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Foto de Sofia


Foto de Sofia
Nombre: Sofia
País: Hungría
Peso: 47kg
Altura: 170cm
Edad: 24
Ocupación: Bailarina/Nadadora

Un Poco Exhibicionista

Sofia es como una de esas bolas de espejos que solían colgar del techo de las salas de baile: una chica de múltiples facetas, cada una de las cuales refleja su pasión por la vida.

ORIUNDA DE Budapest, Sofia fue estrella de ballet acuático en el equipo nacional de nado sincronizado, y sin duda fue su afición por la ropa ligera y su deseo de ser el centro de atención lo que la impulsó a probar el modelaje de desnudo por primera vez cuando cumplió los 18. Es una exhibicionista, como ella misma confiesa, y le encanta que la miren. Y a nosotros nos encanta mirarla.

Sofia mantiene en forma su divina figura nadando, bailando, viajando, llendo de compras y, según nos confesó tímidamente, haciendo el amor cada día. El país que más le interesa para viajar es Japón aunque prefiere vivir en lugares de clima soleado. No es materialista pero le fascinan los diamantes.

Quiere casarse y tener dos hijos, pero dentro de esa bola de cristales de muchas facetas existe una Sofia bisexual que siente una muy grande atracción por las chicas.

Sofia Galerías COMENTARIOS

Sofia y Jana espíritu de navidad | December 25th, 2005
Sofia y Jana espíritu de navidad
Jimmy Australia

That is a Great set of pics you have there... kepp them coming just like that...

alex Reino Unido

sofia/jana/magic fantastic

ct Estados Unidos de América


tom Irlanda

Adorable bottoms and exciting pussies. The touch is tingling.Thanks.

alex Reino Unido

sofia and jana sensational

ben Estados Unidos de América

Usually dont prefer duos Jana and sophia is the exception They work well together and the photographer's work is excellent. Jana Sophia this piece of work is SICK! Sweet job thanks so much both look good also solo unbelievably beautiful and a great mood capture amazin

GERBOU Francia

Wonderful girls. You can't stay insensitive when looking the butts and the pussies of these two beauties.

luv_yanna Estados Unidos de América

The Spirit of Christmas is GIVING. I like what the the girls are giving, Merry Christmas!

Sofia y Jana humor navideño | December 24th, 2005
Sofia y Jana humor navideño
Frédéric Francia

Great I speak english like a spanish cow. So exuse my for my bad language. It's really a grat shoot...With a lot of sensuality and poetry...These pictures are full of emotions, in the eyes, in the skin...Thanks you Sofia and Jana...Merci pour ce joli cadeau Frédéric the little french (Côte d'Azur)

steve Nueva Zelanda


Stefen Estados Unidos de América

Sofia & Jana Now you're cooking with gas. The shoots seem to have been getting a lot better in recent weeks -- the bare-assed girlfriend in the kitchen had its limits. I'd like to see a littlle more hight fashion and less denim and flip-flops. Thanks.

Rudy Holanda

Sofia & Jana I don't know what to say, Marvastic and Fantelous. Thank you Girls and photografer for this beautiful X-Mas present.

DaveR Estados Unidos de América

You know it's a great photo set when you feel like you'd give a million bucks to change places with either girl...

Franco Italia

Amazing Sofia. Stunning and very hot serie! From now on the winter won't be cold any more. Sofia, thank you for your cute body and sweet skin.

feerouz Irán, Rep. Islámica de

These girls are too good to be true!! too perfect to be true!!...Wholy christ!!!...

feerouz Irán, Rep. Islámica de

I love you Jana! you are the best!

X Irán, Rep. Islámica de

I love Jana!

Jana Lover! Irán, Rep. Islámica de

This gallery is so fantabulous! They are the best girls I have ever seen in my whole life!! Jana is so hot hot hot and cute that I just can't take my eyes off of her pictures! Sofia is very attractive as well. I keep dreaming of you angels...

john Estados Unidos de América

Hegre2006 Petter! Happy New Year...just got back from Sweden (Copenhagen, Molle, Stockholm and a quick jaunt to Helsingor in Denmark)...if possible, your fotos keep getting better and better and better...the Sofia and Jana Christmas Mood was amazing...congratulations, hope to see you soon and my best to you, Luba and your family...john

Stuart Australia

Sofia & Jana Xmas mood What an amazing set of photo's, these are the most erotic girl girl photo's i have ever seen. Great work. Are you going to release any video of this shoot? With Thanks Stuart

Ridemyrathe Estados Unidos de América

I agree Frederic The photos you do always have great taste. But this shoot has so much life and emotion expressed in it. The girls really look like the are into it. The show complete respect for each other and affection for each other that it comes thru the pictures. Way to catch the feel!!

Philip Estados Unidos de América

fantastic! Thank you...

Adam Reino Unido

ON FIRE ! Absoluting ripping ! So many highspots in this set, too many to mention. MORE in this style please :)

David L. Estados Unidos de América

Wow! Oh! Wow! I Love!!! Sofia and Jana!!!! If I could have any wish in this world it would be to make love with them in a marathon way!! It's evident that these women have real feelings and great lust for each other. Great Photography!!! If God grants me my wish I'll be with them someday! Happiness and regards to you all, especially to Sofia and Jana!!!

alex Reino Unido

wonderful fantastic set of pictures,these two beautiful women are sensational together.

alex Reino Unido

sofia and jana individually these two women are fantastic,together in these sets of pictures they are spectacular,i don`t believe they can be topped.

GERBOU Francia

The pics of the butts of these two girls are splendid. Very erotic spreads of these two beauties. Fantastic erotic set!

Scott Salbo Estados Unidos de América

sofia and Jana XMas mood this photo shoot from 2005 is the most explicit set I've seen on your website. Beautiful pictures, gorgeous models, and the most erotic scene!

Johaaannn Holanda

Mood I get in a mood but it is not a christmas mood

California dude Estados Unidos de América

Yeah... Johaaannn, you're right. That is, unless "Xmas" Mood means "so hot it makes sex look like going to church" mood. :P Great photo shoot!

lekbeu Estados Unidos de América

Loved all the open pussy and anal shots. Loved the tribbing shots. Loved the whole lesbian atmosphere of the set. Would like to see more explicit sets like this.

luv_yanna Estados Unidos de América

Two gorgeous women having sex, very nice. I think they enjoyed it more than I did (if that's possible).

Sofia y Jana navidad roja | December 21st, 2005
Sofia y Jana navidad roja
Milton Estados Unidos de América

Wow, what a Christmas present! Thanks Peter

Franco Italia

Sofia, I love you! Wow, very stunning series, both models are amazing but Sofia is that one who has stolen my heart. Thank you.

alex Reino Unido

sifia and jana wow!! 11/10

Johaaannn Holanda

Jana, I love you! Wow, very stunning series, both models are amazing but Jana is the one that has stolen my heart.

Sofia y Jana chicas santa | December 14th, 2005
Sofia y Jana chicas santa
Darren O'Connor Estados Unidos de América

Mistaken vote. Disregard that vote of 2 on the "rate this gallery" feature. I meant to hit page two, to advance to the next page of photos, and clicked on the wrong number two by mistake. Sorry about that.

Andrew Reino Unido

Galleries I'ts very depressing that we don't see much of Luba these days - I think not once in November and no sign of her so far in December. And we didn't get a Luba Week at all like last year. All very unsatisfactory. Can you please do something to correct this situation?? Thanks!

Rommel R. Abesamis Filipinas

sofia and jana santa girls perfect gift for christmas

George Estados Unidos de América

Wow Peter: I can't believe the job you have.

alex Reino Unido

goddessess the perfect combination

mike Irlanda

mouth on tits, hand on puss, it moves me so. Just different for which thanks

Johaaannn Holanda

Jana Just love everything with Jana

lekbeu Estados Unidos de América

Enjoyed the shots where the ladies spread their cheeks.

Sofia San Nicolás | December 11th, 2005
Sofia San Nicolás
Jack Estados Unidos de América

Site Revision Your new look and functionality are great! You've got one of the few truly excellent photography sites now. Thanks for having and maintaining such high standards.

Franco Italia

Wonderful legs. I didn't know St.Klaus have had as wonderful legs as these ones! It has been a very nice surprise. Thank you for Sofia.

GERBOU Francia

I could have never thought that Santa Claus has such a wonderful ass. Unfortunatly Santa Claus used to show up only at night when everybody is sleeping at home. Can't Santa Claus change her way of doing?

Sofia en la cama | March 26th, 2005
Sofia en la cama
Toni Alemania

shaving I can get very angry to see this total shaving after the pics of the natural Sian!!! Shaving must be an illness since over 10 years. They looking more like a child than a young woman. I am not a pedophile man!

alex Reino Unido

sexy sofia sofia is so sexy,what a fab spread.

baudolino73 Alemania

shaving is beautiful Shaving has nothing 2 do with pedophilism or other perversions. In the antique centuries and in nearly half part of the modern world (especially in arabic countrys) women shaved and shave themselves. It is a matter of culture and style. I prefer a hairless, completly nude female body! It is the highest grade of nudidity a woman can give 2 U. And I dont like Bush!

salvador rios México


luv_yanna Estados Unidos de América

Mr. Hegre shows us once again how an artist captures a woman's beauty in pictures. You've got to love how puffy Sofia's nipples were in this set. Great model, great photographer, great pictures, great set.

Sofia colgante | January 22nd, 2005
Sofia colgante
Customer Y Japón

I want to see Sofia performing full set of chin-up !!

tom Irlanda

Sofia's wonderful pussy beats her so attractive bottom

Bud Turner Estados Unidos de América

Your best work so far. Sofia is very much an alive animal and moves like one. To have her stalking me would be a dream come true...

baudolino73 Alemania

Absolutley gorgeous! Perfect body and nice smile!

Sofia como una virgen | December 26th, 2004
Sofia como una virgen
JACK Canada


Bud Turner Estados Unidos de América

Outstanding shots. Well lit, modeled and composed. You must really like your work. Sofia is a dream, and not afraid to show all her sexuality.

ben Estados Unidos de América

very nice model good shoot

fasteddie Estados Unidos de América

sofia she has bedroom eyes a come hither smile and a killer body Oh what a great way to die Yes?

heinrich Irlanda

lovely between the legs; thanks for the great opening



ardunbye Reino Unido

sofia like a virgin SACRILEGE! That such a beauty should even consider remaining a virgin although that tiny, neat little 'love-box' could account for it.

SageArcher Estados Unidos de América

Sofia...Virginal Exquisitely...Sublime.

Sofia braguitas rosas | December 17th, 2004
Sofia braguitas rosas
pow Estados Unidos de América

pink all over one of my favorite sets!

russ Estados Unidos de América

Pink Pantie set! one helluva set, pink panties, coochie coo, amazing set Petter and SOFIA, wow

Sofia rojo y azul | December 1st, 2004
Sofia rojo y azul
ben Estados Unidos de América


Sofia Películas COMENTARIOS

Sofia & Jana Noches Parisinas | January 24th, 2006
Sofia & Jana Noches Parisinas
Dan G Estados Unidos de América

Most erotic film of all! I have seen every one of your short films at least once. Of all of them, "Sofia & Jana Parisian Nights" is both the most tender and the most erotic of all of them. It is Art; it is sex; it is two beautiful women giving comfort to each other and satisfying their own desires at the same time. Without a word being spoken it communicates volumes of passion.

Mike Singapur

needs a soundtrack beautiful shot movie. but i think it needs some sensual music to go with it the whole movie is too silent !

puntadeleste Reino Unido

Sofia & Jana in Paris.... petter, this really is THE best video i have seen on Hegre Archives. Congratulations!! Amazing!! Keep it up!!! now we would like to see a video likewise of Marketa and Luba. Yours Tony

Marc Austria

sofia & jana This film is absolutely wonderful! Even women might like it - my girlfriend loves it!

rudy Holanda

Sofia & Jana Parisian Nights This is so beautiful, I want to wright comments but I can't find the words. Georgeous girls, verry nice camera work, and beautifull music. We want more, thats the best way to discribe it


Sofia & Jana Parisian Nights This is a beautifully done film that has good lighting & remains sensuous at all times..I must confess it was a "turn-on"

Roc Estados Unidos de América

The Capture of Desire You must have sensed it: These two girls want to be together. It is the joy of honest passion beautifully captured. Your best work. Can you possibly equal or top it?

Curzio Italia

great Art&Reality a piece of art and the real action together. Till now I supposed that it were impossibe!

Nigel Reino Unido

Sofia & Jana Parisian Nights Without doubt the most beautiful short film currently available from Peter Hegre. Words cannot descibe how sexy these two girls are together. The quality of filmimg is out of this world. A total wow!

karl mohr Estados Unidos de América

beautiful This movie is amazing. Breathtaking artistry. Gorgeous girls. Keep it up!

John Estados Unidos de América

Wish there was sound on this one

Graham Reino Unido

Imagine the worst film you have ever seen: This film is the exact opposite.

wheeler Estados Unidos de América

sofia & jana I give it an 8.I for one, could not help but notice that these girls kissed everywhere EXCEPT on the lips! That would've made it perfect!

James Byrd Europa

Sofia & Jana Wow.... This was awesome as it was so sexy and classy at the same time. my girfriend and I love this specific type of work.. Please do more...

ron Estados Unidos de América

Its films like these that make you wonder if you're dreaming. One of the best films, thank you.

Robert Reino Unido

Jana's beautiful raven-haired face is like porcelain... well done to both her and Sofia (and Petter!) for a truly wonderful film!

Craig Estados Unidos de América

Fantastic Its amazing how such a simple set and two stunning girls can turn out so beautifully. This music was an excellent compliment to the film.

kim Taiwan, Provincia de China

brilliant! soft, tender and sensual. I wish I can see more works like this. Thanks indeed.

Michael Estados Unidos de América

Wonderful, beautifully paces, luxuriously sensual and erotic

aspaceo Reino Unido

masterful beauty, colours seem clearer, filming was quaint and delicate, beutiful directing, bed sheets looked like they could of been crisper, some more vaj licking as well please. bravo

Sven Estados Unidos de América

masterpiece ! More like that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

^Tup Canada

sofia and jana yes thats the best so far more of it well done

Terry Estados Unidos de América

film 144 Good God!

nick Estados Unidos de América

Sofia and Jana That was the most sensuous and erotic thing I have ever seen.

bk Reino Unido

Great Art work Simply fabulous, a masterpiece indeed!

Joe Estados Unidos de América

Incredibly sensual and erotic! Wow!!!!! This was hot!


Bit Further.... Those two go a little bit further then others!! Thats what I like about this film! You realy can tell that they're enjoying it (me too, by the way!) I'm also a big fan of Parisian Nights, so, this boy can't help it...!

Dimitri Kounine Canada

...... We just found a cure for homosexuality..... this video. They are so beautiful it brings tears to my eyes.....

hotbiguy Estados Unidos de América

Very Hot I loved it. It made me hard as hell, and I started stroking as soon as I saw the ass play. Very hot.

myke Estados Unidos de América

how many times I can't tell you how many times i've watched this video.....just waiting for more like it....yes, it's extremely sexual, but the movement enhances the entire experience and transcends most girl on girl fluff.

john Estados Unidos de América

This perfect seductive video with two perfect women never gets old. Excellent 69 shot and plenty of great shots of perfect butts! One of these times I will make to end of video without cumming, but I doubt it. More like this please!

Johaaannn Holanda

Want to be Sofia The best description I have seen for this movie was "good god". Great to look at these two girls. Dream that I am in the position of Sofia. Just would be great to be in that bed with Jana.

nutcrackr Australia

More of these two! Another movie with these two that shows how well they work together on film, natural and seductive.

ct Estados Unidos de América


pow Estados Unidos de América

"Imagine the worst film you have ever seen: This film is the exact opposite." Thanks for helping me put my feelings into words.

Fischerin Alemania

Please record more like this

rjb456 Estados Unidos de América

r u kidding or what? simulated lesbians

Sofia y Jana - Magia Navideña | December 20th, 2005
Sofia y Jana - Magia Navideña
Alan Estados Unidos de América

Sofia et al Fantastic, especially the last part. Only thing that prevents a 10 is the focus toward the end.

Thomas Estados Unidos de América

Merry Christmas!! If only I got these two lovely ladies for Christmas!



ovva Noruega

My wife thinks this is the most sexy movie of all movies on the hegre-art.com site :)) Way to go!!!

Costa Estados Unidos de América

Sofia n Jana Christmas Magic These girls are amaizing together - you can feel the chemistry oozing of them. I rated this video an 8 only hoping that this will motivate them to do another together.

DaveR Estados Unidos de América

sofia and jana xmas One of the best ever, ranks up there with Mirta stripping and Mirta with baby oil. These girls are gorgeous and the movie flows beautifully. Well done, Petter..

Andy Estados Unidos de América

Sofia & Jana An amazing film, completely and thoroughly beautiful, and sensual, and erotic. It's wonderful to see these girls take such obvious pleasure in each other.

Sir Optimus Estados Unidos de América

Sofia & Jana video Holy crap! I don't know how I can even type because my freakin hands are shaking so much after watching that video!

wheeler Estados Unidos de América


rick Estados Unidos de América

all I want for X-mas

Badga Reino Unido

Sofia & Jana Oh my god what a film!!!What an amazing closeness Sofia & Jana have for each other, the warmth, love and passion was so hot and so real I felt they were showing it all just for me. I have rarely been affected by films in this way, please let us all have more films like this one.It was awesome. Badga

Johaaannn Holanda

Christmas Carol This is by far my favorite Christmas Carol. Scrooge enjoy!!

nutcrackr Australia

Great chemistry between these two lovely models - sofia and jana, captured wonderfully again.

Sofía gato montés | October 4th, 2005
Sofía gato montés
jean Bélgica

Sofia on wheels Sofia is very attractive and fantastic. I would like see her riding nude a simple bicycle ! When can we yet see her ? Thanks.

Sofia superstar | February 22nd, 2005
Sofia superstar
Andrew Holanda

She looks great but.. Like I mention before, I don´t like the combination of film and photo-shoot, there is no sensuality like in the films of Fabi and some of Luba. So make a film with the intention of making a film.

Private Ryan Hong Kong

Perfect! Perfect body and nice pose.

Steve Estados Unidos de América

Super Hot! Best video ever. Sofia really nows how to show off her perfect body. Great job by all. Highly recommended!

Sleepless in Seattle Estados Unidos de América

Cannot get any better than this It's over. You have reached the top of the mountain. All past and future efforts will pale in comparison. Sofia is flawless. I'm totally enamored.

Anonymous Estados Unidos de América

Perfect body Congratulation!

alex Reino Unido

sofia radiant,sofia is magnificent.

stephen Estados Unidos de América

Sofia is attractive, yes, but perfect? What is the perfect woman? Certainly it is not a woman we know only from an online picture. keep up the good work Petter - the rest of you need to get out more.

FastEddie Estados Unidos de América


En la cama con Sofia | December 14th, 2004
En la cama con Sofia
Pete Estados Unidos de América

Sensual Beauty Wonderful... a very erotic and sensual film. Well done with a very beautiful woman. Sofia is very sensual in this film and is a delight to watch. One of your very best films.

CoING Alemania

Happy New Year ! Go on like this next Year !!!

Pete Reino Unido

Sexy and Sultry A sexy and sultry performance from Sofia, she is very relaxed and plays to the camera. A great slim body, pity the lighting of the video deteriorates in places and we miss the most intimate detail. Would have liked to have seen her play with your favouirte toy, but she is definately a sexy lady made even more seductive by the wicked music of Purekane. The music gave the video a real quality equally matched by this lady's excellent body! More please!

Pete Estados Unidos de América

Supreme Beauty Upon further review, I believe this is the best film done to date. It must have been a real treat to film such a beautiful woman, especially while she is doing such erotic and sensual moves. I enjoyed this film of Sofia.... make many more with her.

Theodore Reino Unido

medical emergency call a doctor has anyone told sofia it is dangerous to be that hot. I hope she sleeps on silk normally. Big kiss Sofia 20/10 for you 5/10 for the bed.

doug Estados Unidos de América

truly a fantastic woman After I saw Sofia's still pictures, I immediatly knew she was something special. Very special. And as beautiful as she is in the video clip, I believe we see little of her best feature...her eyes. They are truly captivating. That is the only reason I cannot give the video 5 stars.

alex Reino Unido

sofia fantastic

ben Estados Unidos de América

definately a movie star

stork32533 Estados Unidos de América

"In Bed With Sofia" Gorgeous figure, but we could do without the blue fingernails and the tatoo.

Roy Hobbs Estados Unidos de América

Sofia Is Wonderful I loved "In Bed With Sofia." She is stunningly beautiful and you filmed her elogantly. I share another comment that I do not like the tattoo. Body art never enhances the female form. But Sofia's other splendid assets makes up for the body art in this case.