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Enjoy Genuine Tantric Massage in Spain!

At Hegre-Art.com we’re known for world-class virtual entertainment. So now we’re excited to be offering you an incredible real life experience.

Through the unique and sensual power of Tantra you connect with your true self

In collaboration with Tantric therapist, Bara, we’re offering you a range of life enhancing Tantra experiences, all built on ancient practices and philosophy. Through Tantra you will connect with your true self. After letting go of your thoughts and allowing your energy to flow freely through your body, you can achieve a higher state of consciousness. During our sessions your body is seen and treated as a whole, as the temple of your pure divine being.

Experience the sensual power of Tantra massage

Choose from a range of massages – Open for men, women and couples of all ages and sexual preferences, we offer massages for first-timers to more advanced sessions. Come on your own or have a truly unique experience with a partner.

Discreet and safe environment – All enquiries and communications will be handled with the utmost discretion; your privacy will be protected at all times. And Bara will take great care of you, so you always feel safe and comfortable.

Enjoy a beautiful venue – Located near Barcelona, Spain, our Tantric Goddess Temple has been designed for massage and sensual ceremonies. It is a unique, relaxing and spiritual setting, perfect for the profound experience of Tantra.

As ambassadors of personal, high quality erotica, Hegre-Art.com has been stimulating viewers via the web for over 12 years. By introducing this new service we hope to add a new dimension to our concept. If you’re yet to enjoy a Tantra massage, you’re in for a real treat. This will be like nothing you’ve experience before. You will see your body, your sexuality and your life in a completely different way.

For any inquiries or bookings, please go to our contact form.


The Goddess Temple

The path to Tantric bliss reveals truth, love, healing, transformation and ecstatic joy.

To help you on your journey we have created a unique venue for Tantra experience. Our temple is a specially designed and decorated space, providing an intimate and peaceful environment. It is the mission of this Temple to provide a spiritual sanctuary that is a beautiful, harmonious and safe location.

Our temple is situated in the bohemian beach town of Sitges, Spain, only a 20 minute drive from Barcelona International airport. We are happy to assist you in finding reasonable flight options, accommodation and transportation if needed.


Get To Know Bara

Bara is an expert in the ancient practice of Tantra. As an experienced therapist she will help you learn about yourself; your mind, body and soul.

Born in Prague, Bara is a naturally sociable person who thrived in this busy European city. The fast paced lifestyle and cultural diversity of Prague helped shape her into a strong, independent woman ready to explore herself and the world.

As a teenager Bara started to understand the potential of her body and hands. This led her to the study and practice of Acro Yoga, which she now teaches. Through this versatile movement she discovered a playfulness, sensitivity and creativity.

She once studied design and decoration, especially enjoying working with flowers. Soon after, Bara was fulfilling one of her dreams of creating beautiful floral decorations for hotels and weddings. While this kept her focused and busy for a few years, something else was calling her.

An interest and passion had been bubbling inside since adolescence, so she decided to follow that desire. This new path was more connected with the knowledge of sexuality and soon Tantra appeared in her life. Nothing was the same again. She started to dive deeper into this learning, meeting many great and inspirational teachers. The most influential of which was Alan Lowen. And she loves the ideas of Osho.

Bara loves to dance and speaks Czech, English and is currently learning Spanish. She has a radiant personality and a positivity that rubs off on everyone she meets. Having joined Hegre-Art, our clients can now benefit from her extensive skill and experience as a specialist Tantra Therapist.