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名前: ルサ
国: ウクライナ
体重: 60kg
身長: 186cm
年齢: 19
職業: アスリート



ルサは186cmとそびえ立つように大きく、次のオリンピックのためにトレーニングしているために、体は60キロのエネルギーの層になっている。高層ビルのような長い脚は別として、ルナは引き締まったお尻、スレンダーで感性豊かな顔立ち、そして真珠のような白い肌をしている。 彼女の走り高跳び個人記録は185cm、確実にオリンピックチームに選出されるにはあと10cm高く飛ばなければならない。



ルサギャラリー コメント

ルサ  | July 5th, 2005
Peter ドイツ

wonderful beauty!!! i've never thought that i will see here girls wight a height like me....and soooooo cute wonderful shaped and super sexy slim......thank god for that girl!!

ルサ 黒い毛皮 | May 24th, 2005
ルサ 黒い毛皮
peter ドイツ

those beauty titts to see those sexy tiny boobs.....fantastic!

ルサ プリンセスドレス | May 2nd, 2005
ルサ プリンセスドレス
Jerry アメリカ

Clothing I wish you would've kept her in that dress some more. She's very elegant looking in the dress.

peter ドイツ

her sexy legs and feet.... i love these slim sexy wonderful hot feet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ルサ テーブルの上で | April 19th, 2005
ルサ テーブルの上で
gregory アメリカ

How can she compete in the Olympics, she is dead, look at this dead person.

Sonny Boy 日本

Interesting photos. I would call this series "Dr. Hegre's Experiment."

meanieme ブラジル

Not erotic. Just disgusting. Thumbs down!

ルサ 長い脚 | March 13th, 2005
ルサ 長い脚
ben アメリカ

dimple line simple beauty ... i like !!!

Michael カナダ

Lusa long legs what i wonderful way to show the longest legs of all beautiful Hegre Models. Gratulation for the Photos.

FastEddie アメリカ

lusa I have no idea what lusa is.. I think there is naked and then there is nude lusa is both and she has the check me out looks I like this model

ラリサとルサ | February 11th, 2005
heinrich アイルランド

gentle faces and raw pussies; just exciting

FastEddie アメリカ

nice but i think ... maybe photographer needs to work closer with larissa to get a more opena free exposure but is nice just the same

peter ドイツ

to see her detailed....also her wonderful shaped toes....god lord....that is fantastic!

terminus_h スロベニア

Larisa is underrated, but beautiful model of the site. Her beauty shines next to Lusa, who is gorgeous in her own right. As I adore tall women, I am still wondering how Larisa has won me over...

The Yurg アメリカ

Larisa is very toned. That is a prime example of the female form.

fastfreddie アメリカ

larisa and lusa two georgious females

ルサ オリンピック走り幅跳び選手 | January 25th, 2005
ルサ オリンピック走り幅跳び選手
timatits アメリカ

Lusa Just stunning

peterpan ドイツ

sporty girls are soooooooooooooooooo sexy.. hot and most of teh time skinny and well shpaed!

ルサフィルム コメント

ルサ ボディー調査 | February 15th, 2005
ルサ ボディー調査
Shaawn アメリカ

Her body is amazing~ I love to watch her naked body~~ She is amazing~~~

Josh 英国

sexy excelent but needs more action

chris アメリカ

splendid I love the athletes in the colection . Lusa is simply a splendid example of the human form at its height . one of the loveliest women ever

Ivan Collier アメリカ

lusa body study Excellent. She is very passive, which gives the impression, of being submissive. I love the foot shots.

typhoon2009 アイルランド

lusa body study She is a goddess - her height and beauty are stunning. Any chance of more?

fred 英国

Lusa body study Ask her to have a shave for her next film

CorCoor アメリカ

morbid Thank goodness she opened her eyes! She is a stunning beautiful young lady, however pose like she was in this video was to morbid and took away from the excitement of viewing her nice nude body