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名前: タティアン
国: ブラジル
体重: 55kg
身長: 171cm
年齢: 18
職業: 大学生






タティアンギャラリー コメント

タティアン チョコレートガール | October 1st, 2004
タティアン チョコレートガール
Julian Parsons ケイマン諸島

Tatiane If a smile from Tatiane is rare, I'm very glad you got her to smile. She could light up a room with her smile. And even though her galleries give me so many other reasons to smile, just one picture of her smiling is enough.

黄色い花とランプ | September 7th, 2004
Michael カナダ

Tatiane Just discovered this girl's film while prowling the website-so checked out the shoots to see about the lamp-sheesh-weird, kinky but she seems to be a hoot, almost too much fun for an older guy {not that I wouldn't give her my best shot)

タティアン 革椅子の上で | September 3rd, 2004
タティアン 革椅子の上で
Julian Parsons ケイマン諸島

I'm speachless with admiration but luckily my fingers can still type... Wow!

タティアン 階段で | August 29th, 2004
タティアン 階段で
Paul アメリカ

Tatiane I cant believe how sexy beautiful this girl is. These pictures shot in natural light really show off her gorgeous light brown flawless skin. This girl is perfection.

タティアン ファーストセッション | September 21st, 2004
タティアン ファーストセッション
Paul アメリカ

Tatiane This girl is so sexy hot I cant beleive it. That face and those perfect breasts. Am totally amazed this girl gets so few comments. Keep those pictures cummin.

タティアン アーミー | May 24th, 2004
タティアン アーミー
Dustin アメリカ

Tatiane Tatiane is one of the most gorgeous women i have ever seen. Latin women have the most beautiful hair and skin color

タティアン 白いパンティを脱ぐ | June 11th, 2004
タティアン 白いパンティを脱ぐ
MPS アメリカ

Tatiane takes off her white panties She is magnificent. I was so looking forward to even few ordinary pics, even of Tatiane standing around in those sweet panties. To say the least, I am disapointed. She will look just perfect putting makeup on, standing in front her dressing table in slippers, panties and bra, a type of photo which can be just as artistic as the upside down ones.

タティアン 元気いっぱい | June 25th, 2004
タティアン 元気いっぱい
Gary アメリカ

Tatine has the cute's personality Tatine seems carefree and fun. She is just fun to watch to see what she will do next. She if beautiful inside and out.

タティアンフィルム コメント

タティアン プライベートライフ | November 14th, 2006
タティアン プライベートライフ
Robert 英国

Tatiane even manages to make shaving look erotic!

wheeler アメリカ

"I love to be naked for you!!!" LOL!!! Thank God for that???Robert? "EVEN"???!!!I would say that that's one of the MORE erotic things!!!

素晴らしきタティアン | April 26th, 2005
Lawrence, NY アメリカ

My Soft Dark Wild Cat, Tatiane Those eyes! Those breasts! That smile! Tatiane you are a sweet breathing poem with the pure natural beauty of a puma--or any soft dark wild you baby. (And nice job Petre--would've given this one 5 stars if it were a bit longer) Encore!

CaptainKidd アメリカ

Perfect This old captain has had a lot of ass in his day and so I can tell that Tatiane would be a perfect piece of ass!

タティアン ブラジリアンティーザー | August 7th, 2004
タティアン ブラジリアンティーザー
Mikee アメリカ

the best Tatiana , you are the best . hope to see more of you here...

Lee Bartholomew アメリカ

Smoking fetish here? I don't find smoking all that sexy. Sure when Alyssa Milano went vampire on Embrace of the Vampire, she made it look good. But thats the only time. I'm not saying it should be banned. Like say some people in the MPAA in America would like to do with movies. But some sort of restraint maybe. But then again, I'm not one for viewing models in sunglasses either. I must see the model's entire face. I can't take the body without the head. Which is where Tatiane Luba and any other model here smashes anybody like Pam Andersen into tiny pieces of Cinder blocks.

タティアン タブー | May 8th, 2004
タティアン タブー
Nicolas Derry フランス

most pretty girl Hi Tatiane I am Nicolas from norway. I love your film! You are so natural end so pretty and sexy. Thank you for be the most beautiful girl in Petter 's site. I wish to you the best in this big world! Take care for your self.

Nicolas Derry フランス

most pretty girl I tatiane I am Nicolas from norwey I love your film!you are so natural end so pretty end sexy Thank you for be the most beautiful girl in Petter 's site I wish to you the best in this big world Take care for your self

takiro sirato フランス

she is so sexy end pretty i love you my little darling you are the best in this site thank you for be a funy girl end for make me get up petter she is the most beaultiful in your site thank you petter for it!!!! Tatiane I love you Takiro!**

Little John アメリカ

Peter you Dog You must have been born under the luckiest of stars, I salute you my hero. Best of you need it.......Little John

carlos ブラジル

tatiane beautiful!!!

Klaus ドイツ

purely natural purely natural

Mikee アメリカ

Very sexy and Natural... Thanks Peter...I'm a new member, didn't see the whole site yet. Hope to find more of this sexy lady... one of the best I've seen so far. you are the man:)) I would like to see more of Tatiana.

Quintin アメリカ

Taboo Electric! energy untapped! To Died For!

eric オランダ

black what a horny lady .....