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Foto von Monika


Foto von Monika
Name: Monika
Land: Polen
Gewicht: 57Kg
Größe: 165cm
Alter: 24
Beruf: Studentin/Modell

Indische Göttin

Monika wurde mit einem Geschenk der Natur versehen; nun, vielleicht entspricht das nicht ganz der Wahrheit.

Als Teenager wurde sich Monika bewusst, dass sie mit einem Geschenk der Natur gesegnet war und das sie dieses Geschenk mit dem Rest der Welt teilen sollte. Alle Frauen haben Brüste, aber Monikas Brüste sind ein Kunstwerk. Eine Indische Göttin. Ein Fruchtbarkeitssymbol. Ihre Brüste sind voll geformt, fest und rund, mit rosa Brustwarzen, die wie blühende Rosen hervorstehen.

Petter Hegre hatte bereits einige Tage in Warschau verbracht. Es war die übliche Frenetik entstanden, die Casting und Probeaufnahmen in jenem Erdteil hervorrufen. Am letzten Morgen, als Petter abfahren wollte, brachte ein Talentscout Monika zu ihm ins Hotel. Er hatte eigentlich schon seine ganze Ausrüstung weggepackt, aber ein Blick auf ihre Brüste genügte, um ihn davon zu überzeugen, doch noch etwas länger zu bleiben.

Als er am Ende losfuhr, hatte er seine Kamra noch in der Hand und Monika winkte von der Hoteltreppe. Es war ihm sogar egal, ob er seinen Flug verpassen würde, denn diese Brüste wären es das wirklich wert gewesen.

Monika Galerien KOMMENTARE

Monika im Bett Teil 2 | March 11th, 2005
Monika im Bett Teil 2
RUMPEL_STILTZKIN Vereinigte Staaten

STACKED with BEAUTY I really appreciate how MONIKA displays herself. She is wonderfully proportioned for those of us who like LARGE BREASTED brunettes, with tight BUNS. When it comes to MONIKA and her intimate female anatomy, I appreciate how she shows us just enough of the pussy lips hiding in the dark brown bush. She knows what she has, and the viewer can go from there. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and MONIKA holds all the beauty in this set.

Monika sitzender Akt | May 6th, 2004
Monika sitzender Akt
T. J. Snow Kanada

This lady is an incredible beauty. We could take more!

Monika Melonen | September 21st, 2003
Monika Melonen
Kurgan Niederlande

Monika .... Well, what would you expect me to say? I'm speechless... How does one describe perfection?

T. J. Snow Kanada

Monika I echo the last Gentleman's words. I am speechless in sight of perfection!!

Erwin Niederlande

Monica is the kind of girl I became a member for. Her natural femine looks, her extremely beautiful breast... she's heaven on earth. She's almost the same sexappeal as Marylin Monroe. I can look at her over and over again.

Carne Asana Vereinigte Staaten

Image 47 I almost want to put it on a t-shirt and wear it!

Carl Indien

Monika She`s a true beauty, has beautiful breasts, would luv to bury my face, has a wonderful face, all in all a gorgeous female, i`m tempted, nd to tell u the truth, i confess, that i`m not the only one to become a member jst to c her more closely.

Monika im Bett | June 10th, 2004
Monika im Bett
karibu Vereinigte Staaten

Monika Perfect breasts, shy little pussy.

Monika auf einem Sessel | March 22nd, 2004
Monika auf einem Sessel
T J Snow Vereinigte Staaten

Monika What a beauty!


Monika in Stimmung | December 20th, 2003
Monika in Stimmung
Matthew Vereinigte Staaten

Beautiful Monica is a truly beautiful woman, a treasure. This film expresses a simple innocence that inflames desire. Poetry and passion, as well as a cool breeze to allow one to simply take in her beauty with a deep breath of gratitude for her existence.

Dino Vereinigte Staaten

Wow!! What a fantastic film of Monica....she is absolutely gorgeous!

Francisco Guedes Portugal

Superb girl Simply great girl, just for the girl I give 5 ***** stars, for the movies I give other 3 ***, final score 8 ********, it's not possible I know, is like the impossability of get to know this so great girl, with an angel face, and a body that I consither simply superb with lovely breasts (the best in all archive). Again, this girl rocks, this girl is my dream, I would take this girl to the end of the world, I would buy all china to have her with me forever. I huge kiss for you Monica, and for you Petter, keep the superb work.

Michael Vereinigte Staaten

I agree Monica is definitely beautiful, she is for sure a keeper. Any man would want her for her smile

juliana Vereinigte Staaten

You're the best Probably you're the best girl of the net!!

Robert Vereinigte Staaten

One of a Kind How can I put into words? "Natural Beauty" That is all that comes to mind.

Juergen Brater Deutschland

Good quality, good posing.

eddie Dänemark

I am amazed at this girl. She has everything, charm, beauty, she looks tender and teasing, she is a pearl, a gem, the most most most beautiful body and breasts of the whole net !!!

TIMOTHY DARULA Vereinigte Staaten

MONICA She Is truly amazing. The size of her voluptuous breasts had me at first site. They don't get much better then monica, because she Is the perfect model. Just the way that she sits and pushes her lovely chest out for the camera gave me a thrill. I gave her video a 10 because I think that she could be a top model someday.

Roger Vereinigte Staaten

Another hotel room, another nude girl, showing her all! What a life you have Hegre! Monica! Her nude beauty, her voluptuous breasts speak for themselves, far better than my words ever could.

steve Korea, Republik

her breasts are one of best in this web