila-tan lines as clothing Leila is fantastic. I love her body and she has the most beautiful face. But what is really a major turn on is those incredible tan lines. It's as though she's still wearing her bikini but we can see everything. The only thing keeping it from 5 stars is medocre video camera work. It's the stationary camera which only moves when Peter has a chance to move it. And the last scene is shot about an inch too low. Download it today.

Jack Burgess Canada

Leila, I Love You ... ... All I can say is lets see more of Leila soon. I can't get enough of this girl. From the States I send her all my love. Thank You.

Kalon Q Estados Unidos de América

Perfection Leila is a true work of art. Thanks, Leila, for sharing your beauty with me. Thanks, Petter, for making it possible to enjoy this perfection.